Hard Work Done: 1966 GMC Pickup

With classic pickups continuing to experience increasing popularity in today’s market, project vehicles can be highly sought. Whether potential buyers plan a faithful restoration or a custom build, locating the right candidate before someone beats you to the punch can be half the battle. That is one of the aspects that makes this 1966 GMC Pickup an attractive proposition. Not only is it available and ready for a new home, but the seller has performed most of the hard work in this custom build. That leaves the buyer with the rewarding task of adding the finishing touches and tailoring its appearance to their taste. Located in Scappoose, Oregon, you will find the GMC listed for sale here at Barn Finds Classifieds. All someone needs to do is hand the owner $8,500, and they will be taking away a promising project.

The prospect of tackling major rust repairs on any project build can seem daunting to some enthusiasts, but there are relatively few with this Pickup. The seller admits the rockers need work, but it appears we can class the rest of the vehicle as rust-free. The existing doors have a few issues, but a replacement set comes with the Pickup. These are straight and rust-free, needing only regular surface preparation before receiving a fresh coat of paint. The panels look straight beneath the grey primer. Once again, it won’t take a lot of work before the buyer applies the color of their choice. The glass looks good, and once bolted back together, there is the chance for this Pickup to make a bold visual statement.

Apart from lavishing attention on this GMC’s panels, the seller has spent equal quantities of time and money on its drivetrain. The small-block V8 occupying the Pickup’s engine bay has no miles since the owner treated it to a rebuild. Its internal components are new, with the engine block receiving a 0.040″ bore during the build. Included are virtually all of the parts required to coax it to life, with the owner estimating a power output of between 400hp and 425hp. The buyer will have one drivetrain choice to make because the seller has a Turbo 350 and a Powerglide that go with this truck. Either would serve reliably behind an engine with that power on tap, but if I were a betting man, I’d place my money on the “350” getting the nod. The owner hasn’t focused solely on the engine/transmission because there are many other additions worthy of mention. He added a new master cylinder, booster, brake lines, a Painless wiring system, and a rear end from a ’78 Camaro. The combination isn’t radical, but it should combine to provide the next owner with reliable transport with plenty of power that is easy to maintain. That last point is worth noting because the purpose of owning a classic is to slip behind the wheel to enjoy the driving experience, not spend endless hours in a workshop tinkering with a vehicle that is as stubborn as an old mule. That should not be an issue in this case.

There is a lot to like about this 1966 GMC Pickup as a project vehicle. With so much of the hard work completed, the buyer will face the rewarding task of adding the finishing touches. The project has also reached the point where they can personalize this classic by applying the paint shade and trim of their choice. Considering what the owner offers potential buyers, I would comfortably class it as an affordable project. Is it one you might consider tackling?


  1. nlpnt

    Presumably the builder wanted an all-over lime green look. This would be maybe, ohhh, 50% better as a blank canvas if the engine paint were Chevy Orange, the truer red GMC used on their V-6, or black.

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  2. local_sheriff

    It’s more than just the engine that derives from Chev – that’s a ’63 Chev face too. I have nothing against that as I find the ’63 Chev overall to be the sweetest of this gen trucks as it also comprised the wrap-around windshield for the last time.

    Appears to be a good starting point in that it also is a fleetside – IMO stepside beds simply look awkward on any GM truck from ’60 up. That engine definately needs a color change though…

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    • John

      I believe the 66 bed had reverse lights too.

  3. Retrocartoon Ivan Higgs Member

    I was originally going to give the engine yellow polka-dots and then paint the body yellow with green polka-dots. Lol. I’m kinda an odd duck. Lol.

    I didn’t want to sell it, but unfortunately there were 2 deaths in my family. They were heavily involved with me bringing this truck back to life. I’ve owned her 20+ years and drove her the 1st 15 years before we took on this project.

    I, just, don’t have the heart to work on her anymore.

  4. K.B.Roadsend

    I have rolled up and down several times to look for interior photos and not seen any so I am perplexed ….Do we have a GMC with an odd ball front end or a Chevy with a GMC tail gate There is for sure a difference in those years I’m not a V8 builder but I sure would not have thought just boring it 40 over would boast it up to 425 hp For a little over 4 times what that truck cost new I would hope a person could provide just a little more information on a ho hum run of the mill kinda auto Just as well could have said “For Sale truck ….you figure out what it is ” Just bring a blank check Ill fill in the numbers JUdas preist …Whats the deal with that engine colour ? Im not aiming to make a personal attack ….But sometimes I feel like I am being attacked when some folks insult a mans intelligence just because he has a toy he poured too much money in Perhaps I am just still from selling a BEAUTIFUL 66 GMC with factory air ,automatic shift chrome grill and guard and the only one I ever had with power assist steering ……( about 40 years ago and I still have a burr under my saddle ) Got 200 down and the idiot took off for Lubbock got drunk and crashed it so bad about the only thing left straight was the GMC tail gate Its a funny thing out of the thousands of autos I have sold how many of them I still remember all of the details I’ll be festered up over that for days now IT was a lucky thing he was in jail for a while or id a gone and shot him over that deal

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  5. Heck Dodson Member

    It’s a pretty fair price for someone else’s unfinished project build. But that’s the keyword, project. Shame the engine isn’t completed and running, but then I guess it would be more money. Good find anyway.

  6. Retrocartoon Ivan Higgs Member

    The GMC grill comes with the truck. The bed is off of a 65 Chevy.

  7. AZVanman

    Coils in the rear or leafs?

    • 8banger 8banger

      Good question…

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