Hemi Wagon: 53 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country

With the “right” check boxes filled in, this ’53 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country is a clean and sweet driver packing a 331 Hemi and a 3 on the tree. Acquired from private collection, this wagon is for sale in Canada, but is originally from Washington State. This fine example is offered for $18,750 which I would assume would be Canadian currency versus American, which could work out nicely for someone in the USA. Check out this beauty here on craigslist out of Brookswood, Vancouver, Canada. Thanks to reader Rocco B. for this great hemi wagon find!

The interior is just as lovely as the exterior, but there are a few flaws to make mention of. The driver side of the front bench is ripped, and the door pull/arm rest is a little worn as well. Inevitable for most old steering wheels, the wheel in this New Yorker is split, but is not missing any pieces. You can clearly see the clutch pedal and the column shifter that is mated up to the 331 Hemi V8. I am sure this Mopar has a little pep in its step with that 331 Firepower! As a fair warning, the seller has mentioned that the brakes need some attention, and that there is some “other work” that would make the car into a daily driver.

The back seat area is lovely and appears very comfortable really. It is no surprise, but the carpet is worn and perhaps a bit dry rotted from age. The cargo space is clean with only minor damage to the wood.

Shiny and clean, this wagon offers great looks from all angles. The exterior trim is all in place, and there are only a few minor things to point out on this Chrysler. The passenger tail light is broken which looks to have been a recent accident. Also is it just me or is the gas cap missing in these photos? You won’t get too far without a gas cap. Beyond that, the only notable damage to the car is on the driver side of the front bumper. I am unsure of what would have caused this, as the front edge of the bumper appears blemish free. It’s almost as if an upward force was applied to the bumper bending it slightly upward. One interesting thing I see that ins’t original to this wagon is the exhuast. If you look closely, the tips have small shields on them like an old Ansa brand muffler or tips. All in all this Mopar is a clean example that with minimal work would be ready to enjoy on the open road. Would you jump on this Hemi Wagon?

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    I really like these early 50’s cars this car checks all the boxes for me and I’d love to have it. But I’d have no where to put it, and no relatives with garage space that I can impose on to store it either. If you’ve ever driven a three on the tree you’d know that they are easy to drive and on a car like this they make it more comfortable for three people on the front seat. I’ll bet this car has been on many camping trips hauling the family and gear. Still fairly practical even today.

  2. nrg8

    All that noise and no picture of the hemi……

    • Rube Goldberg

      Probably for good reason. From my experience with these cars, the hemi’s weren’t these shiny chrome dragster engines, they were usually oily, messy slugs. Changing spark plugs was a regular thing, and many would lose the gaskets on the spark plug tubes blowing oil all over the engine.

  3. Dusty Stalz

    This car appears to be in a section of Langley called Brookswood. That’s very close to me. Good lookin car.

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    That 331 is a nice engine. Had one once that hadn’t run in years, changed the fluids, spun it to get the oil flowing and a little gas down the carb and it fired right off on a 6 volt system. Surprisingly peppy for the size.
    The car looks pretty good too.

  5. John

    The “3 on the tree” and the clutch pedal could mean its a semi automatic, fluid drive?

    • Roger

      Very well could be a Fluid Drive,drove one for the first (and only)time in a ’51 Saratoga club coupe that I had my eye on,they had a low and high range and reverse,for in town driving stick it in High and basically shift with the accelerator-definitely different from any automatic I’ve ever driven before or after but the Hemi engine was pretty peppy for having that transmission in that heavy car though.

  6. Rube Goldberg

    Fun to see the cars of my youth pop up. A friend down the block when I was a teen, (70’s) bought a ’53 4 door Chrysler like this, not a wagon, tho. It was in perfect condition, except it had a blown 6 cylinder. He had to promise the people he’d take care of it, and he took care of it, alright. He then bought a tired ’54 DeSoto for like $50 bucks with a hemi, ( 276?) and dropped it in the Chrysler, and literally killed the car. It did fantastic burnouts, until the trans puked. By then the car was trashed, and he junked it. I’d think this car with a modern driveline ( heck, some 4 cylinders today put out more horse than the hemi did) would be the way to go.

  7. Jay

    Hmmm wonder if it’s a semi auto instead of three on the tree. Can’t remember the correct tranny name.

    • MoparFan


    • Duane Reutter

      Fluid drive is what the tranny was called in my 1951 Dodge

  8. Jay

    Have to check dash pic on bigger screen

  9. PatrickM

    It’s a great looking car. I just think it is priced too high. But, I’m not a follower of these. I’ve had 2 other Chrysler Corp products but not in this era. I hope owner gets a fair price and new buyer, too.

  10. Johnmloghry Member

    I’m by no means a mopar fan, but this wagon definitely has my attention, very cool, but I do agree about the spark plug seals. A car like this must be checked and rechecked for oil leaks if you want to keep it clean. Enjoy whoever buys this beauty.

  11. Wrong Way

    Already sold!

  12. lawrence

    There two of these on a old car lot here in town….haven’t asked about price on them…sure don’t need to bring em’ home…..

  13. John

    Yup, is a “Fluid Drive”, all had a clutch pedal,think some could be shifted 3 speed, other wise leave in 3d(drive) and go, Had one

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