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Green Gremlin: 1972 AMC Gremlin

1972 Amc Gremlin Front Corner

This Hunter Green Gremlin was recently pulled from a Northern Minnesota barn, where it had resided since 1989. This car is in great condition and looks to be very original, with only 44,000 documented miles. If you’re into Gremlins, this great example can be found in Crystal Minnesota  for sale on eBay with a current bid of $5,000.

1972 Amc Gremlin Interior

The interior in this car looks almost as good as new, with no signs of wear or abuse anywhere. The plaid cloth seats look great and are have the Capricorn trim option. We imagine this car is a nice cruiser and would be a trip back to the ’70s every time you sat down on that big plaid bench seat.

1972 Amc Gremlin Engine

We wish this car had the 304 cui V8 instead of its 232 cui I6, or even the slightly bigger and more powerful 258 cui I6. However, this engine looks to be in great condition and supposedly runs great. The 232 I6 was only rated at 100 hp, thankfully the Gremlin only weights around 2,700 pounds. 1972 was the first year the Gremlin was available with the Chrysler built TorqueFlite transmission, or Torque-Command in AMC talk. This transmission was far more reliable and durable than the other optional transmissions offered.

1972 Amc Gremlin Rear Corner

AMC’s Gremlin and Pacer might not have been the most attractive cars, but they are starting to become more popular and survivors like this one can go for considerably more than book value. At $5,000 this one is already pretty high, but we could see it fetching a few thousand dollars more. This one also gains some points for its white rally stripe on Hunter Green paint. We will keep an eye on this little Gremlin.


  1. His Royal Flatulence

    Am I the only weirdo on the planet who actually likes the styling of these early Gremlins? I was a kid when they were new, and I liked them even then. This is a spectacularly clean car, and the fact it’s the lowest-spec engine makes not a bit of difference to me. Seeing such a nice original example give me the warm fuzzies all over. But note to the seller: I know the black-and-yellow California plate is just for show, but it’s wrong for this year. If this car had been in CA back then, the plates would have been blue with yellow letters.

    • Joe Felice

      No, I’ve always liked them.

    • thomas schweikert

      i like em i bought a new 76 gremlin with 232 and 3 speed synchro on the floor no radio for $2695 it was big bad blue not bad for my first new car

  2. chuck

    my mom had a 73 the same as this all the way to the interior and stripe. i still have the gas cap…lol. she bought it new, and hated it. my dad was pretty proficient with the gas axe (as he called it) and it ended its short life in a pile as did her 59 impala flat top, and a 69 skylark 4 spd. i remember messing with the “w” heads from the impala as a small kid. the list of cars and trucks my dad cut up would make many car guys cringe…

  3. Cameron

    Clearly unmolested by Minnesota winters! This actually looks alright to me. Simple. Clean.

  4. Mark Hershoren

    Had a pal in High School who had one of these, and his dad worked for AMC My wife also had one back in the day. Resisting the Frank Zappa reference that’s coming to mind since this is probably a family oriented site, but beyond that, I’ve always really liked these beasties!

  5. Pete

    In 1972, the Gremlin was the last american made car that could be bought for less than 2000$ – just a little factoid to ponder…

  6. Notanova

    I grew up around 2 different Levi’s interiored gremlins, one that the door fell off of everytime you opened the passengers side door, and then a black with jean interiored X that had the 304 replaced with a 360 from a duster in it that took pretty much every car in town.

    • thomas schweikert

      i had a friend with a gremlin 304 automatic he claimed all he changed was the cam and intake 4 bbl, headers
      etc that thing would light up the slicks like crazy. fun car

    • thomas schweikert

      u sure it wasnt an amc 360? a guy had a wagoneer he claimed had a buick 401 turned out to be an amc 401

  7. Cadeo

    I have allways been a fan of American Motors cars. including the Pacer and Gremlen. If I had money I would snach this up in a hot second!

  8. Kip Keplinger

    I used to own a 1973 Gremlin X when my parents gave it to me for my 16th birthday in Memphis, TN. A year later after the warranty expired and the 304v8 blew up. I went to the junk yard and purchased the drive train from a Javlin-390cu, Roschster 4 barrel, large automatic transmission, and 440 positraction rear end. I added chrome headers and shortened the drive shaft, modified the motor mounts, bought an extra hood and installed a Rambler Scrambler hood scoop. The car was Maroon red with the stock black Gremlin X stripping. I sold it in the 80’s. I would love to know if it is still alive somewhere. I have only one photo. Would to own it again! I would also like to have a Pacer like the one my mother used to own.

    • thomas schweikert

      always wanted an amc hurst scrambler wow about 2600 lb 390 forged rods crank and pistons hurst shifted t10 4 speed and thrush mufflers

  9. Inline-6

    Why does this car have a California black plate on the back? No month or registration stickers on it. Must just be for “looks”. Should have a blue and yellow plate on it for a ’72 anyways, to be California period-correct.

  10. RickyRodder

    My brother bought this car for my dad. He will be here this weekend to give it to him as a surprise. It is as nice as it looks in the pics. Personally I have never been a fan of these but I am a fan of keeping the classsics on the road (I own a 1964 Buick) so I will help him keep it in tip top condition and make sure he has fun with it!

  11. CadeO

    @ ricky rodder: What a wonderfull gift for your dad. A great thing to do for him and I am sure you will have a hard time gettn him to come home after he gets in for that first drive.

  12. Kip Keplinger

    Looking for a 1973 Gremlin x I used to own – Memphis, Tn. Hope it is not in a junck yard. Sold it in 1987.

    • thomas schweikert

      prob is they rusted out bad

  13. katie

    Had a 72 GremX v-8 back in the 70s, loved that car! Cool little hot-rod that could beat any Nova in town…or at least seem to! LOL! The styling was hot and still is–look how many cars look like Gremlins!

  14. Pete5757

    My first car was a 72 Gremlin. I earned the money from painting houses in high school, I paid $1100 for it from “a Preacher who only drove to church TRUE STORY”
    Great car, used to fit 5 people inside somehow

    Like 1
  15. firedup

    My first new car was a 72 AMC Gremlin 302 3 Speed in the same color (I think it was actually called Forest Green) with a black interior, no white strip, and no rear chrome air dam, but otherwise with the same luggage rack. A couple of rubs with Simonize made the finish look stunning. IMHO, the 72 had the cleanest look by far. I ordered it from the dealer and I was still a teenager when I got it. When I think what I did to that car I want to weep. It was by far the best deal I ever got on a new car.

  16. Jeff Rutherford

    My first “NEW” car ! ! ! I was hust getting ready to get out of the Navy – Wife & I bought a “Butterscotch Gold”, 232″ 3 spd – off the show room floor. Drove it around So.Cal. till going “home” to Michigan. Couldn’t get a trl hitch, so we strapped everything on top & “took off”. Removed r bumper, & replaced with angle iron, & hauled a 15′ Aero Craft (boat, 55hp Chrysler & trailer) all over MI. Finally traded it off, for a 74 Galaxy 500 – sure MISS that (DEPENDABLE) lil dude ! !

  17. Joe Bullock

    Always loved the 21 gallon gas tank , Gremlins would cruise for awhile !!!

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