Golden Jubilee: 1953 Ford NAA Tractor

How many of you were around in 1953? That was the year of Ford’s 50th anniversary, it’s golden anniversary. This 1953 Ford NAA Tractor, the “Golden Jubilee” was so named to celebrate that anniversary. This beauty is on Craigslist with an asking price of $6,400 and it can be found in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The seller says “cash only”, so be prepared.

The NAA was a replacement for Ford’s N-Series tractors. They had a “solid system” hydraulic configuration which made it possible to operate the hydraulics without the PTO being engaged. This was a $1,500 tractor when new, not an insignificant amount of money in 1953 and there were just over 4,900 of them made in 1953, the year that you’ll want if you’re a collector.

These photos in the ad were tiny/thumbnails so I enlarged them a bit, that’s why they’re all grainy, sorry about that. This is a really nice looking example of a tractor that usually sells for between $5,000-$7,000. Meticulously restored examples have sold for more than twice the high-end amount of that range.

This beauty was refreshed in 2012, consisting partially of having the “starter rebuilt, radiator flushed and leak checked as was gas tank. Thoroughly cleaned and painted with new gaskets and seals, new rear outer rims, tires and tubes (no calcium), new front tires, all oils and fluids new and changed, all new gauges, new gaskets and seals new king pin bushings.” The cylinder compression is at factory specs and it runs well and sounds great. This tractor has Ford’s 134 cubic-inch inline-four with 32 hp and this is a gas-burning engine, not diesel. What were you doing in 1953? Have you seen a Golden Jubilee tractor before?

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  1. Al

    An absolutely awesome tractor. I learned to drive on one, I believe I was 5 or 6 years old. It was my job to pull the ensilage wagons up the ensilage pile, and the my Dad used his tractor to pull the load off. When the pile got too high, Dad would have to tow me up, then pull around to the back of the wagon to unload it.

  2. erikj

    Yes, Had one that I got as a hand-me-down from another. Looked just like this on. I remember the golden jubilee emblem. That thing would always start and work. Sold it because I didn’t use it much, and felt it should be used!!! Back in the 70s as a high school kid, I got a job as a pea Viner operator , we used little tractors like these to pull the vining’s machines behind. Those old fords never quit. The Viner machines had a mopar slant 6 that also was bullet proof. Always remember a mechanic dude had to come fix the Viner one time and we talked while he fixed it and mentioned that these slant 6 s had like 1,0000 hours run time on them!!! And also said the engines in the ford tractors also held up as well. That is so cool to remember that. Love barn finds to help me remember that with these postings.

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  3. Bingo

    8 or 9N tractors are just as useful and readily restored examples are about $3,500.

  4. Terry J

    Spent many happy hours on these little Ford tractors. The are a lot of them still out there earning their keep today. :-) Terry J

    • philthyphil

      we have a 1948 8n bought new still working light duty,for at least 30 years two of these did all the work on our 100 acre farm,including pulling 2 furrow plows

  5. rdc

    We had a ford 600 or 640 in gray and red. Never sure which model? Also had an all red one that looked the same. These are what my mind sees when I think of farm tractors. Well that and rusty red Farmall’s and 2-cylinder John Deeres.

  6. JW

    I’m a Ford man and I was born in 1953 so this would fit well with me, except I moved from the country to the city and my neighbors would think I lost it with it sitting in my driveway.

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m a ’53 model myself. I was raised on a ranch but I moved to the more urban lifestyle. It was supposed to be temporary but didn’t end up that way. However I have no qualms about taking a little bit of the country to the city with me. Besides I can always use a ‘tug’ to move derelicts in and out of the shop. This tractor could fit the bill….

  8. Howard A Member

    My brother has a tractor just like this, I think, only with a front end loader. This, to me always looked like an 8N on steroids. This is an outstanding example, and make no mistake, 9 out of 10 did not look like this, were worked hard and neglected ( until it was time to use it again) This is far more representative of the ones at the farms I’ve worked at.( present farm included) Vintage tractor prices are climbing, if you want one, get it now.

