Good Project: 1976 International Scout

There have been quite a few Scouts and Broncos on Barn Finds recently that looked like they were being held together by prayers and incantations rather than solid metal. When used regularly for what they were designed to do in snow and salt country, that’s what happens to them all.

You have to go to drier climates to find well used vintage 4 x 4’s that have not succumbed completely to the rust worm. Here is one such example, a 1976 International Scout for sale on Craigslist in sunny, dry Tucson, Arizona with an asking price of a very fair $3,750 (or best offer). This truck looks the part of a true desert dog with its wagon wheels, fat tires, spotlights, and bull bar front bumper. All that’s missing is a winch.



This old Scout may be not so rusty as some of its northern compatriots, but it is still 40 years old, and has plainly been well used by its former owners. And in the desert, the hot sun will do plenty of damage to car and truck interiors, as this one readily shows.


And even in the desert, a forty year old truck will have some rust. Maybe just not so much to kill it.

This Scout is said to have a rebuilt engine, an automatic transmission and of course, the top is removable (though it takes at least two people to remove it, and then you have to put it some place while you drive around topless). Is that an AC compressor under all that desert dust? That is an interesting and useful option, though it likely needs to be rebuilt.

This truck runs, but the seller says it needs work, and it is a project. I’d agree with that assessment, and even though the seller does not say what work it needs, based on the photos provided, it seems to be solid and a good base for a restoration or restomod, or whatever you want to do with it.

I assume our expert readers will know which IH engine is in this Scout. Could it be the sturdy 345 cid? Presumably the front seat covers are shot, but interiors are easier to redo than bodies and frames.

I really like this truck. It looks like it was originally blue, before it got the terrible Afrika Korps-look paint job it has now. If the floors and frame are reasonably solid, and that amateur paint job is not covering up too much in the way of rusty body parts, this looks to me like a really nice Scout someone will be able to fix and drive while having a ton of fun. Do you guys like it as much as I do? You better move quickly – unless I am missing something, this truck should sell fairly soon.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Another great find. Love the “themes”. ( in this case, Ford , Bronco theme) This is actually a Scout ll ( ’76-’80) For comparison, ( couldn’t get much better) The northern blue Bronco, while tattered around the edges, probably runs great and just about everything works, where this, a good southern body, but rest assured, EVERYTHING else will need attention. The Scout ll was a great truck, some say, one of the 1st “luxury” SUV’s. They had a ton of options. Quite a different truck than the Scout 800 earlier. So the choice is yours, and to be honest, I think the Bronco would be a better bet, for a right away driver. I’d think you could “wheel and deal” the Bronco before this. Pretty rare, none the less. I’d love to have it. They do exist.

    • Dan oliver

      73 scout 2 was the best truck I ever owned. That truck could climb trees. I would love to have one again. I have kids to trade lol

    • Beemoe

      Scout II was built 1971-1980. The very first ones were called Scout 810. I have a friend who has an 810. Unfortunately it’s rotting in a field.

  2. Will

    I’d get a cleaner throw blanket, but besides that it’s got the perfect look. Here’s the saved ad with all the details and images

  3. Pharmag8r

    As long as the rattle snakes are removed the rest can be dealt with easily.

    • Loco Mikado

      Now I know why it had a rattling noise standing still :). Too bad the snakes cannot be trained, they would make a good and cheap early warning detection system

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this version of Scout. Kind of curious as to the motor. Looks like a 304. Price is fair….

    • Dave Wright

      266-304-345- even the 392 look the same…..

  5. Dave Wright

    Not a bad looking Scout but not a deal. It has been repainted and the rust in the rockers is telling. Mine has original paint, 2 tone, fancy interior, original wheels and hubcaps, very little rust……paid 750.00 for it. I like this power train better than mine with the AMC 258…..but that is gone now. I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it has the light duty cable operated transfer case, they are not very strong or popular with the off road group. Mine had that too, also gone now. (can’t remember the model number but someone here will) one of the secrets of these Scouts is most have Positraction, few other rigs had it stock and it makes a huge difference in the crud.

    • Beemoe

      You got a steal. Those prices are gone… at least until the next gas crisis. ;-)

      As for it taking two people to remove the top, it’s not that hard for on person to lift it and walk it off the back, if you have a platform or pickup to walk it to. Or if you have a garage, just use small ratchet straps at each corner to eye bolts in the rafters. I’ve done both ways. The latter is a tad easier on the back.

      • Dave Wright

        I bought mine less than a year ago from a junk yard……it wasn’t any amateur backyard deal………. they are still around

    • Neal

      I can see the dual-range transfer case lever in the interior pic. It is darker than the chromed transmission shifter, but it is there.

      This seems like a good deal if frame and body mounts are in decent shape.

  6. Larry

    I had a IH Scout Cub, 4 cyl, single cramped cab, TINY bed. It was fun but you could hear it rust. If they were still built, I’d buy one in a minuet, and then roll it in bacon fat to slow the rust. On the featured Scout, just when was that engine rebuilt?

  7. half cab

    Like the seat cover

  8. Ralph Robichaud

    New, these came with visible rust right from the factory.

  9. DKW

    Love the Scout II. My dad bought a silver ’76 brand new. I learned to drive on that 3 speed. No power steering, but it did have air. And the body and V8 engine were practically indestructible. He eventually got in a fender-bender with it in the mid-80s and, while probably completely repairable, the insurance company totaled it because of value. He toyed back then with the idea of buying it back and fixing it, but didn’t like the idea of “salvage” on the title and what it would’ve done to his insurance rates. So many stories and memories in that vehicle… man I miss my Dad and that Scout.

  10. Marty

    Hello my name is Marty and I’m IH addicted just like everyone else here. My first was a 78 International Scout ii, with a 345 monster with a automatic transmission with 4×4. I absolutely loved that Scout but due to a divorce, I had to sell it. Anyway that’s why I’m on here now, I’m ISO a 75-79 International Scout ii that needs some work but won’t cost me my life savings at the same time. I live around the Winston-Salem, NC area so if you know​ of anything or of anyone just send me a email and I will get back to you as quickly as I possibly.

    • Neal

      Good luck in your scout search, Marty.

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