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Graveyard Reject: 1968 Dodge Coronet R/T

1968 Dodge Coronet RT

The seller claims that this car was going to be featured on Graveyard Carz, but that they decided to just clean it up and drive it instead. That sounds like a good plan to me since this subtle looking mid-size has a big 440 V8 under the hood! It was ordered from the factory with a two-tone paint job, stripe delete, and an automatic so it’s sort of a sleeper. The seller thinks that this car is significant enough that “the story behind this car will be told for generations to come”. Not sure about that, but this is a desirable muscle car that would make a great driver or restoration candidate. Find it here on eBay where the bidding ends Tuesday.

440 Magnum

The seller has already done a lot of the work needed to get this car running again. The brake and fuel systems have been gone through. Many of the consumable have also been replaced too including the hoses and belts. I still see a few things that could probably use attention before going into daily driver duty, but overall this seems like a very good start for someone with basic mechanical skills.

Serape Seat Covers

As much as I like the ratty look, I would probably invest in an upholstery kit and some new carpet. The exterior doesn’t bother me, but it’s nice to have things clean inside if you plan on driving a car much. There a few photos of the floors in the listing and things appear to be really solid, so I think someone really could use this as transportation without much effort.

RT Trunk Emblem

This Coronet may be a little too beat up for some, but it does have a cool look about it. I’d still like to hear the story behind the car that the seller claims will be told for generations to come, but even if it’s not, this would be a cool car to cruise around in. So, would you continue the theme or would all the “when you gonna paint it?” comments bother you too much?


  1. Gary Gary

    Now that’s a driver! Nice find!

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  2. MH

    I would leave it just as it is. There only original once. Everyone wants a nice shiny car. I like mine to look like there actually driven.

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  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I’m sure I will be castigated as a heretic, but I would paint her. Ole gal has been neglected for a long time, it’s time for some fancy new duds.

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  4. MeepMeep

    My favorite Mopar of all time, the ’68 Dodge Coronet 440 R/T
    Super Bee. Up next would be the ’64 Belvedere followed by the ’69
    Road Runner.
    I must agree with Dirty Dingus…..I’d have to take this one back to
    “as originally ordered/sold”. Recently ordered a resin cast 1/25th scale to go with my original MPC version.
    MeepMeep ! !

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    • bill

      1962 Plymouth sport fury, 383 golden commando engine, 3 on the tree.

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      • Jim

        That’s a pretty unique car, a one year body and dash if I remember right. Any pics?

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      • Maverick

        Does it have a henway.

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  5. 68 custom

    I thought the Super-Bee was the budget muscle car and the R/T was upscale?
    nice original car regardless.

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    • MeepMeep

      ?? The Dodge Scat Pack ?? The Super Bee package was added to the R/T.

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      • Carrnage

        The Superbee and the R/T are two separate cars, there is no such thing as an R/T superbee, Its one or the other.

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    • Hagarcobra

      That’s correct,it was Dodge’s “version” of the Roadrunner. Designed to be a stripped down ,affordable muscle car.

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  6. rusty

    Hmm ..a graveyard car

    “They’re coming to get you Barbera! ”

    Well not quite but at least the colour and imposing look is similar.

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    This one needs paint and a four spd.

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  8. moosie Craig

    I’d do a sympathetic resto on the body, a new interior package and drive it till the wheels fell off, put ’em back on and drive, drive , DRIVEEEEEE,, thank God it doesnt have those pathetic dog-dish, poverty hub caps !

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    • Jeff

      Craig those fancy dog dishes your lovin made me QUITE a few bucks in the early 80 s. Not that I would condone street racin or any thing but. Them and primerd bottoms of fenders always seem to me anyway added about 150 horses to what cha were packing under the hood. Sorta like cheap nitrous. The Crager guys with the BEAUTIFUL. 2 grand at that time paint jobs
      Just went nuts when handing over the dead presidents. 1 st rule of street racin NEVER EVER underestimate the car next to you when linein em up Youll go broke. QUICKLY

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  9. stillrunners

    yes this is the R/T like a GTX in 1968 with the hardtop…..RR and Super Bee’s were post cars at first in 1968….later they would get the hardtop option….

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  10. Jim

    I’m sure I’ll hear cr@p but I’m not a fan of the “my car looks like I don’t care”, original or not I’d strip it to bare metal and do it up right. All that surface rust will eventually eat deeper and cause bigger problems. This could be a great driver but it does need some tlc.

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  11. Jay

    My family traveled to Yellowstone National Park from Massachusetts in a 1968 Coronet wagon in 1970. It was the first big family vacation that I can remember (I was seven). I remember that the car started running poorly so the fuel filter had to be replaced along the way. After that repair, the car ran great. The car remained in our family until the early 1980s until it was sent to the junk yard after being in an accident.

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  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sold, $15,007.77. Wow! I am so out of touch.

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  13. Carrnage

    The Superbee and the R/T are two separate cars, there is no such thing as an R/T superbee, Its one or the other.

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