Got Volvos? Field Full Of Volvos In Colorado

Volvo P210

Robert R has sent us the motherlode of classic Volvo finds! Located in southwest Colorado, this list has me drooling. Check it out yourself here on craigslist. With (2) P1800’s, a 122, a P210, a 544, two 444’s, and numerous 140/240 series cars, this is a find not to be missed for lovers of the robust Swedish marque. Someday I’ll own a P1800, 4-speed with overdrive, IPD parts and those beautiful curves—all that and the practicality of a Volvo. I’ll never drive it as far as Irv Gordon has driven his, but I’d love to try! But the pictured P210 has a robust appeal as well, and it would be really useful to haul things and people with. Which rare Volvo would you save, and what would you do with it?


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  1. rapple

    There are actually some decent looking pieces here. I hope most get rescued before nature takes its inevitable course with vehicles subjected to outdoor “storage”. The 210 has promise because of its relative rarity and apparent solid condition. My candidate would be the white 142 with O/D.
    Jamie, before you consummate your love affair with an 1800, spend some time driving one. Not for nothing did the guys at our shop (back when they were relatively new) call them “The Penalty Box”. Far nicer to look at than to drive. Irv Gordon must have a butt of steel!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @Rapple…thanks for the advice, and I’ll keep it in mind. Be aware, though, that I have daily driven British roadsters (cheap ones) for 30 years and race an Austin Marina…so…how bad can it be? :-)

      • Horse Radish

        Wow, that’s a confession.
        with all the choices you can make…..

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        Someone has to love the British stuff :-)

      • Rapple

        Never mind what I said, you’ll love the 1800!

  2. Capt Doug

    I drove my 1800s every day for 5 years – a 90 mi. commute to work and numerous roadtrips from Maine to DC -I was very comfortable and a pleasure to drive, always reliable and although it wasn’t a speed demon it was a fine cruiser, but it looked fast, the low drivers position with your legs straight out was a relaxing ride. I sold it when I moved to the Caribbean but would gladly have one today as my stateside ride.

  3. Horse Radish

    Looks like the owner of these has “moved on”.
    His current ride, I assume……(top left corner ?)

  4. Jose

    A friend had a ’56 Sport 444 which was the biggest lemon with its constant mechanical problems. The thing looked great. Just was not dependable transportation. I suppose one could buy it for show.


    I have owned two 444`s and a small cabincrucier with a penta b1600 engine, those engine was not that much better than English engine of the same era. But that all changed when the b18 engine came out 1962,they were bullet proof, i belive it was the best engine made at the time. I also own a 1964 volvo p1800, I live in Big Bear mountain in so. Cal. so it is very curvy roads up to here, and the car runs and handles very good, an exellent car. It has been sitting outside here for 14 years, so it needs a restoration.
    Up here you need a car with a turbo so I drive a volvo S60 turbo and a subaru all wheel drive due to the snow in the winters.

  6. jim s

    so will there be a trip to get spare parts for the BF fleet of cars? the white 142 would be my pick unless there is a brick diesel hidden somewhere in the field. great find.

  7. Paul B

    The red 544 or the P210 — or maybe both. And a big bucket full of $$ to get them back to really nice driver condition. These old Volvos should be driven, only shown for fun. What a great collection which should not bake in the sun any longer!

  8. RickyM

    Author has deleted the post from CraigsList now…….

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