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Grand Saloon: 1963 Jaguar Mk II

1963 Jaguar Mk II

Although this Mark II is not beautiful now, it could be at some point, and the price is right. Hidden in plain view in Los Fresnos, Texas, this saloon has recently been reduced from $5,000 to $3,500 and is listed here on craigslist. According to the seller, the car is “rust free.” I’m not sure I agree with that assessment based on the pictures, but I can agree that it’s a solid body to start from. I’ve always liked wires on these cars, especially with those half skirted fenders in the rear—they remind me of watching circuit racing at Snetterton in the mid-1970’s. We don’t know what transmission this one has, but in my dreams it’s got a 4-speed manual with overdrive to go with the 3.8 engine we do know about. One of these days I’ll have a Jaguar saloon again, how about you?


  1. RayT Member

    Not exactly a confidence-inspiring ad. “Rust-free”? I’m guessing he means he won’t charge extra for the rust, but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty. MkIIs rusted. Also, it looks like the engine (and probably transmission) are out of the car, and likely gone. The text of the ad is not clear, but hints that a 3.8 “could” go back in.

    Past those issues, I see no interior pix. Lots of wood, leather and wool carpet in there to go bad. Expensive!

    Sadly, probably not worth even $3.5K. Given the desirability of these cars and the dropped price on this one, others agree. This is (IMO) one of the greatest sedans of all time. I just wish someone who cared had gotten to this one sooner.

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  2. XYZOL

    Ray, note that the drivetrain could be stored dismantled in the back as the rear end it’s pretty slammed and the bootlid doesn’t close.

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    • RayT Member

      Entirely possible, XYZOL. But I think the car’s nose-high stance is more from the engine being out than the weight of all the junk in the trunk. Whichever of us is right, the result is the same: much work, much money, much hunting for missing parts to get the mechanicals back in order.

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  3. wayne

    I agree with RayT. The seller left one word out, “is”. What he meant is. The rust “is” free. I have never seen an unrestored Jag that didn’t have rust.

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  4. Richard V

    Is that a bare crankshaft I see in the trunk? Hmmm…

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  5. Bruce Rolfe

    I have a 64 MK II that is rust free. As a matter of fact it is a running driving car that needs a new home. I will send pictures to anyone that would like them.

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    • Doug M. (West Coast)

      I’ll take some pics and details… I love these Jags. Got into a project once, but was overwhelmed by the rust… still have a hood ornament! It cost me dearly, but these are really beautiful cars. Please send me some details: tradin.shells@gmail.com

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  6. Eric M.

    Looks like a crankshaft on the ledge of the open trunk. Maybe parts of the engine are in there…

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  7. skloon

    Being in Texas this looks like a Benzine Bonobo, or Gas Monkey contender

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  8. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    I read it a little differently, a “3.8 could go back in” as opposed to the 2.4 or possibly 3.4 that was there originally.

    Have seen much worse. If the crow’s feet under the radiator are in good shape and the underneath not too bad, might be worth it.

    Nice that it has wires, the doors are always a worry as Jaguar liked to glue felt to the inside of the outer door panel to absorb noise. It had the unfortunate habit of making the doors rot from the center out and the bottoms suffered greatly.

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  9. Horse Radish

    Looks like the owner smoked some funny cigarettes and burnt the barn next to the car to the ground (soot all over, melted off paint on rear left quarter).
    The after effects have him delerious on the asking price and choosing somebody with poor writing skills to compose and publish his sale.

    Other than that , evrything is fixable .
    All you got to do is throw tons of money at it.

    Problems solved.

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