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Great Memories: 1976 Ford F-150 Ranger

Growing up my grandpa’s daily driver was a 1976 Ford F150 just like the one seen here. That truck took us all over Western Montana hunting, fishing, and camping and never let us down. When he finally upgraded to a newer truck he offered it to me for $800…and I turned him down. Well, as you can imagine, that would have been a pretty good investment given the current prices of fifth and sixth-generation Ford pickups. This one is no exception. Found for sale here on eBay, it has a current bid of over $22,000. Located in Caldwell, Idaho, this truck has surely seen some of the same scenery that my grandpa and I saw years ago. Take a closer look at this brown beauty. It is nice inside and out!

Obviously, the seat has been recovered. There are no wide photos of the interior, but from the close-ups, you can tell this is a nice truck inside and out. The door panels look original and the steering wheel is as well.

The engine is a 360 big block FE backed by an automatic transmission. Some go-fast goodies have been added such as the 4bbl Edelbrock carburetor and intake, along with finned valve covers, new distributor and wires, and coil. The truck also features power steering and brakes with dual fuel tanks.

The BFG tires on modular wheels look good. My grandpa’s truck had the classic white wagon wheels, which might look a little out of place against the cream two-tone paint of this truck. Overall, it looks like a nice solid ride that anyone would be proud to own. Did you ever pass on a car deal that you regret now? I have a few. How about you?


  1. Big Al

    Nice !!!! I wouldn’t mind this PU in my driveway.

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  2. Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

    Boom! Sold for 28k. Worth every penny.

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  3. Vance

    I passed on a 1966 Chevy short bed with a 283 rebuilt engine, it was leaking at the rear seal because this guy had about 10 vehicles, and in Tucson that happens a lot. He had redone the interior when he rebuilt the motor. It was that GM green that every other truck that year seemed to be. The body was straight, even the bed was clean, and had the little white hubcaps that was also common. He was a friend of my Brother-in-law’s, and said he would give me a good deal if I wanted it. Well, I loved it, but only had half of the money, he wanted 2500.00 for it. I can’t even look at those trucks to this day, and that was 30 years ago. You can collectively call me a dumbass, I deserve it.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Even a doofus like me ( watch those thumbs up roll) can see, vintage pickups are clearly today’s “hot button”. Time after time, we see trucks we considered merely a vehicle to haul rocks and stuff, with most drivers that couldn’t care less about the truck,, become the most sought after vehicles. What’s even more amusing, is people are obviously tired of the offerings today, trading today’s mechanical wizardry( waiting on a chip) for 50 year technology( turn the key and go) I can say without reservation, driving my 1977 truck, even though mom told me never to gloat, I almost feel superior to people that buy these new fangled trucks, I mean, cars with a box, that may never see a pebble in the bed, and wish for something “simple” again. There simply aren’t enough of these to go around, and why clean ones like this, that again, is nothing special, folks,(9 mpg and bouncy ride and death wobble, prominent with these, gets mighty old, trust me) are commanding over inflated prices. They were great work trucks for $5 grand, never intended to be 5 figure trailer queens. There simply HAS to be some buyers remorse going from their new “Super Duty” to this.

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  5. Dave

    “Did you ever pass on a car deal that you regret now?”

    In the winter and spring of 1974, the Arab oil embargo was still disrupting our lives. I was going to DeVry in Columbus and working mornings at the Big Bear store in Reynoldsburg on Brice Road. One of my jobs was to cart groceries out to the customers’ cars and load them into the trunk. I can still clearly see the 1967 Chevelle SS396, white with a red interior, four on the floor, that this woman offered me for free! It had the Rallye wheels and was showroom clean.
    I made the toll call to my father and told him of the offer. He, of course, said no. I wanted to bring the car home and store it in the famous Butler County Mushroom Mine because it was so clean but he couldn’t see it as any kind of investment.
    By denying me this, he continued his “hot streak”. My brother-in-law and my sister lived in Avella. A nearby garage had a clean 1959 T-bird with expired stickers. When I inquired the garage owner told me that it needed an engine. I told him that we had a 1959 Edsel Villager with a good engine taking up space in the yard. He offered to sell me the T-bird AND transplant the engine for $300! I had the money…

    The old man said no.
    The Edsel rotted away until he paid someone to tow it away.
    I can still see that SS396 clearly in my memory!

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    • chuck

      Dave, I also worked at Big Bear in the ‘70’s. I’m haunted by the black 64 Corvette coupe my dad wouldn’t let me buy. All original, factory Fuel Injection $5000. I’d still have it today, if only…

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  6. Vance

    Well Dave, you took away some of my anguish, are you sure your name isn’t Joe Dirt? Loved the line in that movie when the guard asks him his name, Joe Dirte, don’t try to church it up Dirt. The girl in that movie was soooo hot, I know that I am a sexist pig but I don’t really care.

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  7. Sam Shive

    Sweet Ride. It would look great with my 2002 and my 2019. My dad had the 2 WD version of this truck in the MINT GREEN. Loved that truck.

  8. Troy s

    Nice old Ford truck, a truck not a passenger car with a bed like nowadays.
    I passed up on at least four, maybe more, that bites me till this day. Most of all, a ’67 Fairlane GTA with a swapped in 428 in primer red, from there a white ’68 GTO, ’71 Demon 340, faded red ’69 Charger R/T 440 4 speed, ….it was the mid eighties and all those were perfect running machines that could be had for peanuts…the Fairlane was a scary fast rig for 2300 bucks! Arrggh!

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  9. Patrick M Anderson

    We gave a ’77 F250, 460, no smog equipment required, to some charity about 15 years ago. We are about to call the local Pickapart to haul away a ’97 Exploder. I wonder what it will be worth in 20 years?

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