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Half Price Sale: 1970 MGB

right front

I wrote this MGB up in June when it was listed at $1500. He’s down to $700 now. Why do you think it hasn’t sold? Heck, it has new tires! Perhaps there’s lots of rust. At this price, it would at least be good for parts. Is anyone in Indianapolis an MGB fan? Perhaps the Dark Lord Lucas has frightened them all away.


  1. ccrvtt

    Gotta be the rust in the floors and rockers. If it’s solid enough and some extra metal could be sistered onto the frame rails it could be a fun driver. It’s in a lot better shape than the 2 I owned back in the day.

    The best part of this fantasy is that my daughter and her husband just bought a house in Indy with, Now Hear This, A 4-CAR GARAGE!!! They could help me hide it from my wife…

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    • David

      Lucky you! My wife no longer cares what cars I buy, so long as I find them comfortable to sleep in! (After 32 years, I’m spoiled and prefer to sleep indoors so no more cars.)

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      • Dan

        Thats why I’m looking at a VW Westphalia !

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  2. wynkin

    Mostly driven by the LBGT community in UK.

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    • grant

      Why are these kind of people allowed here?

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    • Murray

      ….and you’d know this because your LBGT mates told you :-)

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  3. scott

    It’s a shame it wasn’t a rubber bumper car, or I would be interested. They are easier to put in a V8.

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    • brakeservo

      Must be an awfully big V8 if you’re gonna put an MGB into it???

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    • Murray

      Scott, that is not the case at all. MG started putting V8s into chrome bar cars in 73. However its easy to install the Rover 3.5 – 4.6 V8s into all MGBs post Mk1. It can be done to a Mk1 too but its a little more difficult due to the narrow transmission tunnel.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I thought that 1970 was the one and only year that had split rear bumpers. Maybe this one had it’s bumper replaced with another year’s bumper.

    Even at the nice price of 700 bucks, it would take probably $3000 and many hours of work to get it running and driving and stopping. Then you search CL and find a nice one with good paint already running for $3500. D’oh!

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  5. tim

    has extra chrome trim in front grille like a 70 but missing the split rear bumpers and the dash is out of a later model…. at $700 you can’t really complain though

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  6. Howard A Member

    Man, is this site slow, even at 2 in the morning.( I’ve given up during the day) This is a ’72, and I’m sorry, but the reason this hasn’t sold, and you can call me what you want, but like the Spitfire, not a lot of people want these anymore. Like Rex sez, why would you mess with something like this, when you can decent ones for a couple grand. I don’t mean to rip on the Spitfire, but like it or not, interest is waning for these. Like the Spitfire,this is a great price, but it should send a pretty clear message, it does to me anyway.

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    • Pfk1106

      Agreed, with non pillow dash it’s most likely a 72. The grill appears to be 72 as well.

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      • Howard A Member

        Hi Pfk, I had a ’71 and I hated what they did to the ’72 dash. I believe the ’71 and ’72 were similar, except for the dash. That plastic console, and those stupid vents. Who needs vents? Those soft tops had plenty of air leaks. I see someone removed the middle wiper too. Those were annoying.

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  7. gary

    Maybe people are finally getting smart and not spending a fortune to buy cars that need everything. I think $700 for a MGB that needs work before it can even be driven on the road is fair to the upper side of it’s value. Now if you are looking at a car that can be legally and safely driven on the roan then that’s a different story…….

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  8. rob pearcey

    Good points plenty on sale around $ 3 K to $4 K why buy work.

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  9. Roadstir

    Parts car – $350

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  10. Doc

    Fun car, had one “71 like this one in the mid ’70s. Put on a side draft 2bbl Weber, curved the mechanical distributor which woke up the cam, Bosch super coil. Whenever I would smoke a comparable car They would ask, “waddya got in that thing? I would reply,”Weber”.

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  11. Ric Parrish

    So easy to work on, used to do a lot of them, and actually have a steel bumper version still stashed at our old movie studio. Fun to drive and have roll up windows.

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  12. Ric Parrish

    So undervalued, might not be long, guys will be saying ‘I remember when you could get one of these for $700.00’.

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  13. Tom

    Looks like it’s been at the bottom of a lake. But if it was closer, I’d probably buy it.

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  14. Jack Quintrall

    I like the “lord Lucas” bit! That’s why the English drink warm beer- they have Lucas refrigerators!

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  15. AutoArcheologist

    I bought one several years ago for $400.. she was a runner too. However, she looked almost as bad as this one. I buffed the paint, spent several days cleaning the mold covered interior, put brakes on her, a used Peco header and exhaust (one on car really wasn’t.. on the car..LOL) and we have enjoyed her since… she even has some rust in the sills… she doesn’t bend when I put a jack on her.. so, no worries.. I’ll keep enjoying her..

    At $700, IF this one will turn over and run and IF the rust isn’t too bad, it would take mostly elbow grease, some ingenuity and a little cash for some used parts to get her back out and enjoying the roads with you…

    here is our Amelia.. (my wife has named all of our cars)

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  16. RoughDiamond

    My wife and I bought a ’73 MGB from the original owner, a pharmacist and his wife. The color was Plum Tulip Purple with a tan almost yellowish tint leather interior. We loved that car (this was before we started a family) and drove that car everywhere. My wife drove it as much as I did. Loved that car until we took it to the repair shop and they left it outside and unlocked. Either the repair shop left the hood slightly ajar or someone pulled the bonnet release. When you pulled the release the hood just barely moved upward. My wife was in Nursing school and I dropped her off to pick it up so she could drive it to school. Crossing a 4 lane bridge heading into town and being in the inside lane, the aluminum hood flew up and bent back on itself and completely obscured her vision. How she got that MGB stopped quick enough without leaving her lane of traffic was a miracle. She told me an electric power board employee in his work truck stopped and ran across traffic to help her. He bent the hood back down and secured it with some wire. We did did fool with the hood and sold the car “as is” within a few weeks. The buyer was happy to get it. My wife never spoke of it again.

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  17. Monsieur Le Baton

    It surprises me the amount of people who say this is a parts car and barely worth $500. i know at least in the UK the market between parts car and project car is alot closer – this car would still fetch about $1250 in the UK.

    But the funny thing is, the majority of road legal rubber bumper roadsters in the US are heavily overpriced compared to the UK.

    I just thought it was an interesting view. in the US If it has rust and is a parts car its worth 10% of actual value vs rust and parts car in UK worth 33% of actual value.

    furthermore; perhaps some of the final sale prices are related to scarcity of parts, but then you would expect the parts car valuation to be high too……

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  18. ira

    Hey guys. Please let know when you find decent ready to drive MGB’s for $3000. You need to do more research.
    Yes this B is not a 70. Although pretty much a nasty wreck & major refurb project, which I wouldn’t begin to take on, the parts that could be sold are worth 3X the selling price provided elec’s are working

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  19. Doc

    Our ’71 MGB We just had a complete repaint, Mercedes Benz medium blue #903 (funny the stuff you don’t forget) newer interior Came out gorgeous! I had the hood up, these required a hood rod to hold it up. I walked away after finishing, my brother in law decides to close the hood without removing the rod… heh I’m telling ya, after 6 months we had just got it back!
    My body guy was cool enough to fix and repaint at no charge. Sold it to a friend several years later, got a 71 Alpha Spider. And that is another story to be told.

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  20. Doc

    ha same car we found this color, well not THE car.We drove down auto row at night looking at colors as we were wanting to paint the car. Found this one

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