Gran 429: 1972 Ford Torino

1972 Ford Torino 429

Saying the ’72 Gran Torino is a grand car is quite accurate really. Compared to previous generations of Torinos or the Mustang, the Gran Torino looks larger than life. The Coke bottle styling is fantastic and I love the grille opening. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the weight of the car, but this one makes up for it with a massive and powerful V8. It’s the mighty 429, which isn’t a performance motor like the Cobra Jet 428, but a low rpm torque generating beast. This example has some issues, but looks to be solid throughout. When the seller first listed it, they hadn’t tried to start it. After installing a battery and giving the key a turn, it fired right up and runs! If you’d love to have a grand Ford, you can find this Torino here on eBay in Franklin, Kentucky with a current bid of $6,500.

1972 Ford Torino 429 Engine

There are some spots of rust here and there, but I don’t see anything serious. Overall, this is just a nice old Torino that could be cleaned up and enjoyed just as it is. Think of all the fun you’d have cruising around in this grand piece of American engineering! So what do you think of the 429?


  1. Don E Member

    Any big block is good for me!

  2. Telly Black

    That 429 was a stump-puller, to say the least…

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I don’t care if it isn’t green, get off my lawn!!!!

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  4. CJS

    “Mighty” is relative, the 429’s CR went from 10.5:1 or 11:1 in ’71 down to 8.5:1 in ’72 (unless Police or CJ engine) plus the factory valve timing events were retarded for smog purposes at some point after ’71. Fortunately these issues can be fixed with some parts swapping, and there are also many aftermarket suspension parts to make these handle like a proper 350-400hp car should. Functional, running big block cars have no place to go but up at this point. Deserves a look by anyone looking to get into a vintage BBF.

    • Oingo

      Handling is optional brakes a must for me.

  5. Hoos Member

    I’m not what you might call a Ford guy, but I like this car. It’s up to $8500 now. I like how the seller lists it as “certified pre-owned”

  6. Oingo

    Is this is a GT or Sport given the hood or? Can somebody who knows weigh in?

    • joe

      its a gran torino spot , it the same as my 429 car

      • Rocco Member

        Hey Joe,
        Don’t take offence, but your’s is what I call a coupe, and the one for sale is what I call a fastback. Do you agree?

      • Pookie Jamie p

        Oh. That’s gorgeous!!!!!

      • Tom Driscoll

        Rocco, the Gran Torino Sport could be ordered as a formal roof (notch back), or as a sports roof (fast back).

      • Rocco Member

        @Tom Driscoll,
        That was my point. That the one for sale was a fastback, and the yellow one was a notch back(different styles). I agree about the Grand Torino Sports package coming with either roof style. My point, I guess, was that they were different(not the same) styles.


        this is a 71 not a 72

      • Len Stout

        WILLIAM T LEWIS, both are 1972s, the “fish mouth” grill was only made in 1972.

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  7. Blindmarc

    There’s a Starsky & Hutch copy running around in Orlando. The guy who owns it told me that ford built 300 of them, and his was one of them. It’s a 76 I believe. The one above would make a great hobby car, but the gas mileage would suck!

  8. Ralph Terhune

    You don’t buy cars like this and expect good gas mileage. You buy them for the ‘smiles per gallon’.

  9. TC

    Ralph, I agree! I’m from the same school of thought that these muscle(ish) cars are not economical nor do I care for them to be. Plenty of Prius owners clubs out there. I’ll take 300+hp and crappy gas milage every time.

  10. piper62j

    I like it.. Slap in a 3/4 cam, Holley 4bbl (700cfm sounds good), Edlebrock open chamber intake, Borla dual exhaust system, new springs and away you go.. More smiles per mile…

    • Pookie Jamie p


  11. Rob

    It’s a big block blue oval. Let’er buck! Fix it, love it, drive it!! There’s no replacement for displacement!!

  12. Tom Driscoll

    The 429 made 208 horsepower, the 351 (4V) CJ made 266 hp and is the more desirable engine to have. I searched for years to find mine…good examples are few and far between, as it is a one year body style. put mine on ebay last year where bidding quickly reached 28k…glad I didn’t sell as I may not find another. The 351 also had high stall torque converter, power really comes on near 6k rpm’s, the big question is laser stripe or not…Clint Eastwood really put these cars on the map

    • S. Brodie

      Yes I had a ’72 Galaxie with the 429. 6 miles per gallon and it would boil in the winter in Canada. Tried everything to improve the mileage short of tearing the engine down and adding new rods, cam pistons, etc. Probably the worst engine I’ve owned before I got a 6 liter Ford diesel in my 2005 F 250.

  13. Tom Driscoll

    In this case, there is a replacement for displacement!

  14. Tom Driscoll

    Functional ram air is the holy grail on these cars…I’ve only seen one and that was back in the 70’s…although there is a repop, It’s not entirely authentic.

  15. Ck

    Guy I knew in high school had one of those Starsky n Hutch Torino’s . He let his buddy drive it one nite on this strip of road we called the 1/4mile the kid rolled it n recked it .What a shame it was a cool car I think it had a 460 in it .

  16. Dan Farrell

    I had one with a Q code 351 Cleveland engine, loved it but didn’t have the money for a new floor pan which was badly rusted out in the back seat.

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