Happy Holidays From Barn Finds!

It’s a little late, but we wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to the new year and all the exciting barn finds it will bring. Be sure to sign up for our daily email so you won’t miss anything. Thanks for all the support and happy hunting!

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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    And a Merry/Happy to all the staff and readers at Barn Finds!


    Merry Christmas to you all, here is my Christmas decoration this year. Santa in his 1968 Torino GT drag racing the Grinch in a 1971 Javelin, “barn finds” Spoiler alert, the Grinch wins by a car length. Thanks to Paige L for the Ford loan.

    • JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

      Overall view, guess I can only post one pic.

      • SusanOliver

        Yeah, and only members can post. Too bad, I have many cool shots to post, but not ready to join yet, some of the members have been rude. If they let me post pictures and have a little more fun, I think I would take the plunge. To not allow anyone to post pics seems short sighted, it adds a lot of cool content and variety, besides, I see a lot of advertising here, doesn’t that cover the costs?

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Susan, no advertising posted on the site as a member.

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        @SusanOliver – We used to let everyone list photos, but realized it’s a huge security hole. So instead of getting rid of the feature, we made it so only members could do it.

  3. Ken Carney

    Wow! Now that’s some Christmas yard art Jack! What’s next? The winner of this race going up against Scrooge in a
    hemi Charger? Or maybe Frosty the snowman in a ’67 Impala wagon powered
    by a 425 HP 427? All to earn the right to
    face Rudolph for the for title of Holiday
    Speed champ. I’m surprised that none of
    the yard art companies haven’t done anything like this yet. If they ever did, I’d
    be the first on my block to buy one!

  4. Fred W

    I’ve started my day with Barn Finds each morning for 5 years – thanks to the team and Happy Holidays!

  5. Classic Steel

    Merry Christmas to all and a happy Barn Find New Year!
    “I maybe a lil older but at least I get to own and see other classic “BF” cool cars online😎
    My own fave toys: (to envision as can’t post pixs)

    1967 deep blue Mustang convertible
    1963 future back Ernine White Split Window 327/340 hp four speed num matching all redone except paint soon..

    Late Dads 1964 chevelle Malibu convert 230 six banger three on tree original owner bought PI Clark USAF

  6. glen

    I don’t know how long I’ve been getting emails from Barn Finds, but quite a while, and enjoy them all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. FordGuy1972

    First thing I check out every morning with my first coffee is Barnfinds. Great writing by the staff, whether it’s classic American muscle, desirable import or a vintage pickup, it’s a fantastic site for anyone who loves old cars. I especially enjoy the comments, there are many readers who can add a great deal of information to the vehicles posted that make for some very interesting reading. So to all the staff and all who visit Barnfinds, keep up the good work!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Snotty Member

    Good time of year to appreciate the staff at barnfinds daily dedication to bring us all forms of transportation through the years. Also to reflect and be grateful of everything we have and don’t have. Jesus’s birth is the reason for the season

  9. Glenn Schwass Member

    Ksep up the grrat work. I am addicted to Barn Finds and enjoy checking it evrry day. It is a love-hate relationship because I want a 57 3100 but can’t get one until I retire in a few years, so I hate when a nice one comes up and I can’t get it..

    • Glenn Schwass Member

      Keep up the great work. I am addicted to Barn Finds and enjoy checking it every day. It is a love-hate relationship because I want a 57 3100 but can’t get one until I retire in a few years, so I hate when a nice one comes up and I can’t get it..

      • Chevy Guy

        Love the 57s, i have always wanted a 47-53!!!

        God Bless America!

  10. #69 pace car Member

    Happy New Year to all BF staff and readers may you all have lots of health and cars. Thanks to all of you for all the good input that you share.

  11. bobhess bobhess Member

    The same holiday greetings from us but aren’t you afraid someone might cart off that slick truck? The same to all of the folks who make this site a bunch of fun every year.

    Andrea and Bob Hess

  12. Oregon_Guy78 Member

    Happy New Year 🎉

  13. TimM

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all!!!

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