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Gotta Go: 1959 Edsel Ranger


It’s gotta go! But at least the reason is a good one that we can all understand and approve of. Located in Rochester, Minnesota, and listed for sale here on eBay, this turquoise example of Ford’s not-quite-so-good idea has an opening bid of $2,500 with no reserve. As the seller states, “what you see is what you get.” This is original paint, or at least what’s left of it, with no body filler or covered up rust. There is some rust, however, and I appreciate the good pictures showing exactly what’s going on. Not only that, the seller promises more pictures if you want them. I think if you catch the rust soon it’s treatable, and I didn’t see anything that really scared me, especially at this price. The car runs, although as the brake pedal goes to the floor, I wouldn’t drive it anywhere as it sits. And the reason it’s gotta go? The seller has acquired their dream car – an Edsel convertible! Would you take this Ranger off their hands?


  1. David G

    First of all, this is a nicely presented Ebay auction (so unlike many many other Ebay auctions) and therefore very refreshing!

    As an Edsel guy who only appreciates and owns the first year 58s, i dunno a bunch about the 59s. But i do know that finding a 59 that’s not only a pillarless model (2dht) but which has the 361ci Cruisomatic drivetrain option is very nice, and somewhat rare. Most 59s came with the base 292 Y-block plant, or the smaller 332 FE if they bumped the engine option up one notch. And as the buyer says, a good color combo to boot!

    This would be a great restoration candidate since with Edsels, you really need such aforementioned advantages AND a rust-free body, to minimize the upside-down factor. That said since as you may expect, Edsels get little respect in the classic-car value market…

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  2. Mark E

    What can I say? It’s only an hour away from me so, of course, it’s an EDSEL! -_-;

    Why couldn’t the Singer have been in Rochester, dammit?!?? >_<

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  3. ROGER

    I would love to own it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saw one on air bags Layed out with 24 inch rims at car show and fell in love with these vehicles.
    I think they are great cars.
    I hope it finds an owner that loves it and gets her ready to show off again.

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  4. Ed P

    I’m not a big Edsel fan but this looks like a good body to restore. The drivetrain is all there and not a lot of rust in the pictures. The upholstery is the big issue. Rip it out and do new. Take care of the rust and paint the car. This should look nice when done.

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  5. MikeW

    The valve covers are supposed to be off- white for the 361 and silver for the 332. I don’t know why anyone would paint them?

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    • taxijohn

      There does appear to be off white under the red, but yes why would you paint them red. But hey i did similar things when i was young!!.

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  6. Grr

    Edsels really were significantly less attractive than other designs of the era.

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  7. taxijohn

    Looks are in the eye of the beholder, some like these some don’t, I like ’em.

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  8. John Deebank

    My Dad had one. It was a great riding car. Gas guzzler was a problem driving it to work every day. But for Sunday drives, it wouldn’t be that bad.

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