Grandfather’s 1977 Pontiac Grand LeMans

Family heirlooms are a mixed subject. Sometimes the recipients really desire to have or get something from their family’s estate, other times they would rather have nothing to do with it. What the case is in this particular situation is unknown. What we do know is that the seller states that this 1977 Pontiac Grand LeMans belonged to their Grandfather and that it’s being offered at a price of $1,800. It is has 54,949 miles and is located in Montesano, Washington. Thank you Jack M for the tip. The listing is up on Craigslist.

Under the hood is an unspecified 8 cylinder engine with automatic transmission, which does run and drive. The exhaust is said to be brand new from front to back. It has a limited slip differential and a radial tuned suspension that was found on police tuned models. Since the car seems to be in the care of a family member, the maintenance records for the life of the car and the original build sheet are included. It was a custom ordered car.

That custom order included a luscious red faux leather interior, red headliner, air conditioning, power windows, and an 8 track player. They claim to have 8 tracks that go with the purchase so you can at least ride home entertained by the originality of the late ’70s. There are six seat belts in total for the two bench seats and a full spare in the truck, with ample room to spare for cargo. A minor note is that the carpet will have to be replaced.

Overall, the condition of the vehicle is quite well considering the age. The hubcaps are original and the hood ornament and all other badges are still intact. A mechanic shop service manual for the car, from the ’70s, is included. You can slowly take care of any issues as they might come up. Although, in the days of the internet and YouTube, that manual might not be needed. But hey, it is something that is getting passed on, an heirloom of sorts.

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  1. M.Balmer Member

    Sheriff Buford T. Justice, your new cruiser is just about ready.Just have to put the light bar on the roof. Lol.

    • Michael Kingsbury

      Wasn’t his a convertible?

      • Phil

        It was after he ran under that truck !

    • Steve

      I would paint it brown and cut the roof off, then dress up in khaki with a stetson “Open Road” hat and hire a guy in a tuxedo to ride shotgun and hold my hat on for me.You would get more attention with it than as is, especially if you tagged along with a guy in a Bandit TA.

  2. Dave Suton

    Love it. Wish it were a 2 door

  3. Kuzspike

    Looks like a lot of rare red Naugha’s were sacrificed for their hydes to do that interior. Not one of Pontiac’s proudest moments, but it did somehow manage to survive.

  4. Fred W

    Looks like it has the dreaded GM “Paint won’t stick to the primer” disease, which I thought only afflicted the 90’s pickups until now.

    • Miguel

      It looks to me that the car has the “silver is the worst color to put on a car and leave outside” disease.

    • Phil

      I had a ’91 Buick Skylark and the paint flew off in sheets going down the road !

  5. Shawn Fox Firth

    Nice candidate for some Customization eh – suicide the rear doors – remove entire roof and do a chopped windshield and convertible top from another GM car – do a new front end with some late ’30s to early ’40s podded headlights two each side sunk into body . . .Oh man I could go on ..

    • Jett

      Go on? Please don’t.

  6. CanuckCarGuy

    Nice car, at what looks like a screaming deal. These actually look nice in their sedan form, as the overall look has a nice balance. I’d put on a set of Rallye wheels, freshen the paint and enjoy.

    • Nick

      Agreed. Nicely optioned car, too bad it’s only the 301 engine. With that beautiful interior and nice options, it’s a great deal and worth fixing up. I hope it finds a good home.

  7. Rock On

    You might luck out and find a 400- 4 barrel under the hood! Good deal.

    • Rankton

      the craigslist ad, states 301, I would still buy in a heartbeat if… money, location, time, storage, the wife ;)

  8. DRV

    We had a ’73 which was identicle besides a few trim pieces.
    I thought it was an interesting exercise in design, but Pontiac keeping it so long was not a good thing.
    Ours rotted away daily.

  9. Superdessucke

    For an interesting and ambitious project, make a Can-Am 4 door!

    • Tim S. Member

      Yup. Do it right & there would be a line at car shows to see it. I’d

      • Superdessucke

        And if successful a Can-Am Safari next!

  10. Rusty

    “Radial tuned suspension”? I thought that was pretty much standard on GM cars from around ’75 on. I remember its big fanfare from our ’75 Bucks. It showed up a lot in their ads. It was unrelated to the police packages, though they, too, were equipped with radials. At one time, there was some concern or confusion about whether it was safe to put radials on cars whose suspension was not specifically tuned for them at the factory.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Yes, Rusty, the GM line had Radial Tuned Suspension from the mid-1970s, onwards.

      I remember buddies telling me that I shouldn’t put radials on older vehicles, but I never had a problem. I’ve also heard that some shops would warn customers that their wheel covers would pop off, due to the extra loading of radials flexing the wheel rim, although I never saw this, myself.


    Love it……great car for the guy driving to the city each day….wish I had room in my garage or driveway….

  12. jw454

    I’ve never been a 4 door guy but, at this price and with these options, I’d grab this one for a daily driver until the snow starts to fly. I don’t mind the 301. I’m retired so, it’s my turn to be going less than the speed limit in front of everybody that’s in a hurry. Pay backs are He**.

    • Steve

      It’s not “payback”. The old guys that did it to you are all dead.

      • jw454

        That’s true but, it’s still fun.

  13. Pete Phillips

    Agree with everything that’s been said about this except “ample room to spare in the trunk.” Due to that slanted Pontiac rear end styling and a 15″ full-size spare tire, these trunks have very, very little usable room in them.
    My home town had a fleet of these for police cars in the mid-1970s, and just about the same color as this one. It was the first time they ever bought something other than a full size Chevrolet, Plymouth, or Ford for use as police cars.

  14. Maestro1

    In sedan form these cars have nice lines. It’s a great driver. It looks like it also has a new alternator. So do what it needs, paint it in matching or some other color if you must (not a good idea for whatever resale value there will be) and enjoy. I would jump on this car but I have no room.

  15. Rock On

    Get Maaco to paint the hood, throw on 4 snow tires, misplace the catalytic converter and add a proper dual exhaust system. Viola, the perfect winter beater!

  16. PJ

    “Daddy, my hat blew off!”

    “I hope your GD head was in it.”

  17. PDX crusher

    The police version, the Pontiac “Enforcer” 400. Drove several back in the day, our first patrol cars with air conditioning. The final car in the fleet lasted an extra year, blew up on a pursuit. I remember the long reach to roll down the passenger side window. I used one to herd cattle in a field… still wouldn’t die

  18. Brian

    Add was deleted. Interested in buying. Anyone have a phone number or e-mail for the seller?

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