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Gold ‘N Greedy: 1966 Ford Mustang Gasser

s-l1600 (32)

Old race cars are always more interesting when they still wear the remnants of former identities or sponsors. Those graphics and illustrations tell you something about the previous owners, or the era in which it was raced. Supposedly, this 1966 Ford Mustang gasser here on eBay was a familiar site on drag strips in the Midwest back in the day, and I’m curious if anyone remembers the “Gold & Greedy” Mustang making a pass and scaring small children.

s-l1600 (33)

There’s no motor or transmission included, which isn’t terribly surprising – these were hardly ever candidates for a numbers-matching restoration. Engines were swapped out when they grenaded or when a more powerful solution was devised. This Mustang still wears its past proudly, from the torque thrust-style wheels to the obnoxious hood scoop (not to mention the wide rubber in the rear.) And of course, the faded “Gold ‘N Greedy” nickname on the rear driver’s fender.

s-l1600 (34)

Inside, things look a bit tired and I can’t imagine those were the seats used for flying down the strip. The seller notes the Mustang still retains its driver roll cage and special gauges for monitoring conditions beyond what the speedometer and tach can tell you. I can’t tell what’s going on with the door panels (warping? Crazy paint job?), but the floor does look a little worse for the wear. The seller alludes to the presence of “some rust” but doesn’t specify where it may have corrosion issues.

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The seller clearly has a few other vehicles to occupy his attention, but I’d still have a hard time letting go of such an unusual project. Old drag cars do not pop up every day, and it’d be fascinating to find out what kind of history this Mustang had. Even better than that, it’d be wild to learn one of our readers remembers when this car was still turning a wheel on the track, so post in the comments if “Gold ‘N Greedy” rings any bells. Currently, the reserve remains unmet and there isn’t a Buy-It-Now price listed.


  1. JW454

    The doors have a wrinkled brown paper, possibly a water shield, that also has black paint over sprayed on it at the top, bottom and sides. It does look like a neat effect until you see a better picture of it. I don’t see a lot of value here but, I’m sure there are some that will.

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    • Douglas Niven

      What happened to gold n greedy? I built it in 79.

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      • Dan Hulbert

        I have the gold 66 fastback

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  2. Fred W.

    I do see some value here as, for an early Mustang fastback race car, it hasn’t been hacked up that bad. Replace the front clip with metal and go from there. Bidding on this is going to be heavy.

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  3. Somer

    If you were into vintage drag racing you could have a “gas” with this. (Pun intended). Straight axle gassers are pretty cool. Put in a big block Ford and clean it up. Patina appreciated at things like the Rodders Reunion.

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  4. Howard A Member

    It reminds me of the “Tasca Ford” gasser Mustang of the mid-60’s. I think I built a model of it once. With Bob’s permission, I’d paint it up like theirs was. I bet he’d love it. He’s a great guy and the only person I’d probably buy a car from. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/19/65/6f/19656faca24993d6eb723fdfb705d262.jpg

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  5. jaymes

    nice rear wheels,lol

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  6. Rocco

    The wheels look to be SS Cragers. I thought “Gassers” had a altered wheelbase?
    This baby is a bit rough for me.

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  7. Somer

    Gassers had to have a stock wheel base. Funny cars ran altered wheel bases.

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  8. Doc

    My kind of Hot Rod

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  9. stillrunners

    it’s not a gasser type build – that scoop didn’t come out until the 70’s….should have a tear drop if it was early…..and the interior….just groovey baby

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  10. Steven C

    I’m thinking this was a radical 70’s street machine instead of drag car.

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    • Rocco

      I agree about the hood scoop.
      @Steven C;
      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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  11. roger

    What is so terrible about hood scoop???
    Around here everyone ran a tunnel ram I hood scoop back in the day because cars were driven every day and had to keep rain out of those Carbs.
    Don`t know what a tunnel ram I hood scoop is?
    Look it up.
    They are coool.
    At least I like them.
    It makes me feel 17 again to see one.

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  12. Doc

    hood scoop, may have had high rise tunnel ram, functional type scoop.

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  13. grant

    Restore this one. 66 fastbacks are few and far between.

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  14. Mike Williams

    This has a great look to it and I’ll bet it goes over ten grand.

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  15. tony millar

    contacted the seller earlier today and looking now for the magazine I have that was called street machines and was in print in the 70’s and featured this car. this car is not a gasser, its a 70’s ‘streat freak! from what I remember it was running a tunnelrammed 289 smallblock with a toploader 4-speed. wow am I the only one on the planet that remembers this special ford? lol. anyways I hope it brings big ebay bucks, and also I hope that the buyer doesn’t destroy its patina and 70’s style nostalgia..that would be a crime that the car gods would not take lightly. ‘old school tony in hanover pennsylvania.

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    • Rocco

      Do you know Tony Conover in Hanover, Pennsylvania? He used to restore Shelby Mustangs, and race them every now and then. I used to race my #16 ’66 Shelby at SVRA events in the late ’90’s.

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      • tony millar

        rocco, yes indeed i do know tony conover as he is well known in my area on anything mustang related. i met him years ago looking for a 4-speed trans for a ’51 ford f1 gasser project i was building. then shortly after had talked with him about working part time in his shop helping out with restorations concerning the body n paint end of things. have a great day, tony

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      • Rocco

        He is a very respectable, and good guy. Does excellent work.

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  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    C’mon Jeff, those wheels are Cragar S/S, a style by themselves ;) I see they corrected the possible year, the grille is from a 65.

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  17. Doc

    It’s funny how racers weren’t that concerned with wheel weight back then. Those cragers weigh a ton! Ever watch Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow? 1959 Tommy Ivo flick. Cool cars, he explains the torque physics of the drive shaft angle and the use of bicycle wheels on the front of his Digger rail to reduce weight. 9:16 world record at 150 MPH!
    Check it out on Amazon Prime

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    • Doug Niven

      Wheels were just for Cruzin. Drag slicks for showtime. I put them on this car when it was mine

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  18. Doc

    OK so here is one in 1965 My older brothers friend bought s mustang. Shortly after he was “sandwiched”. So, he extends the frame puts a Holman Moody 427 in it. Complete 1/4 mile car. His last name was Dodge. He called the car “Dodges Mustang” Ran It at Cordova Dragway in northwest Illinois I was probably 11 years old. I’m pretty sure it ran 10s.

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    We know all about this car. My dad and brother were the ones who owned this car and painted it and had the gold n greedy put on it. It’s great to see this car again . Lots of memories here.

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  20. Dan Hulbert

    Stacey, I own the car now what can you tell me about its past..

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    • Doug

      Sister car to “lil’ Bit” a 67 Barracuda? Built by Dave Reese sold to Adam Staron then to me for putting aluminum siding on his two story apartment house! I had from 79 to mid 80s I guess. I replaced the motor and had interior changed from gold velour to black. It even had hurst line lock and push button starter as well as two fuel pumps. Behind the street tired you will find adapter plates as the tires were Chevy bolt pattern. It says “ Jive” real small and F*** you too. A fellow know as jive pin stripped it and put a mural on top of scoop that shows a man with “ stinking” feet and a sack of cash and it says “paybacks a mother fer chump” I can answer most questions and can be reached at Doug. At Flames9977@msn.com

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  21. Doug Niven

    This car was owned by myself in the late 70s and early 80s It looks exactly like I sold it. Most was done before me by Dave Reese I am told. I did interior different engine and tires etc. what else would you like to know

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