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Hatchback Survivor: 1975 Oldsmobile Omega

1,590 miles a year is a fraction of what most of us drive but that’s how many miles this 1975 Oldsmobile Omega hatchback has averaged over the last 44 years. This survivor can be found here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri and the seller is asking $6,500. Thanks to Pat L. for sending in this tip!

This car looks almost like new and with only 70,000 miles on it, it should. It’s sad that Oldsmobile has been gone for exactly 15 years now. It’s hard to believe that it has been that long! I think of Oldsmobiles as being luxurious cars, so it’s always interesting to see one with black steel rims and hub caps like this Omega. They did have a bit more sound-proofing and a little higher-end trim than the Chevy Nova on which they were based.

1975 was the first year for the second-generation Omega and it was more of an evolution than a revolution compared to the third-gen cars – GM’s famous X-body front-drive cars that came out in 1980. The hatchback option was new for the Nova in 1973, the year in which the Omega was introduced. This car looks incredible, I don’t see any flaws inside or out.

This is it for interior photos and unfortunately, there are no engine photos. They say that it has a small V8, which I’m guessing is an Olds 260 cubic-inch V8 with 110 hp. You don’t want to know the 0-60 time and that’s not what this car was meant for anyway. There was also a 350 V8 available with 165 hp as well as a 250 inline-six with 105 hp. The seller says that this car has AC and is in great survivor condition. It sure looks like it is. Have any of you owned an Olds Omega?


  1. Moparman Moparman Member

    Needs some Oldsmobile (Rallye II, Sport?) wheels to improve its’ visual allure. Looks like a really nice starter for someone! GLWTS :-)

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Exactly! Rally III’s, either body color or silver! Oh, and speaking of color, I thought the charcoal blue was a very nice, but I couldn’t remember GM offering such a hue this shade this 1975 year. Turns out they didn’t. Check out the driver’s door jamb, inside rocker, and inside edges of the hatch…this was what Oldsmobile called Sage Green. Uh, oh! Better call Maaco –
      to finish the job!
      So much for an original survivor.

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  2. 68custom

    so ugly only a mother could love it! make a great LS swap candidate leave the exterior as is, what a sleeper!

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  3. Rock On

    As there are very few 44 year old cars roaming the streets of my city, I think any 2 door rear wheel drive car is losing any advantage of becoming a sleeper anymore.

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    • 68custom

      So pull your blue hair wig out of the closet and a mumu and prowl the streets!

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  4. David P. Reeves

    1,590 miles a year? I can’t fathom that little driving,unless you’re a little old lady or an urbanite who doesn’t need to drive anywhere. I’ve already got 5,000 miles on the 2018 car I got on New Year’s Eve.

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    • Rock On

      David, my 1980 Camaro has only 90,000 kilometers on it (approximately 55,000 miles). So that would work out to around 1,410 miles a year. It was always somebody’s second or third car and was stored every winter to avoid driving in the snow. So not totally unbelievable.

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      • David P. Reeves

        Yeah, that makes sense.

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      • Miguel

        With most of these it is more likely that the car was used normally for the first few years then relegated to second car status or put away completely.

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  5. Bakyrdhero

    I didn’t realize these had a hatch like that. Or maybe I just haven’t seen one open. That’s kinda cool and kinda ugly all at once. Remarkable condition

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    • 68 Kitty

      Our family car was a metallic brown 1977 omega hatchback. V8 , tan vinyl bucket seats , with console shifter. When I was a junior in high school it become mine. I loved that car, the hatchback was awesome. You wouldn’t know that the back popped open until closer inspection. To me it looked like a Nova with a different grille.

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  6. Tim

    I don’t remember which year the Omega was that I pursued a number of years ago when I was a police officer, but I do remember that it had the straight six. I also remember that the Omega topped out at around 105 mph, as that is what I was doing when locked on its bumper at one point in the pursuit. We found that it had the six when the pursuit ended and the Omega was searched for contraband prior to towing. Obviously this post brought back memories.

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  7. A-body Fan

    That’s a great car and those were interesting times in the auto industry. As a young person at the time I enjoyed waiting every September for the new model’s. The 455 was still alive and well for the Cutlass, Delta and 98, great rides.

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    Our first new car was a1977 Olds Omega SX. Red with white binyl top and white bucket seat interior which my wife hated. Pretty, but had to be cleaned almost every week. 305 Chevy engine.

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  9. Ralph

    “This car looks incredible, I don’t see any flaws inside or out.”

    Other than the completely green door jambs on a blue car, yeah, this thing a super pristine original car…….


    “You don’t want to know the 0-60 time and that’s not what this car was meant for anyway”

    Around 10-11 seconds? Whats the hurry?

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  10. Mitch Ross Member

    This will look great next to the Ventura that was here a week or so ago

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  11. Stevieg

    Someone mentioned the Olds 455 from the era this car was built. I recently mentioned my childhood neighbors 1075 Omega with the 260 v-8 & 3 speed on the floor. It was my little dream to buy it from them & throw a 455 in it. This was the same period of time that my friends & I threw a 400 in a 1975 Monza I had. What a waste of time that was lol! Putting a 455 in the rusty old Omega my neighbor had would have been just as futile lol.
    This car appears to be very solid. As long as there isn’t a lot of mud under the repaint, it could be a cool car. Judging by the one shot of the bench seat, I bet the miles are accurate. That whit interior would show worse if the miles were higher. This would be a far more viable car to put that 455 in than my old neighbors car.
    My 2018 Hyundai already has just under 30,000 miles on it. But I drive a lot more than the average bear lol.

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  12. GCS Member

    My Mom had a 78 Omega but it had the terrible V-6 with the offset distributor. It idled like a mail truck missing on 2 cylinders. It was her first car with AC and was a cream puff to drive. It was just so under powered and weird. She ended up losing control of it in the snow and totaling it when she hit a tree.

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  13. Chebby Member

    Posted before…looks like they sold the tent and dropped the price.


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  14. Anton N Meyers

    15 years? damn. I got one of the last Pontiac G6 GXP Coupes, but id love to have this

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