Shaggin’ Wagon: 1977 Dodge Custom B200 Van

Update 2/12/20 – This custom van has resurfaced here on eBay with no reserve!

From 12/31/19 – This 1977 Dodge B200 is a lightly restored example that features an original Grand Systems Conversion inside that transformed this B200 from a utilitarian van into a legit home on wheels and mobile party palace. The conversion covers all of the essentials, from sleeping quarters to custom graphics, and between the partial exterior repaint and new interior upholstery, it’s looking pretty sharp. Find the van here on craigslist with an asking price of $18K or best offer, and thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. 

The seller notes the van was previously appraised for $22,000, and in this day and age, I wouldn’t doubt it. There was a time when anything with a mural on the side was definitely considered throwaway (if not downright weird), but now they are all the rage. Interestingly, the seller took care to not touch the original graphics and mural, managing to repaint the silver sections and simply clearcoat the mural to protect it for the future. The end result is just right, with original graphics left undisturbed and the iconic mural preserved for the long haul. It sure is a peaceful scene.

Inside, passengers will find luxurious accommodations that include what looks like a proper bar with mini-fridge, swivel chairs, and a couch that folds out into a bed. The seller claims the interior upholstery was in fine shape but faded, so he had the whole interior re-done. Likewise, the window curtains had seen their share of sunlight, so they, too, were replaced. The shag carpets remain the original material and in good condition, and the seller notes new custom front floor mats have been added.

The couch looks quite inviting, as I’m sure it did back in the day. The seller notes the 318 V8 has been rebuilt as well, and overall, it seems like a fair amount of money has been spent on this conversion van over the last few years. The Dodge is said to have been a nearly rust-free example from new, and that any body or paint-work was done to simply freshen it up and not to repair accident damage or major corrosion. The Dodge is a nice mix of a survivor and a restoration project you can drive, so the asking price doesn’t seem out of line.

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  1. Comet

    Daughter to future grandparents: Bye Mom and Dad, my date’s here!

  2. Terry Bowman

    Been there and done that. LOL Had to park a block away to pick up my girlfriends up. If the parents found out about my Van, I had to find another girlfriend. As bad as the reputation was having a van, I never took advantaged of any of my girlfriends. If anything, it was the other way around.

    • Ken

      Daughter: ” Hurry Johnny! My dad has his black light and he looks mad!”

  3. Ken


  4. canadainmarkseh Member

    My brother had a 1977 dodge street van black with gold metallic. He had it completely customized. He only got use his a short time before he died of cancer. Whenever I see one of these dodge vans I’m reminded of him. This is a very nice van to whoever buys it I hope you enjoy it.

    • AZVanMan

      I bet your brother is giving this van and your comment a thumbs up right now!

      • canadainmarkseh Member

        Thanks for that.

  5. Rosco

    Cool van and looks pretty much period correct. The only thing it needs is a little bigger tire on the rear. With the rake, just looks too small. Maybe bring the price down a little too!

  6. Anna Sword

    I own a 77 a100, original “Freebird” van, been doing similar restoration, trying not to disturb murals, can only hope turns out as nice as this one, gotta love it. KEEP ON TRUCKIN !

  7. Miguel Member

    Are these van conversions really worth that much money?

  8. Mike

    This one also looks like it’s been stretched (in the middle) to me. I know that Dodge offered an extended van in the 70s because my parents had one when I was a kid. However, the extension was at the rear. I don’t remember it having so much space between the front and side doors like this one does (where that round “porthole” is).

    • Dex

      Length is correct for this model. I think the unusual porthole location is what makes it look a little longer.

      • Mike

        I don’t think so. As I said, we had a Dodge van back in the day. If you look at pics of other ones, there isn’t much space between the front and swinging side doors. I’m not trying to start an argument. I’m just basing my opinion on memories and internet pics.

    • Superdessucke

      There were three sizes of these things. We used to call them small, medium and large. I don’t recall what Dodge formally called them. I think the big one was the “Maxivan” or something along those lines. A friend’s dad had two-tone tan and brown ’76 Maxi back in the day.

      Most of the custom vans were built from the small but this is a medium one, and it is the proper factory size, if memory serves.

  9. Dex

    My opinion based on looking at my ’77 Dodge B200 van sitting outside.

