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Green And Grand! 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix


This unusually two-toned Pontiac survivor is very green, but may not go for a lot of green! It’s been garaged for all but the last year and a half, and the paint shows it. It’s located in Mount Washington, Kentucky and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is currently less than $2,000 but has not yet met the reserve.


The seller tells us that the paint is 90% original and that the only things that have been replaced on the body are the rear bumper filler panels. It sure looks nice if you like green! I’m thinking narrow whitewalls would look more appropriate, but that may just be me.


I’m not sure about the rake here, either–it doesn’t look quite like the car in the ad below.


That’s an interesting slogan, isn’t it? If that’s really true, I need to be driving this car! As it is, I think I’d be looking for a set of the real spoke wheels as seen in the ad; very glamorous! I wonder how many are left in this distinctive color scheme?


Yes, in case you were wondering, the green continues on the inside as well. And if you are appreciative of the color, this is a drop dead gorgeous interior! Absolutely like new, which honestly is surprising considering the car has 95,000 miles! The air conditioning has been converted to R134A and works perfectly, along with everything else in the interior.


Even the under hood area looks great (95,000 miles? Really?) down to the green Interstate battery! It’s a Pontiac 301 cubic inch V8 and is original apart from tune up components and the distributor. Other recent work includes a complete brake job including a new master cylinder and a coolant flush and refill. Here is a link to a video of the engine running (there are three other videos as well in the eBay auction listing.) Again, if you like green Pontiacs, this is your car!







  1. 76W115

    I used to work for a guy who would say to anyone who claimed to have gotten a good deal on a car, “oh really, was it green?”.

    I, on the other hand, love this car.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      My uncle used to say the same thing…that green cars last longer. I think it might be green AND brown, though.

      He had a green ’75 Olds Delta 88 that went over 350k miles, so he practiced what he preached!

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  2. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPA Member

    My brother had one,he called it Pee green over Poo green.

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  3. JW454

    A lot of folks won’t think so but, I think a thin whitewall tire would look better on this car. It’s a bit too much green for me but, its a nice car.

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  4. nessy

    Nice car but look how the seller made an effort to hide in the photos the fact that the car has basic roll down windows. He cut the photos just below the crank handles. I know it has crank windows because the power window and lock switches would be on the silver armrest that he does show in his photos. Sneaky seller but your trick failed..

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    • martyev

      I’m the seller and I think it’s a plus to have crank windows. so why would I hid them. It you have ever changed to power window motor in one of these ,you’d know why it’s a plus to have a crank

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      • Charles Moody

        I would like to know what works and what does not work and how much $ , my mom had one and I would like to get one to remember her bye please let me know what you need for it thank you

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  5. Jim

    This car’s less than an hour from my house. I really like what I see. Think I’ll head up tomorrow and check it out. If he’s not too crazy on the reserve, and it looks as good in person, might just try to come home with it

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    • Rando

      Well? Did you go look? Did it come home with you? I’m playing catch up on Monday morning and want to know…lol

      With that said, these are among the ugliest cars GM ever built. And the biggest thing is the space from top of fender to wheel opening. The generation after this fixed all that, but that boxy front just killed it for me.

      And with THAT said, this is a beautiful example of that particular car and I can still get excited that someone bought it and can talk about it.

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  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Power windows – who cares – hideous machine that’s in beautiful condition – buy and drive while your cosseted 69 428 (with power glass) hides in the dark

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  7. 68 custom

    did I mention I like green? and other than the wheezy 301 I like everything about this GP, especially the snowflake wheels, they just need wider tires, no white wall.

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  8. Kincer Dave Member

    Nice car, I like it for some reason, my first car was a 72 Cutlass and it was about this color green, everybody called it the “Lima Bean Machine” I could buy this and have “Lima Bean Machine 2” lol. I thought these and the Cutlass Supreme were the best looking of the 78-80 G-bodies.

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  9. z28th1s

    Nice looking example of a late 70’s Gran Prix! I like the green and that interior is really nice!

