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Hardtop Included: 1990 Chevrolet Corvette

A factory hardtop is perhaps one of the most sure-fire ways to make a convertible more appealing. This 1990 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible checks a few other boxes that give it great eyeball appeal, including its gorgeous teal paint over a black leather interior and for having under 30,000 original miles. The seller is in Flint, Michigan but confirms he never drove it in winter weather, which the low mileage seems to confirm. The Corvette is equipped with an automatic transmission and looks like a solid buy here on craigslist with an asking price of just $15,000.

You may not love the C4 Corvette, but this seems like a very respectable deal for a cruiser. Low mileage, great looks, and the OEM hardtop certainly add up to a car that’s worthy of the asking price, and I’d argue even slightly more given the rare color scheme. If you didn’t order a Corvette in red, black, or white, the turquoise option may have been next on the list given the era in which the Corvette was made and GM’s clear fascination with the color. Chevy Berettas, GMC Jimmys, Geo Storms – all of them could be had in the color or one very similar to it, which had to be one of the most 90s colors ever made.

The C4 Corvette is still fairly under-appreciated in the marketplace today. This is seen no more clearly than the ZR-1 still being available for under $50,000 in driver-grade form. I’m sorry, but a legitimate NSX fighter selling for well below that price tag just tells you how obvious is it that the marketplace doesn’t love the C4. That helps potential buyers of a survivor like this convertible nab an excellent car with plenty of miles left to give, perhaps for a sale price even lower than what’s advertised here. If you do try to negotiate, just make sure the hardtop is part of the deal.

With pictures showing it with the top down, top up, and the hardtop installed, my favorite option is with the hardtop. Painted to match the turquoise finish, it looks so perfect that every C4 Corvette convertible should have left the factory with one. Of course, the OEMs don’t want to give away hard tops knowing they get anywhere from $1,000 on up for one, and today, they’re hardly a bargain on the used parts market. With a clean, rust-free body, great colors, and desirable options, this low-mileage C4 Corvette is a steal at $15K and likely won’t lose any value in the near term. Thanks to Barn Finds reader T.J. for the find.


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    Even though I prefer the coupe, this one HAD me UNTIL I saw that useless luggage rack! Otherwise, it’s a beauty! GLWTS!! :-)

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    • Avatar photo 86_Corvette_Convertible

      You haven’t traveled till you’ve tried taking a vacation in a C4 convertible without a luggage rack. The only storage area you have is where the convertible top stores. Put a hardtop on and you can carry the wifes purse only. I wish I had a luggage rack.

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  2. Avatar photo david cooper

    Bummer it’s an automatic!

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    • Avatar photo TimS

      Unless one can’t drive a manual.

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  3. Avatar photo Claudio

    Last year While looking for a c5 , i was attracted to an all white , with hardtop, white convertible top, white car with red interior c4
    40000km with an engine issue , not being one to miss a great deal , i bought the non runner
    They are underapreciated but underpowered

    But still excellent drivers and cheap to maintain

    This one looks great , while i paid only 5k for mine , this one is still a good deal

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  4. Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

    Time capsule with the teal paint, convex rear bumper cover, sawblade wheels, vertical side gills and the black bump strip. The hard top is the icing in the cake.

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  5. Avatar photo JBP

    A guy in WA has a blue 91 with 27,000 miles very nice condition for $8000 clean title.

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    • Avatar photo Ron

      Details or a link?

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  6. Avatar photo Jim

    Sure glad that fiberglass is rust proof cuz I was worried about that. 👍😘

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  7. Avatar photo Hank Davis Member

    Seems like these C4s are just about the cheapest performance cars available. Like others here, it’d be more appealing to me if it had a manual tranny. I’ve got a 91 auto coupe that I drive A LOT! Back and forth to Florida from Charlotte at least once a month. It’s got 130K miles on it, runs like a top. But when I think about getting rid of it I realize it’s worth about 8 grand tops, and what else could I get for that money that’s as fun and reliable??

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  8. Avatar photo Cadmanls Member

    Like the color, the car nah. The only C4 I would own is a 96 with a third pedal. Not that many out there for sale, I looked a couple of years ago. They finally had all the bugs worked out. Maybe a ZR1 from that chassis design if the price was right, milage word have to be under 75K. I drive my cars.

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