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Han’s Worldwide Sightings: Bulgaria


It’s been a while since Barn Finds reader Han K has sent in any finds made during his travels around the world. Well, lucky for us, he just emailed me with some photos he took while on a recent trip to Bulgaria! I will let him explain them himself, but want to thank him for sharing. From Han – Hi guys, it has been a while since I posted anything, mainly because I have been traveling by plane and also often did not have my camera at hand…


But here are a few pics I took on a recent trip in Bulgaria. Though not really qualifying as a Barn Find, the “bitsa” truck was too good not to show you. “Bits of everything”


The other two pics were taken along the road from Greece in Bulgaria and I do not know much about them other then there are two Zaz’s, a BMW Isetta, Renault 4, Dauphine, Skoda Felicia, Trabant, Wartburg 353 and a Ford Crestliner (?).

Hope you like them!

Best regards,
Han K


  1. Chasgould

    Two Zaparozhets. Very rare Russian microcar.

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  2. jim s

    the roof, in both the photos, look a little underbuilt for all the weight on them. thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thibeault

    MMMMMM, very desirable stuff, every comrades dream!! Wild and crazy scene!!

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  4. alan

    Would these qualify as Roof Finds?

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  5. Clay Bryant

    I get to thinking about this roof storage.No problem with moisture build-up like storing on the ground.Let it rain and it’s dry within 10 minutes of the last drop.Air constantly flowing around it,probably more so then at lower levels and out in the open.One thing with storing some of the cars at an angle,if they sat long enough you would have some hellish long-term bumps to get out of the tires.What they need is the same slanting type cover over the cars to protect from the sun.It would cut down on parts theft too,probably.Think of the problems that you would eliminate in closed storage if you built a slightly slopping floor in a garage,say 4-6″ covered with reinforced corregated roofing,(painted if you’re a priss)slopping forward.Temp controlled fan set on high setting to keep the air occassionally moving.Cheap fix for long term storage.The guy could sell the Isetta 300 for what they’re going for right now and cure all his problems to cover storage costs.

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    • Dickie F

      I spent most of my life in construction and unless the roof is supported on sky hooks, there is no way that a corrugated iron roof can support even one car……..
      So here I am ready to continue my technical education, how did he do it? Is there a steel support structure under?
      And how did he load each car up there? there is not enough space for a forklift upfront…
      OMG please let me in on this man’s secret, I have a lean too next to my house …….

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  6. Alan (Michigan)

    “Ran When Parked”

    They were driven up there on long ramps?
    Put up with a crane?
    Very interesting, in any case. And of course, the heavy American iron is on the ground.
    Nice to see a posting from Han. Always unique finds.

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    • Grant

      The usual way of moving things around in Bulgaria, is to get a bunch of Gypsies to do the hard work like physically lifting it onto the roof!!!

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  7. Jeffry H

    Looks like a 1954 ford convertible,

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    • Grant

      What looks like a Ford, is actually a Russian built copy….Zil or ZAZ I think. Its been almost 7 years ago since I stopped by.

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  8. Charles

    One has to wonder, at what point, and what were the deciding factors to cause the owner to place cars on the roof? The story of the owner is probably as interesting as the cars.

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  9. bruce R. Colbert

    Thanks Han !
    Keep up the good work !

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  10. Grant

    These cars have been in the same position for at least the last 10 years…..on the way to the Rila Monastry. Saw them the first time in 2007. Bulgaria has a vast number of older cars, mostly of Russian origin, but also from the rest of Europe. Every time I go to Bulgaria, I take lots of pictures of the motoring heritage. Last time saw a Bulgarian built Renault Alpine, of which very few were made….and still in use by its enthusiastic owner!!

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  11. Grant

    I am always interested in the architecture of all the countries we visit, and have taken many photos of such. Generally logs are used as roof support, Many of these buildings have been standing for more than a few hundred years in some cases, supporting tons of snow in the winter, so I don’t think a few cars weighing 500 or 600 kgs each will break the bank!! I have seen “temporary” structures that are made of railway rails too…..looks like use was generally made of whatever was available….and maybe who you knew while building your structure.
    Bulgaria is a beautiful and very interesting country, and well worth a visit for anyone interested in old cars and architecture/ archiology spanning thousands of years!!! I am lucky since we have family there!!

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