Greenwood? 1979 Custom Corvette

1979 Custom Corvette

I remember seeing cars like this in the 1970’s in the pages of Car Craft. I think the flares were patterned after the ones used on John Greenwood’s racing Corvettes. This one is located in Rockton, Illinois and is advertised here on craigslist for $5,500 or best offer. While not to everyone’s taste, it looks like the modifications to the bodywork were done well at the time, although the paint has unfortunately not held up. And it has all the cliché’s: not only the flares, but the inset headlamps, blended paint, “vector” wide aluminum wheels, T-tops, rear window louvers, and the piece d’resistance.

1979 Corvette Shark
A wing! A HUGE wing! Not only that, the car even runs, although not very well according to the seller. Fitted with the ubiquitous Chevrolet 350 and Turbo 350 automatic, it should be pretty straightforward to get this icon of the 70’s back running again. I realize there are some of you who would never consider a vehicle modified to this extent. To me, you’re missing out. You’re looking at a true time machine here, one that can take you back to days of old…when all your hair was still there! Any interest out there for this barn find?


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  1. KO

    Oh dear. It’s stirring something in me.

    • John

      Once again, I agree. Its stirring something in me, too. And I thought it was just Mexican food.

  2. DanaPointJohn

    What a hoot of a car! This is a true attention getter at any car show as it realistically depicts what guys were doing to their cars from this era. No one would ever consider such modifications to a new Vette, so this is a time warp that many people will be scratching their heads over.

  3. johnd

    Piece d’something . . . .

  4. Axel Caravias

    Back in those days I was 10yo and cars like this one were the ones I drooled over. The ones that where in my room walls. No fancy printworks, no PC wallpapers, just a centerfold ripped from a magazine and the old scotch tape on the corners. ( I must admit that some years later I changed them for PH and PB Centerfolds. : ))))
    This is an iconic car from an era. Pimped or not if the birdcage and chassis checks ok, it is a great project.

    • John

      This car has a lot in common with 1979 vintage Playboy centerfolds. They were great in 1979, but a bit dated today, and many of them share this car’s unfortunate girth in the rear end.

      I wish I had the money to put it back to the way it looked when it left the factory. I feel sorry for it. It is probably embarrassed.

  5. krash

    …..hey, all my hair IS still there..

    ..there in the drain, the wastebasket, the vacuum bag…over there..under there…everywhere but where it’s supposed to be….on top of my ugly jug-of-a-head.

    cripes, now that I think of it, I’m just like this car…old, outdated, wide in the rear, blotchy finish, four eyes…and need assistance to be moved around….and I have an inflated view of my true value (which nobody will ever agree with)…

    • Richard V

      Krash, I identify! I like your humor!

    • Chuck

      LOL! krash, you sound like me except I do still have my hair. It’s just a bit grayer.

  6. Chris in San Diego

    I love it! My neighbor growing up had a yellow one that had a similar package on it. If a had the cash to play with I would be all over it!

  7. JW

    While many love Corvettes of all years I completely lost interest when the last Corvette with chrome bumpers left the factory. I’m the same way with my trucks, I’m a Ford truck man through and through but when they went to colored bumpers I bought a new 2002 Toyota Tundra just because it had chrome bumpers. My youngest son has it now with 300K on the odometer, but now I have a 2010 Ford Quad cab 4X4 because it has chrome bumpers.

    • jimbosidecar

      I wholeheartedly agree about the chrome bumpers, Vettes, GTO’s, well just about everything. But where we disagree, is I haven’t yet felt the need to stoop low enough to buy a Japanese pickup ;-)
      My last Vette was a 1967 big block convertible and my pickup truck is a 1950 F-1.

      • JW

        Jimbo when someone messes with my cars whether manufacturer or private I can retaliate rather quickly and decisively. Just my nature to protect the things I love plus the big three doesn’t seem to mind screwing us.

  8. Rancho Bella

    The cars are one of my favorite targets of distain. Even when new, a horrible pile of fecal matter. And once again……….Chevrolet should have not made Corvettes for decades.
    As for this?…………geeez……….where are those white dance shoes o’ mine.

  9. roger

    I would like to own it.
    Cool car.

  10. JW454

    Chinese exhaust by Hung-too-lo.

  11. Mark E

    I can actually see where they were going with this. The paint job is similar to Chevrolet’s Mako Shark concept cars. Someone was just making their own personal Mako Shark. And if you don’t believe me, check out the license plates…

    • Mark E

      The Mako Shark was done by Baldwin Motion and is in the GM Heritage Center The first one (rear) was a concept for the Stingray design and the second (front) was a concept for the ’68 design change.

  12. Karl

    Two words: “Corvette Summer”.

    That’s the movie that Mark Hamill starred in right after “Star Wars”. You could look it up, but really, don’t.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thankfully this one’s more tasteful then that one!

      • Karl

        It’s true, partly because the movie car was so over-the-top that anything would look tasteful by comparison. Early in the movie the poor donor car is found hanging from the electromagnet in a scrapyard, ready to fed to the crusher (I thought fiberglass was non-magnetic, but what do I know), and when the finished creation was revealed, I thought to myself, “Maybe the crusher route would have been more merciful.” In fact, I may have said it out loud in the theater. You would have to see the whole movie, but once again, don’t. It’s excruciating.

  13. Jim G.

    Someone sure liked shopping from the Eckler’s catalog back in the day.

    Have no fear, if you can’t get it running…you can always just slip it between a fire engine and a metal flake dune buggy, remove the horn and replace with a buzzer.

    There. That oughta fix it.

  14. Pittbull
  15. gunningbar

    Its not what I dream about but it would be a cool car to have. I d be tempted….

  16. Chuck

    I had a ’79 L82 that I bought new. Biggest lemon I ever owned. It was so bad, I refused to buy another domestic vehicle for 26 years. That said, if didn’t already have two project cars….

  17. dj

    I remember this blond had a yellow one. She was always getting pulled over by the cops. Basically because she hardly wore any clothes. The cops would DUI check her just to see what little she had on. LOL

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