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  10. Doug Towsley

    In the 1980s at Incirlik Air Base Turkey, I was stationed there with the 39th CAMS unit
    USAFE and I worked with a guy there who had one exactly like this. Same color, same interior. He was a Ssgt and I think made tech, But he called himself “Pontiac JD”.
    He liked to DJ and made mix tapes of soul music and R&B and narrated between the songs like a radio DJ. “This is Pontiac JD coming to you from,,,,,,,,”
    Thanks for the memory.

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  11. Chebby

    A friend had one of these back in the 90s. It was a nice car, quiet and comfy, and the 301 felt really torquey off the line, but I think that was a trick. I heard that in the Olds diesels GM adjusted the throttle so that the first 1/4 of pedal travel took you to nearly full throttle, to create the impression that the engine had a lot more power than it actually did. It felt like they did the same thing with the 301. Cruising around town, a light touch on the accelerator felt like there was a lot of V8 under your foot, but when you really put the pedal down, there was nothing left.

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  12. Bryan

    In 1986 a good friend of mine bought a beautiful burgandy 78 Grand Prix SJ with buckets, console, and t-tops. His low milage 8 year old car (he had it less than two years) was nice cosmetically but it proved to be very unreliable. I will say that the car was very comfortable and did get decent gas milage.

    The biggest issue was the weak GM Metric-200 automatic transmission, which failed twice and required a rebuild. The transmission shop would not provide a warranty for the Metric 200s, explaining that it could last 6 days, 6 months, or 6 years! This weakness alone was his reason for eventually getting rid of the car.

    One time the 301 V8’s crank bolt broke in half while on a long trip. The car developed a sporadic vibration while on the interstate. We pulled over and I noticed the AC belts were frayed and coming off. In fact, all off the belts were coming off because the crankshaft pulley had pulled away and close to flying off the end of the crank. The Pontiac dealer wanted a fortune to fix this because they didn’t want to drill out the remainder of the broken crank bolt in the snub of the crank.

    My friend’s T-top car also suffered from one of the loudest groans or body squeaks I had ever heard. It was almost constant and really unnerving. We thought it was the T-top roof but the dealer ended up replacing a hood hinge to fix the problem.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Bryan. I had a ’78 Grand Am which, as long as I had it (65K miles), was a great car. It had the 301/4bbl and performed quite well in addition to being economical. I heard about the THM 200 transmission having problems but we had very few of them come in when I worked at the GM dealership. Now, when they modified them to the lock-up torque converter, we had some problems then, mostly due to the lock-up converter not wanting to unlock. The THM 200 was quite misleading because the ID gave you the impression that it was small. It was actually a fairly robust unit. We sold a few full sized cars and station wagons with them.

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  13. DrinkinGasoline

    The 70’s….wrought with Avocado Green and Harvest Gold everywhere you turned. From the appliances in the kitchen, the furniture in the den (with plastic covers), to the car in the garage…..memories.

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  14. EJB

    M second car was a 9 Grad Prix in this color (I think it’s called tone jade green). Mine was a V6 and had different rims though. At the time I thought it was a g improvement over my first car a 76 Buick Skylark

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  15. Bryan

    I like the two-tone paint scheme of this Grand Prix. It’s interesting that two-tone paint jobs (a hallmark of fifties cars) were back in vogue from the late seventies to the mid-eighties. I think GM started this revival and AMC, Ford, and Chrysler followed suit. I particularly like both of the two-tone schemes introduced on the 79 Cordoba!

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  16. Prowler

    I remember this being a very popular color
    at that time
    Pontiac did the same two tone color scheme but with blue…gold…burgandy also
    There were a lot of them on the road
    Very underpowered but that really described just about any car of that vintage
    Nice ride

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  17. Michael Darnell

    I bought this car. Seller was a nice guy and a straight shooter. Sagging in the front was from a broken spring. Replaced front springs, shocks, tie rods, etc. Put on new tires, replaced 14″ wheels with refinished 15″ snowflake wheels and waxed it. Now it looks like this…

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    • Josh Staff

      Congrats Michael! It looks great, especially with the 15″ wheels!

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    • Doug Towsley

      VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!! I am glad it went to a good home! I bet it turns heads!

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  18. John Nicholas

    And now that Michael is through playing with it, it’s heading to me in Upstate New York! And I love the crazy 70’s green!

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