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    Grew up on a farm and neighbor had Fords. I think they were 8N’s and one like this one. Used to hire out in the summer to do hay work and had a chance to use them when I worked their place. Found it different mounting the tractor from in front of the seat instead of from the back. In fact I have a brother that has restored an 8N to use in parades and runs, after having done a JD A. He likes it.

  10. DRV

    I had a golden jubilee in 1979 with original tires and 80 hours on it!
    It’s the all American tractor. I worked for a dealer who would say he owned every 8n in the state of Ohio twice. I may have painted a hundred of them. If yours has pin stripes along the hood crease I may have painted it.

  11. Luki

    Bulletproof. I smile every time I see one which is pretty often because my buddy has one.

  12. Hal Norling

    I was extremely fortunate enough to find a 1953 Ford Jubilee tractor here in Central Wisconsin last year at a Farm Implement “Junk Yard”. They had a wide array of old implement and old tractors including this one. It had a bad hydraulic pump. They replaced the pump, media blasted the whole thing, checked out the engine, installed all new tires front and rear, repainted it professionally to the original colors, installed a new battery, and changed all the fluids. It looks and runs like it was brand new!
    Sold it to me for $2,850.00 no haggling. WOW; Couldn’t believe it! I’m thrilled to have it. I use it regularly to cut Alfalfa Fields with a 5 foot wide pull behind mower on the PTO. Does a great job.

  13. Brakeservo

    OK – what’s the deal about “no calcium ” and why would one care??

    • 427Turbojet 427 Turbojet Member

      Calcium chloride/water solution was used in rear tires for weight. Solution has a very low freezing point. Calcium chloride is what was/is used for road salt, very corrosive and tough on rims. I worked in a rural area garage while in high school. Always hated tractor tire work when calcium chloride used. Really cold when temps were in negative digits!

      • Brakeservo

        Thank you – While I know that calcium chloride is salt, the listing simply said no calcium, apparently an abbreviation that ‘those in the know’ would know. I was not ‘in the know’ and hence didn’t know. But now I do. Thanks again! I have no use for cold winters either anymore, so I’ve just relocated to Tucson, Arizona – it’s 91 as I write this!

  14. tugdoc

    We have one (8N) locally that has a Flathead 60 for power. Yea it’s a parade machine but it sure sounds cool! That’s my smile!

  15. Eddie

    Uncle Bob Had One On The Farm ,Good Work Horse, I Drove It Some Times Very Good Tractor !

  16. Scrapdaddy

    Jubilees were made in 53 and 54, they then went to the 600 series. I have a 53, also my born on date! My Uncle bought mine in 59 and I still use it today. It doesn’t look like this one, but fires up every time. Anymore, I just use it for hay raking, manure spreading type chores. Awesome tractor even just going to the mailbox with it!

  17. Leman H. Wilson

    I used an Anniversary model Ford for 11 years and never had any major issues with it the most dependable piece of equipment I ever worked with it was an 8n.

  18. Rick Mahan

    This is one of my favorite tractors. My Grandpa had one when I was a kid. I’m a ’53 model myself. I’ve got a 1957 Ford 600 that looks a lot like this one. Used it this past Saturday, doesn’t look as good as this one but still works just as hard. Thanks for the post.

  19. Gearheaddoppings

    Extremely practical and practically bulletproof machines.

  20. Marty

    I had a Golden Jubilee in 1971 which was in good condition. Sold it for $900 with a mounted mower to boot. Still kicking myself.

  21. Pharmag8r

    Wish I had a Jubilee. I settled for a 1950 8N. Husband has been working on it to add power steering and will add the front loader that I got. Can’t believe something so old is still so dependable. I have lots of working waiting for it. He is adding parts now so it should be good. Parts are a little hard to find though. lol

  22. Scrapdaddy

    Here’s good place for parts…

    I also owned an 8N with a loader, it was very hard to turn, so you’re lucky to be getting PS. Having the loader mounted did take away from the maneuverability in tight places, bucket sticks out there pretty far.

  23. michael streuly

    Price drop $5900,00 now.

  24. Peter

    No live power really bites on the clutch

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