Better Living Through Chemistry? Stored 1979 Corvette

The 1980s were great times for some folks. I’m not saying that the creators of this modified Corvette were living Dupont’s classic slogan, but it wouldn’t surprise me. On the bright side, it may be a way to own a unique C3 for not a lot of money, as the auction here on eBay is starting at $2,500 without a reserve. The car is not surprisingly located in Miami, Florida.

While I’ve seem most of the other fiberglass modifications on other custom ‘Vettes, I’ve never seen a rear ducktail spoiler like this one. Perhaps somewhat overkill for this car? Maybe not, perhaps you like the over the top look! I’m sure you’ll get plenty of attention. At least this end doesn’t look cracked like the right front does. Still, remember the asking price, which I think reflects the condition.

I see at least four other Corvettes in this picture, and the seller has listed a 2005 as well, so I think it’s safe to assume they know something about them. It would certainly be nice to know a little more history, and since the seller claims to have owned the car since 1988 and that it’s been stored for the last 10 years, perhaps some more of the story would be forthcoming after you contact the seller.

Unusually, this car has been converted from a four speed to an automatic. The interior looks like parts of it would clean up nicely, and of course everything you’d need to make it look great is readily available.

The engine is a 350 cubic inch V8; we don’t know if any of it is original or not, and I don’t think it really matters. The engine turns freely and I suspect could be running without too much trouble. I wonder what took this sculpted shape off the road in the first place (did I hear someone quip “owner embarrassment”?)  Anyone love the 1980’s and want to revisit them? Or would you start by returning the car to stock?

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  1. Rick

    :-) Nice. I’m partial to over the top cars, so I’d love this one. If the price stays low it’s a great starting point for your own IMSA wanna-be. Looks like an Greenwood kit.. I think there are still plenty of pieces out there. Owner seems to be a Vette guy judging by what is sitting in the garage and in the driveway. As always, a frame check is in order based on the amount of rust in that engine compartment.

  2. Don

    Cocaine was big in the 1980s that’s about all i need to say💉💊🚬⚰

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    • Bill Wilkman

      Someone should place a photo of a stock Vette next to this car with the caption: This is your Corvette. This is your Corvette on drugs.

      What a monstrosity!

  3. edh

    Drive it everywhere, park it anywhere, who cares what happens to it?

  4. dogwater

    Paint it pink and sell Marykay

  5. billy

    Like the wheels, look quite similar to what I have on my Mirada, got them in 87. Mine are Keystones, if I recall correctly.

    • Don

      Cool car Billy👍

      • Billy

        Thank you. I have owned it for 31 years. Lusted after them in college when they were new, then was able to pick one up in 1986 for a song. Three years after production, no one wanted one. A three year old car that had 40K miles, no rust, flawless interior (still does) and had listed for like 14K new, was given to me for $3200 I put on the wheels, otherwise bone stock. . This picture is from 1992. I know that because it is sitting in what would become our front yard while the garage was being built. Doesn’t look that way anymore, we raised three kids who had no problem bumping into it with bikes or dropping ladders on it, stuff like that. Right now it is in pieces, getting a bare metal repaint, had the drivers bucket stuffed with new padding (’cause my backside is fairly ample, and even the stoutest seat would cry for mercy after three decades). Might have some engine work done on her too, we’ll see. All I know, is that it will now out live me. Our son says he wants it, so, who knows. Wonder if it will ever be worth anything? I doubt it, but its usually a big hit at the car shows. It really is pretty rare, they made far more Cordobas, only like 50K Miradas, total production from 1980-1983. Mine is the rarest of the rare, an 83, stopped production in Feb of that year, very few made. Its really a nice road car, have had it all over the West.

    • Moparman Member

      I would almost KILL for a Mirada CMX, buckets and console like this one!! Post pics after the repaint/reassembly. Great car!! :-)

      • Keith

        It’s not a Mirada, but I do know where there’s a nice 79 Chrysler 300 for sale that will satisfy your buckets and console needs. And yes it does also have the fine Corinthian Leather!

      • billy

        No console, but got the buckets. Funny thing, I was looking for a T-bar roof 30 years back, but came across this one, too good a deal to pass up. A week later, found one just like it with a T-bar (and a console), go figure.

      • billy

        For you Moparman! See, even Dodge guys can catch a pretty girl to marry (if they have the right wheels!)

  6. Blindmarc

    78′ and up were “fastbacks”. This looks more like a 76′ or 77′ by the back window alone.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      I thought about that too, but considering the rest of the fiberglass mods, they might have done that as well (to highlight that rear spoiler, perhaps?)

    • Don

      I am with you !The body on this pour thing has Been so F t, up it’s hard to say what year it is 🔎

    • Anthony R in RI

      Interior looks like a 76 too

    • JoeNYWF64

      Those chome mirrors also tip 1 off it’s an older vette. I could never understand why Chevy didn’t use standard SHORTER (better looking, IMO) 1st gen camaro chrome mirrors – the latter have a high quarter panel like the vette, yet there is no visibility problems with the shorter mirror.
      The GM racing mirror should have been an option in ’70 on corvette – even the Pinto had a racing mirror option when it came out.

  7. Cubs win

    Wait for it……………Needs an LS swap

  8. KevinW

    I actually wouldn’t mind revisiting the ’80’s, but no way in this thing, haha!

  9. 86 Vette Convertible

    Drive it, park it and leave the keys in it. Maybe someone will steal it, then again maybe they won’t.

  10. Alex B

    Corvette Winter :)

  11. Matt G

    Needs side pipes and glitter paint…

    • Danno

      And Mark Hamill driving it.

  12. MDW66

    Do they still make the wagon roof conversion? It is the only thing that would make this car better!

  13. Mr. Bond

    I have a sawzall …..

  14. Don

    At least it was a 79 not to valuable ,could have been a 63 our so 🐮🦄💀

  15. Twisted bowtie

    I like it.
    It’s odd like me , just ask my friends😎

  16. duke

    i see this has the rare GM needed cement trim rear parking brake located under the rear wheels-nice touch(sarcasm)

  17. Wrong Way

    I like the car and the stingray look! The ugly whale tale would be the first thing to go! LOL, sorry, just sayin!

  18. AMCFAN

    My concern is that the seller states the car is a 79. It should have the bubble back window. The Cross Flag emblems are from 77. Which leads me to believe it started life more as a 77. Who knows what happened? Say there are other Corvettes in the driveway. From the looks of this custom cruiser I bet it had glass tops and someone changed them why else would the fiberglass tops be a different color. Hmmm what else has been swapped??

  19. sparecr

    As a product of the 80’s I do kind of like these over body kitted cars. There will be a following at some point I bet. (heck Danny on Counts Customs seems to even have a few) Think a closet following like the Chevette crowd, Pacer people, or even the shorty cars.

    These overbodied cars were a part of the 80’s think AMG, Koenig, Gembella, Ruff, this has the Eckler stuff all over it (less wide body kit). Turning these back to stock is way to expensive.

    I would have it but after 20+ plus years doing restoration for a living I prefer my toys to run and drive when I buy them. Last thing I want to do when I get home is fix something.

  20. Jay E.

    “Last thing I want to do when I get home is fix something.”
    That is exactly the reason why I got out of Model T’s!

  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    What, no luggage rack?

  22. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    This auction ended without bids.

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