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Grandma’s 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

This is the kind of find that Camaro fans dream of, a first generation Camaro that has not just been left in the garage, but has been lovingly maintained by the original owner. This 1968 Camaro was given to the original owner by her husband for her 40th birthday. She has had the car serviced and maintained by the same dealer the car was purchased from. After 44 years of ownership, she has decided to let the car move on to a new owner. The car is no longer in her Scottsdale, Arizona garage, but it can be found here on eBay.

When this car was purchased from Courtesy Chevrolet of Phoenix, Arizona we doubt they thought anyone would actually use their Lifetime Lube and Oil change past the car’s warranty, but this owner did. And when the transmission started having problems in 2003, Courtesy Chevrolet rebuilt it for her. One would have a difficult time finding another original ’68 that has been taken care of this well.

The only thing that would make this find better is if this was an SS car, but it does have the 327 cui 275hp V8. The seller claims the engine runs great and that everything is working properly. They even claim that the A/C not only works, but is cold. We don’t doubt these claims given the level of care given to the car, but it still is a 44 year old car.

The inside is in good shape, but shows signs of regular use. The Deluxe Houndstooth upholstery is all original, but has some stains and wear to it. Every piece of this interior is original and working, even the original radio works. The car was used primarily as a grocery hauler, which could explain why the back seats are still like new.

It wouldn’t take much work to make this car look like new, but we think it has more character as is. This is the kind of patina we dream of. It’s still shiny, but shows its age nicely. We aren’t sure about the seller’s asking price of $25,000 though. Nicely restored examples often trade hands for less. If it were an SS, then perhaps we could justify the price. What do you guys think? Is this seller dreaming or does the originality and service history justify the asking price?


  1. Mads Henriksen

    I say OK!

    I’m not a fan of Americana (I dig Citroëns and own 6) but a car with this sort of bulletproof history and charming, dignified patina is just epic!

    If I was ever to buy, own and drive an old yank Tank, then this would be the sort of deal I’d be looking for. Ready to use, proudly wearing a genuine patina and a ever-so-charming history. Just lovely!

    Anyone who’d buy it with the agenda of restoring it to death should be shot at dawn.

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  2. Corey

    With that kind of history and originality, I’d make an offer but be willing to pay asking price. Cars like this are getting rarer every day.

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  3. Firebird 1LE

    Worth every penny. Anybody can restore a car; a 44-year-old car that is this well preserved and essentially as-it-rolled-off-the-assembly-line is a treasure.

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  4. Horse Radish

    This gives the term “planned obsolescence” a whole new meaning.
    What I really would like to know, is if it’s the second owner selling it or is he helping the little old lady to sell the car ?

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  5. graham line

    This illustrates the difference between “patina” and “big rust patches everywhere”

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  6. Jeff

    Its a shame the seller’s family didn’t want it, neat story to carry on.

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  7. Kevin

    AZ is rough to live in, but, nice on cars. The vinyl roof is a sign of the time, as most northern cars with them breed rust. Very nice car and the cold ac is a great plus.

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  8. Dave Stewart

    Wow, 44 years old and looks great. For the price of a new Camero, I would take this one any day.

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  9. Jim

    A pretty example of that year Camaro. That was a great color; it looked especially good on the Corvair Corsa.

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  10. scot c

    ~ i like Butternut Yellow as well as any colors available for ’67-’68. upholster the front seat ‘buns’, garage it when you’re not driving.
    my ’67 RS, 4speed, ragtop owned for 25 years, was this color originally. stolen while i was hospitalized by a ‘buddy’, sold and vanished. don’t get me started.

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  11. 22jr.The Sea-Horse

    In the mid-80s I tried to buy this car a few times,was never available. Moved 20+ years ago, I can’t believe after all these years it stayed in the same family. Would like to thank barn finds for taking me back to my youth with this car. By the way I bought my first new car at Courtesy Chevolet.(1988 IROC CAMARO)

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  12. cycles13

    Leave it unrestored but, the price is too high

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  13. stigshift

    I’m four years older than this car. I have not held up as well. Somebody step up and pay for it. And don’t you DARE restomod it!

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  14. Chris

    Great color combo and nice driveline. Although the seats are worn, I wouldn’t restore them, just clean and repair. What a time capsule! I’m a bit more concerned about the fluids and the brakes. I hope someone flushed the cooling system,changed the ATF, really checked out the brakes and the lines, put in new brake fluid. All the necessary maintenance items that makes a 44 year old treasure safe to drive. Patina does not include 44 year old belts, ATF, Prestone or brake fluid.

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  15. Al Neri

    It’s these kind of cars that keep me coming back to this website.

    So many of these older cars get re-painted red, black or blue that it makes the survivors look more distinctive.

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  16. Mark W

    For an original unrestored 68 in this condition, I think its worth the asking. Has to be less than 100 original 1st gen camaros in that condition. Its a keeper.

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  17. Jim Olson Member

    Well it’s mine!! I’t on it’s way to CT. Can’t wait for it to arrive!! It’s been driven regularly up until about 5 years ago. It recently had the fluids changed including gas but I’m going to do it again once it arrives here. It’s going to be cleaned up and left just as-is!! JimO

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    • Barn Finds

      Please keep us updated Jim. We would love to do a “success story” feature on the Camaro once it arrives. Have fun!

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      • Jason

        Any update from Jim? It’s been nearly three years: wonder if he still owns it?

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Nothing yet, but I will email him and see how it’s going.

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