  10. Terry Bowman

    Mike, the van in the photo is correct for that model. I also have a B-300 Dodge Sportsman Royal Maxi w/ the rear extension (1.5 ft extra) at the rear. The Dodge vans came in several models. The extra insert between the two doors on the pass. side was a model as one without it. some same with a window(mine does) and some did not( as the one in the photo). The stock one was rectangle as the rear and side doors. Oval ones were after market. Most of these with all the extensions were limos or transporters(also known as 16 pass.)127″ wheel base, the larger of the, I believe 3 wheel base models. I believe you are talking about the shortest of the three. To help keep these Vans on the road, rust took over mine and I would like to part it out or sale as a whole with all the factory goodies and some special items added through the years. I bought new in 1972. Includes a 1970 340 as it’s power plant. Complete as is $2,500. 954-457-9492(South Florida)

    • RTS

      Good to provide info, but not cool to hijack a thread to try and sell your own stuff.

  11. Terry Bowman

    RTS, I agree and don’t want to start anything. As I stated in the first sentence before offering items, I would like to keep these Vans on the road, because they were and still are “COOL”. There are other threads for items on sale. Sorry, if I offended anyone, it was not my intention.

  12. Tom Member

    Cool Van. Flip it in Illinois for Top Dollar….

    Gov. DO.B., I mean, J.B. Prickster sorry Pritsker (darn keyboard !!) just legalized Mary Jane here.

  13. AZVanMan

    This is a nice looking example. When I built vans in the early 80s, I built 100+ “Ram Van’s” for Pete Ellis Dodge in Phx. SWB 1/2 ton, leaning tower and a 3 spd on the floor. No other factory options. But we did have Steve Kafka, a top-notch pin-striping artist, work his magic on top of the corny paint jobs. Added a bit of class to our little rolling hot-boxes!

    • Alert3

      Back in the day owned 3 vans 2 Dodges by Goodtimes and a Ford custom van brings back some good memories

  14. Terry Bowman

    AZVanman, was that not a 4speed, with the 4th being a over drive? I still have a couple of the Humps for the shifter, even a transmission, but I always thought they were 4 speeds, including the over drive(which means a high gear for 4th).

  15. Lorena

    This is my dream van!

  16. John Member

    Had a 66 and a 76 Dodge Van’s, the 66 ran well, but I could put my fingers in between the door and body. The 76 was carburated, never could get it to run right, was towed in 4 times in one weak end. When I went to picjk it up it quit
    and they then found out the pick up coil in dist was bad. Took it up to Va. and took it to my sons wrench, they got it runnig right, the deasler knew not too much

  17. Glenn Schwass Member

    That is amazingly clean. We had a 76 Tradesman 300 ,3/4 ton Dodge new and here in Philly, it was rusting out in 3 to 4 years. By the time we got rid of it in 85, the floor and quarters were gone. They used a foam for anti-squeak I guess, that held water. Add crappy 70’s steel and it was toast. He also used Arco Graphite oil that killed it…It was a beast but only had the 318. Couldn’t get out of its own way downhill and got 11mpg at the best…I always liked the looks but his 85 pickup with a slant six that replaced it that he had in NH, rusted almost as bad with their winters. Last Mopar I’d ever drive.

    • Terry Bowman

      Glenn, a 300 is a one ton, not 3/4. I have a B300 one ton(72′), that has also circumed to rust, but not until 2005. If yours rusted at the lower end and not the upper, then it was from the salt on the roads. Vans rust inside out, due to leaks at the side and rear doors. Usually at the drip rails and spreads from there. I repaired mine several times at the early stages and was able to keep up with it. Bought I new Dodge Ram 2500 in 05′ and did not keep up with the drip rail rust and now my van is toast. The 340 drive train is still intact and may drop it in a older truck.

      • Dex

        340 factory in a ’72 Dodge B300?

  18. Millenkneeil

    Bob Ross should have started a side business painting vans

  19. Terry Bowman

    Dex, no not factory 340 in a Van, just my addition to a cool van, with 15″ X 10″ 8 lug, US INDY rims. 70′ 340. I did paint it blue for the color of a small block for that year. It came with a 318, but the dana 60 rear and HD 727 transmisson helped, that was factory for it.

  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $13,900.

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