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Great Price? 1971 Triumph TR6


Howard isn’t able to take advantage of this find right now, so we’ll share it with the rest of you! This relatively solid 1971 Triumph TR6 has been off the road for two years in Wilmington, North Carolina. It’s for sale here on craigslist for $2,500 and I’d be headed in that direction already except I own two TR6’s now.

If you look carefully, I think you can just see the “OVERDRIVE” badge below the Triumph on the right hand corner. When I saw the overdrive in the ad copy, I was surprised, as there aren’t that many cars equipped with it, and it makes the world of difference when highway driving. It also looks like there’s only minimal rust on the trunk lid edge; one of the common places for TR6s to rust. I wish we could see more, but the seller only included three pictures.

While the interior is obviously worn, I don’t see anything here that scares me. All the padded dash components are available in reproduction form, as are the interior panels, carpeting, and anything else you can think of. The wooden dashes made now are far superior to the originals in appearance, or you can go with one that it completely stock looking. I would replace the modern stereo, though. I do wish I could see the second stalk on the left hand side to confirm the overdrive; it may well be hidden behind a steering wheel spoke, but that would make me feel more positive.

The seller tells us that the top is about five years old, and it’s quite possible you could use some plastic polishing compounds to make the window transparent enough for use. I just wish we could see under the hood and the frame, particularly where the semi-trailing arms mount to the chassis (another known TR6 weak point). This one really may be a great buy, though–so let us know if you pick it up!

By the way, if this one doesn’t work for you, check out this $1,850 Spitfire that’s also close to me. It’s a good thing I’m overloaded with Triumph projects now!


  1. Howard A Member

    :( I’m are a bit skeptical on this. And I don’t want to ruin it for someone, but unless this is a scam, somebody clearly doesn’t know the value of these, and that’s entirely possible. If it IS real, act fast. I can’t right now (38 days until retirement check and counting) more like this summer, but it shows, it still can be done. Just the fact that the seller knows about O/D, tells me it probably has it. I know, we always make a big deal about that, but it truly transforms it into a nicer car, and I’d bet, as stated before, many a buyer left the lot wishing they had gotten that $200 option. Great find, if it’s legit.

  2. Scot Douglas

    “Remains principal color” o.O

  3. Klharper

    This one sits not to far from me and is priced right, alas like many of you I have way to many projects on my plate

  4. Trent Poole

    Jamie, this one is killing me. Not too far away and a good price if the frame is ok. I just don’t know if I can still fold up enough to get into a TR6 . ;)

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Trent, one trick is to fit Spitfire seats — more room both back and up. Love to see you get it!

  5. Eric 10Cars

    Killing me too. I’m 2 hours away in Chapel Hill. The little guy on my shoulder is screaming at me to hook up my tow dolly to my C2500, hit the credit union, and then I-40. On the other hand, my banker conscience is saying “you’ve just put an offer on 9 acres, a house, pole barn, sheds, with much work to do to set it up and sell your 3800 sf house…Don’t Do It!” I hate myself :-)

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      What else would you rather put in the pole barn? Go get it! (I’m in Pittsboro, BTW).

  6. Randy Simon Member

    Not familiar with these cars (but like them)- how good a buy is this, meaning what is a ballpark fair market price, assuming no surprises in it’s condition? Thanks!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      IF the frame is solid and there are decent floors in place, I would expect $4-$4.5k. Running would kick that up to $5.5k.

  7. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Seems like a great price given selling prices I’ve seen around here.

    The 70’s were a foggy time in my mind ;) but do I remember an electric o/d switch in the middle of the shift knob?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      That was on Spitfires, Stags and MGB’s. TR6’s have a second stalk on the left of the steering column (if fitting originally from new with it).

      • Howard A Member

        Slight correction, the MGB O/D was on the right wiper stalk thingy.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        We’re both right. Yes on earlier cars. Post 1975 it’s on the gearshift knob.

  8. Jeff

    Probably a major rust bucket for this price.

  9. C Brand

    Always liked the look of these cars, but i would never fit in one as i am 6′ 9″ tall. By the way i did own a 76 vette and i remember having to fold up to get into that!! That was a good many years ago and i am not so agile now.

  10. Bruce Best

    I have owned TR-3’s and Tr-4’s but never a TR-6. A friend has one and depending upon the year you get between 100 and 140 horsepower out of them. It does not take that much effort to push that up to 180 horsepower as he has in his. I know because I was watching the dyno gages when they tested it. Webber’s do a world of good as do proper cams and head.

    That much power totally transforms this car and brings it very close to feeling like a modern car which it is not. It is a far more basic and simple design and I love them for that.

    What is truly great is that almost every part is reproduced by somebody some where and Moss Motors or Victoria Motor Parts can help you find what they do not have to sell. This may not be the perfect summer car but it is most certainly a close runner up.

    But do heed Jeffs warning about rust. Bring a magnet and a piece of paper so you do not scratch the paint. DO not worry about electrical problems. Just assume you will need to replace the wiring loom and go on. That is not the difficult job you might think it to be.

    I hope it goes to a good home I would be there but I have an S2 Lotus Europa to finish first.

  11. Anthony


  12. JMB#7

    I would like to know from the buyer if this was in as good of shape as it appeared. Price was low even if it had some issues. Great find if it is indeed what it appears to be.

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