Great First Classic: 1952 Pontiac Chieftain

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With immaculate presentation, this 1952 Pontiac Chieftain sedan looks like a nice car that would not only make a worthy addition to an existing classic collection but would be an affordable entry point for someone considering purchasing their first classic car. Barn Finder Ikey H referred this Pontiac to us, so thank you for that Ikey. The Chieftain is located in Richmond, Indiana, and is listed for sale here on Craigslist.

The body, panels, and paint on the Pontiac present really nicely, and the owner states that there is no rust to be found in the car. The glass and chrome also look good, and the good news is not just skin deep. While he doesn’t supply any photos of the engine, he does say that the 249ci straight-eight engine starts and runs well and that the car is fitted with a manual transmission. He also does say that the Pontiac has covered a genuine 51,000 miles, but doesn’t mention whether he has any documentation to verify this.

The interior also presents very well on the Pontiac. There is some stretching of the seat upholstery, but it is otherwise in really nice condition. One of the nice touches on this particular Chieftain is the fact that it is fitted with the factory optional seven-valve radio. This adds an air of class to what is already a rather luxurious vehicle for the time.

As I said at the beginning, this 1952 Pontiac Chieftain would make a great first foray for someone into classic car ownership. The 1952 Chieftain would generally sell for prices in excess of $14,000. The owner of this Chieftain has set the price at $7,500, which suggests that someone may be getting themselves a rather nice Christmas present.

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  1. Ken

    So why can’t a sweet ride like this pop up in Eastern Washington? This appears to be a steal, and although I’m primarily a Buick man, I’d be proud to park this Chieftain in my garage.

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    • Gay Car Nut

      Or possibly Western Washington? I’d drive one for a week if allowed to.

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  2. Mike Austing

    This same basic vehicle (except for the tranny) is what I recall my Dad owning in the mid ’50s; same color! Great memories in that car; would love to have it! Dad’s even “starred” on local TV (Dayton, OH) about cases he and his partner (Dayton P.D. Hit & Run Squad) needed assistance in solving-our car was the “hit skip” vehicle and another police officer played the victim.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Beautiful Poncho. 7 valve radio?? Hope it doesn’t need a valve job, those valves are made of unobtainium. Good Cruiser, good luck to the new owner.


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    • Hotroddaddy

      Finding tubes for the radio shouldn’t be that much of a problem, due to the popularity of tube guitar amps. Maybe you could luck out and find some NOS!

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      • Fordfan

        I have a tube in my shed ,found it clearing my father in law basement .
        I kept it to show my kids what was used before transistors were invented
        They also didn’t know what a transistor was
        I guess I’m getting old

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  4. Vance

    Provide air travel and expenses and I’ll drive it for you. It might take me a month, but I will get there eventually. I like the stance on this vehicle. Center chrome on hood and trunk accentuates.this car nicely.. Sharp car and good price.

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  5. Vince H

    Does not appear to have correct trunk trim.

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    • Gary Evans

      Just being picky, but I agree that the waterfall on the trunk should end with a trunk ornament with a half circle underneath. Also I believe the cloth door panels were two shades of grey with a rectangular pattern above the chrome strip, the seat material does not look stock, and the back of the seat should have a long “rope” stretched across the back. My parents had a 52 tin woody with straight 8 and dual range hydramatic in the early 50s to early 60s and I have had a 51 2 door sedan with 6 and hydramatic since 1978 ( ). No matter, this 52 Pontiac looks like a great buy!
      PS both the 52 tin woody had and my 51 has the lighted hood ornament…

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  6. Leman

    My first Pontiac was this same model but a 1953 year and I paid only $395.00 for it in 1961. it had the ever-present problem with wrist pin rattle that was inherent in 8 cylinder Pontiac engines. I found out later that it was not a problem just noisy but very irritating, anyway my wife never liked the car so I sold it and got a 1953 Mercury 2 door flathead V8. for $295.00

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  7. MrF

    The only thing this needs is a lighted hood ornament.

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  8. charlieMember

    But the transmission whine in 1st and 2nd was not pleasing – why GM which had three if not four other standard transmissions to choose from kept this one is a wonder. On the other hand, the 8 was smooth, quiet, and, for the day, powerful enough to do 65 all day. And having Chief Pontiac out there on the hood, lighted up, would not be politically correct today. And at some point, the high beam indicator was the Chief’s profile as well.

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  9. Rick

    Currently working on a 53 Chieftain that someone did a lot of extensive and expensive work on only to have a vehicle that barely ran. It has been in my customer’s family since new, and he would like to be able to drive it. I am getting it to that point slowly.

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  10. local_sheriff

    This ad clearly shows great driver quality cars are still out there for decent money – if one can live with two spare doors…!

    This car has everything I’d look for in a bomb – I-8 engine, manual tranny, split windshield, even a nice under-the-radar color!

    A thorough suspension drop and it’d be a super cruiser; love it!

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  11. Tommy

    Good looking Pontiac. My grandfather had a 55. Two-tone green, V8, 4door. Would love to have it today.

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