Gold Anniversary: 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS

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Chevrolet celebrated 50 years of car building in 1962 and built a limited number of Impalas wearing a special Anniversary Gold coat of paint. That includes this Super Sport that looks mostly original but has a more modern engine and transmission. It’s not in show condition, so the seller has elected to call it a daily driver instead. Located in Oakland, California, this rare automobile is available here on eBay where the seller’s reserve is somewhere north of the current bid of $19,500. Barn Finder T.J. continues to bring cool tips like this our way!

Estimates are that between 300 and 350 copies of the Anniversary Gold Impala Sport Coupe were assembled in 1962. A few convertibles may have slipped through along with a few Super Sports (which was not a requirement). And we’ve seen where the celebration continued into 1963 with a few of those Impalas getting this special treatment, too. The cowl tag on the seller’s car confirms the rare 927 gold paint and the 891 interior trim which consisted of yellow/gold (beige?) bucket seats.

No history is provided about this Chevy other than to say that it’s original when it comes to the body. There is some surface rust in suspect places that may run deeper, and the gold paint has worn down to metal on the roof in a couple of spots. So, you likely could drive this car for an indefinite period before resorting to a full restoration. Besides the racing steering wheel (that’s got to go), everything else looks like 1962 except for under the hood. And maybe this car had the radio-delete option.

We don’t know what motor/transmission setup was in this auto when new, but a 327 V8 with a 2-speed Powerglide would be highly probable. Instead, you’ll find a 350 with a TH-350 automatic, vintage likely in the 1970s as the 350 wasn’t available until 1968.  Some recent work has been done on the car, including a new battery, and new shock absorbers, plus we’re told it has power disc brakes (a conversion?). The seller also mentions it has 4WD and anti-lock brakes, but we suspect he/she just got carried away when checking boxes to list the car. Besides replacing a broken side window, this car may be ready for Cars & Coffee.

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  1. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    Gotta love a 62. Just timeless classy design. My dad had a 62 409 Biscayne that was before my time, ive only seen pictures. However my friends uncle has one like this in slightly better condition. Still needs resto but is a SS Impala in the anniversary gold that is 409 4 speed equipped. Would love to get my hands on it, but is a family project being handed down through family. I believe the story now goes father son project to give to the grandson. Better than ill get to it someday which is how its been for a long time.

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  2. Bob C.

    The 350 actually made its debut in 1967, but it was exclusive to the Camaro that year only.

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  3. Bob

    This may have been a six cylinder from the factory as there is no eight cylinder badging on the front fenders.

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    • Jeff

      Agreed. VIN is listed as 21747J308930, which (if listed correctly) means

      2 = 1962
      17 = Impala w/ 6-cylinder engine
      47 = 2 door sport coupe (Impala)
      J = Janesville, WI, assembly plant

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  4. Tuco

    Low rider

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  5. Frank Drackman

    Drives a little slower….

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  6. mrgreenjeans mrgreenjeans

    I looked at one of these for sale in Fargo, ND in 1969. Same color combo and almost as in poor of condition. I believe the asking price was $600 and I had opportunity to buy a pristine ’58 Impala in far better shape for $375. In retrospect, I wish I had the amount of money to buy them both. The owner then told me he thought there was 2000 total built. It was an SS and a 4 speed car as well with dual mount antennas.

    Kind of sad that in both cases, these ’62 bodies were pretty well showing the effects of rust and a few dents. It was the main reason I didn’t pursue it any further at the time; besides what does a 16 year old Junior in high-school really know about the word ‘collector car’.
    What a tremendous throw back to remember though. Much appreciated~

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    • Curtis Adams

      Amen, I know what you mean about thinking collector back then. I had more than one opportunity but instead I’m kicking myself in the rear. It’s SAD

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  7. Chris Cornetto

    62s have become timeless. At one time cars like this were everywhere. 62 hardtops rolled through wrecking yards like jellybeans at Easter. You could by these for pennies. I bought a non SS hardtop in 1984 for 65.00 with a cracked block, a 327. I bought a 409 out of a 63 SS convertible at a local junkyard. Imagine that, a 63 Impala SS convertible in a junkyard that ran. I drove it a few months but preferred my 59 convertible. I sold the engine from it and almost junked the car. I bought a wrecked 65 SS with a 396 4 speed and put that in the car but in 3 plus decades have never driven the car except to move it occasionally. I am shocked at the prices being paid for these for not long in the past non number matching cars like the one for sale here and mine were considered junk. Good in some ways, bad in others. The really good thing is that you can buy anything to keep it original or whatever. The bad thing is, these cars and many others are out of reach of most of the car folks which is likely going to worsen as governments push for the end of these cars.

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  8. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Why don’t people provide information that can answer the most asked questions?

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  9. william stephan

    4WD?? This guy not only checked wrong boxes, but the 3rd grade nun passed him on spelling/English to get rid of the kid. Probably was a 6 with a sluxh box on the tree.

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    • JimmyinTEXAS

      He checked the 4WD box twice. I like the car, but not for that money.

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      • Dan A Cifalia

        Did anyone catch the air horns mounted to the right fender apron

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    • jim

      also it shows on the listing items anti lock brakes may be Kelsey Hayes early edition Hmmm.

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  10. DON

    Was this color only on Impalas ? I swear the 62 Biscayne 2dr sedan i had for a few weeks in the 1980s was the same color gold, with a fawn beige interior.

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  11. Bryan D McDonald

    Man, reserve is off but high bid is $24,600 as of today. That would be awfully high considering the work still left to do to this old girl. Heck, that would be about what I’d expect to pay for a nice driver ’62 with a transplanted 350. New buyer should plain on keeping it as no way are you going to come out ahead on resale.

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  12. Ed Herndon

    Cannot believe the high dollar and I am a car collector and ex-paint and body man and see a lot of non original parts which makes this car non original

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