Haulin’: 1970 Chevrolet Corvette SportWagon

Load the kids and the picnic basket, this 1970 Chevrolet Corvette SportWagon is your next weekend vehicle! Well, as you can tell, it’ll need quite a bit of work first. Thanks to Pat L for sending in this tip! This project ‘Vette SportWagon is on Craigslist with an asking price of $3,000. This fiberglass family hauler is located in Campton, Kentucky.

Ok, it’s not really something that you’d put the kids in the back of, or probably even the dogs, but it would be a handy hauler. More than one maker in the late-60s/early-70s were making custom Corvette wagons, but perhaps the best known was Harry Bradley. He designed the SportWagon with, believe it or not, a spoiler on the roof that was modeled after the Vega Kammback! Yes! Finally, a Vega wagon gets a little respect. These cars were meant to be sports car first, hauler second. Although, not a hauler in the sense of sheets of plywood or other things that modern people seem to think they’ll someday, maybe, possibly want to haul with their giant SUVs and pickups that they commute with. A lot of SportWagons had wide flares over the rear wheels that really made the car look like it was hunkering down even when standing still. There are no side pipes on this car, but a lot of them had those, too. I guess when you’re adding things to a classic, clean design, you may as well just go for broke and add every dang thing you can think of. I’m just glad to not see a Continental kit on one of these.

In keeping with the general Craigslist seller’s tradition of rarely giving enough information for a buyer to make a decision, there are no interior photos or photos of the 350 V8 engine, unfortunately. If you’re a whiz with fiberglass repairs this would be a fun project. Of course, you’d have to like the look of a Corvette SportWagon first. Needless to say, I do, but maybe more for the unusual factor than the utility factor. If you pulled into a gas station with a 1970 Corvette you’d definitely get a few stares, but if you did the same thing with a 1970 Corvette SportWagon you would get even more attention, hopefully all of it good. This isn’t a body style that everyone likes and a company named Greenwood made kits from which you could build your own on a rubber-bumpered body, arguably a smoother design than the style seen here. And, who doesn’t like the modern equivalent?! I would sure love to have one of any generation. Have you seen a Corvette wagon of any style or generation on the street?


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  1. Skloon

    Can you even open the back ?

  2. boxdin

    3000 is a bargain. Hoping no corrosion issues its a go. Gas is cheap, hook up the trailer and lets go……

  3. Mark

    It may be worth half of the asking price to somebody who can do the work themselves but otherwise it’s probably not worth anything. Take a look at the back end, there is significant fiberglass damage and large sections missing on both sides below the rear bumpers. There is also a large chunk of fiberglass missing above the right rear tail light and I’m sure closer inspection will reveal even more places with significant damage.

  4. Rock On Member

    My uncle made about a half dozen of these from about 1973-1979. He would show them at Toronto’s Speed Sport show to promote his body shop. Still remember the t-shirts, “wrap your ass in fibreglass”.

    • Anthony

      Hey Rock On – I remember the saying. I saw the cars you are referring to. Don’t recall the shop. Hope he did well! All the in 2017.

  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’d rather have shingles. Just sayin’

  6. Curtis

    I had a model.of one of these as a kid…..bet it’s still buried in a closet somewhere. This looks rough….

  7. grant

    I always liked these, but this one is beat on! There’s holes in it fer cryin’ out loud! And does anyone else notice that the wheels aren’t centered in the arches, both front and rear?

  8. JCW Jr.

    It does say make offer. Do the gas smonkey and offer 1500. Who knows what might happen. Although glass is a pain if you do this yourself and do not need to farm anything out, then it should be a worthwhile project. Will not likely see another at the local cruise.

  9. Mr. Bond

    Door gaps say a lot.

  10. Kuzspike

    Looks to me like the entire front end is from a newer model with the rubber bumper. Corvettes didn’t get them out front until 1973. Rear corvette emblem looks to be off the doner car too. That might help explain the door gaps Mr. Bond.

    • Jim

      That front end looks like ’80 – ’82, but what’s with the big gap in front of the front wheel?

  11. John H

    It does look like the front end was taken from a later model. I think someone should take this one behind the barn and …

    More serious question: Where did they put the fuel filler when one of these transformations was made?

    • ACZ

      They usually used a Camaro gas tank.

  12. Mike

    junk all i got to say on this thing

  13. Ronebee

    PS PB PW A/C! Nice Car, need the right front clip, great retro 70’s car and advertising/promotional piece

  14. Bob Hess

    One of the great looking front ends turned into one of the ugliest….

  15. Zaphod

    Could it be a Corvette body on another frame? Wheels bother me as well

  16. Jeffro

    Duct tape…? Check
    Cardboard for windows…? Check
    Krylon spray paint…? Check
    Messed up 70 Vette…? Check
    I have new daily driver!


    I usually take my time looking at some thing like this, I gotta say, Nothing on this vehicle lines up. I have to say this will never be a great vehicle no matter how much work is put into it. Sorry to say, and it’s only my opinion,,,Junk.

  18. Richard Sherman

    Put a crazy paint job on it and use it as a conversation piece / Lure for a Corvette Dealer / Art Project. Peace out!

  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Just a guess but, If someone was doing a resto on a 1970 Stingray needing a numbers engine and trans it could be a deal. Funny to me, they mention numbers matching engine in the ad but nothing else matches.

  20. David Frank David F Member

    Hey, not so bad as it could a been. It could have been a pickup with dualies! (Where would ya put the dang rifle rack?) I hope someone does the guy a favor and cleans out his garage for him. Can you imagine having this mess hanging over you?

    • Jeffro

      Pick Up With dualies…..I actually like that idea. Only if it’s 4 wheel drive though. That way I can pull my trailer of unicorns to catch Bigfoot.

  21. Foothillinkeeper

    Saw this one a few Months back.
    Still needing work, but in a lot better shape.

  22. Steve

    Two years in the making after my employee wreck my original 1984. Just couldn’t scrap it!!! Back half is a 1991 frame. I sold it 10 years ago last heard MBA Michael Jordan owns it . If anyone knows how to contact or find this car that would be great I have 3 custom windows for this car to get to the owner. These windows you don’t just go buy from a dealer I would not want to take them to the dump if I can help it.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Good save Steve, looks great!

  23. Alan (Michigan)

    People talking about emblems here and there….

    I can’t be the only one to see the “stripper” silhouettes behind the door glass on both sides… To me, that says a thing or two about some prior owner.

  24. Jim

    A friend of mine, just bought a 1972 that had one of only a few Eckler S/W kits with flares and a later model aluminum rear axel assembly for $5000. It’s not something everyone will want, only access is behind the seats but it is different.

  25. Joeinthousandoaks

    The worse part is the later model front end.

  26. tje

    You’d be better off buying a 70’s vette worth 3k and building your own. This is a frankenstein that will never go together right without a lot of money.

  27. dogwater

    Looks like a parts car

  28. Rustytech Member

    I would never do this to a vette, but it’s already done so I’d have no problem finishing this one. It’s going to get lots of attention wherever it goes when it’s done.

  29. jaymes

    this is the ugliest thing ive ever seen, GLWS

  30. Tim W

    Jeffro, I agree totally!! It’s got all the required equipment! The only thing missing is the baling wire. (Easy fix)

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