Hi-Ho Silver: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am Silver Edition

This Silver Edition Trans Am has been in storage for more than ten years. The current owner removed it from storage six months ago and has completed some of the work to return it to the road, but has now decided to part with it. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, it is for sale with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN price of $7,500. Even though it needs some work it seems to have garnered a certain amount of interest as currently there are 15 people watching it.

This is a project car that is going to require some work to return it to its former glory. Apart from obviously needing a full repaint, there are some other issues to be dealt with on the body. Some are visible, but some may be hidden. The worst of the known rust is in the rear tail pan, but the seller is including a good second-hand replacement panel for this. What is more of a worry is that the previous owner has taken to the bottom of the body with a rattle-can, as can be seen in this photo. The seller is unsure what this is hiding, but believes that there is some Bondo under there. There is also some rust appearing at the bottom of the windshield pillar on the passenger side.

The interior of this Trans Am provides a mixture of both good and bad news. The dash looks to be in quite good condition. Someone has installed an aftermarket radio/cassette player, but thankfully it doesn’t look like they’ve cut the dash and the seller still has the original 8-track player to be refitted. The headliner is sagging, and the seller states that the seat covers, carpet, steering wheel and door trims will all require attention or replacement. The lid is also missing off the center console, but the seller also has that. The remaining plastic trim pieces seem to have held up quite well over the last 39 years.

Under the hood is the 403ci V8 matched to a TH350 automatic transmission. The seller states that the engine runs, but only with an external fuel supply as the car requires a new gas tank. The original carburetor has also been professionally rebuilt. He has replaced the brake callipers, discs and pads, but some new brake lines will need to be installed, and these come with the car. The car has also been fitted with new rear springs, spring plates, bushes and hardware. The entire drive-train has also undergone a complete service including all new fluids.

I have always like the Pontiac Trans Am, and I think that the Silver Anniversary Edition in good condition is a really attractive car. Since I am quite handy with the panel-beating equipment this car would be awfully tempting for me, except for the fact that I am hesitant about both the extent of the rust in the windshield pillar and what is hiding under that rattle-can work on the sides of the car. Good examples of these are fetching between $20,000 – $25,000. At the BIN price that does leave some room to move on a restoration. Would you take it on?

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  1. John

    I like it.31 watchers now,including me.

  2. CCFisher

    This is a silver anniversary edition only in that it’s an anniversary edition that happens to be painted silver. It appears to be a 10th Anniversary Trans Am (TATA).

  3. JP

    “Well, go girl, go!”
    “I’m goin’, I’m goin’! I got the metal to the pedal and the thing to the floor and…”

    “Did you see that? They went right through our roadblock!”
    “You sum_____ couldn’t close an umbrella!”

  4. Robert Sabatini

    If it only had the Poncho 400….

    Nice, restoreable TA though!

  5. Joe Mac

    W72 engine would have made it a nice buy.

  6. Todd Gibbs

    my sister had one. she loved it, but my brother-in-law destroyed the rear end by putting 60 in tires and rims on it. didn’t last long after that. what a shame

  7. Michael A Groves

    Do the Black kids come with it? I’ll pass.

    • Mark Carroll

      I’d say they wouldn’t want to be anywhere near your racist assed self. And you have to be a troll, because real car enthusiasts are the most accepting, caring people anywhere on this earth.

    • PJ

      Mr. Groves, you and your comments are unrefined.

  8. Mark Carroll

    This Tenth Anniversary Trans Am, or TATA as they’re known by Pontiac people, would be more desirable with the 220 HP 400 cu in Pontiac engine, matched to a 4 speed manual transmission, as opposed to the 185 HP 403 Olds matched to the 3 speed automatic it’s equipped with. They are still very nice looking cars when restored to original.

  9. Larry q

    Black kids???!!!

  10. Grease monkey

    In March 1980 I drove a 79 silver anniv. T/A from ok city okla. to Phoenix Az. It had the 6.6 olds / auto , I was driving it to Phoenix for my father in law whose a car dealer. I was 25 then , I most the way between 85 – 100 I was impressed with the power and handling. It sold at auction for 7900 , I wanted it tried to get him to sell it to me

  11. Superdessucke

    I think this is one were I’d simply leave the patina and get all the mechanicals, suspension, brakes, and tires up to snuff.

    These are worth decent money but the 403/auto isn’t the most desirable of the two combos and I think it would cost a lot to completely restore it.

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