High Desert Survivor: 1970 Chevy C10 Pickup

This 1970 Chevrolet C10 pickup is a claimed high desert survivor, with under 40,000 original miles from new and just one repaint in its original color. The seller indicates he has known about the truck for a while, owned by a WWII Veteran since new. It remains in excellent condition today with lots of desirable options typical of the camper packages offerd by Chevrolet. Find this low-mileage C10 here on eBay where bidding is over $6K with no reserve.

The seller says the original family owners that purchased this C10 locally immediately installed an Alaskan bed cap and set about using the pickup for camping. That’s partially why it still looks so nice, in addition to an owner that clearly took pride in his rig. Some of the options that came with the truck as a result of checking the appropriate box for camper options included dual batteries, wiring harness and step bumper.

The seller notes some minor issues in the interior, which looks incredible for the age of the truck and one that saw some use. There’s a tear from a screwdriver left in a back pocket, but other damage is minimal. Sun damage hasn’t had its way with the cabin like you might expect, though the seller did replace the steering wheel and sill covers. The dash has just one solitary crack, a pleasant surprise as there’s not many places to hide from the sun in Montana.

The original assortment of brochures is a treat, especially the camper one that apparently makes promises about the adventures you’ll encounter on the open road (and the friends you can enjoy them with!) Buying a vehicle that was the ticket to adventure for the original family owners entitles the next owner to all sort of good juju, as I’d rather have a classic that was used as intended than a bubble vehicle in perfect condition – and bidders seem to agree. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt Williams for the find.

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  1. jb cool mo

    Is that a C20 converted to a k20 ? it looks like it has front lock outs?

  2. Andre

    I don’t think in 1970 the K designation was used – or if it was 4×4 wasn’t exclusively for “K”.I believe a 4×4 C20 is correct.

  3. Andre

    …and to ad this is a beautiful truck, only thing it needs is a driver.

    • SWells679

      Man, oh man! This is my idea of the perfect truck.

  4. Boatman Member

    Did you even look at this truck, Jeff? If you did, you should have noticed it was clearly not a C/10! Smh.

    • Andrew

      8 lugs + C-20 emblems, I’d expect anyone on the staff here would immediately see that’s not a half-ton…

  5. FiremanDan

    WOW….another trip down memory lane……one of my Midwest neighbors….a WW2 combat soldier and survivor of the Bataan death March ☠…he bought the exact color with the 350 V8 and automatic transmission…his K20 had red centers in the big hub Dana 44….i had the privilege of hearing his life experiences all through 7th to 12th grade….we used that truck like a mule all week and he would let me take it home some weekends clean it top to bottom and I would steam those windows up EVERY chance I got👍👌❤….Dale told me after I came back home…it was funny how many pretty girls waved…and mommas threw rocks at that truck….RAHHHHH😆😂🤣😃😅👊

  6. Steve A

    From the days when a truck was a truck, not a fashion design. WAY better looking than all the 4 door minivans with boxes on the back you see everywhere now.
    Love it!

  7. Ronald

    It is in fact a C20 3/4 ton truck not a K20 just as the side emblems say, I think the K designation did not start until the new style body that debuted in 1973. My uncle purchased a 1970-72 C10 2wd 350 automatic new, ran great but sucked gas like crazy. Im sure this truck would do the same.

  8. 68custom

    Nice truck . Being a 3/4 ton only makes it better!

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m going to slant more toward the 20 Series. This is obviously a 3/4 ton. Not a common sight back in ’70 to see an automatic on these. My uncle bought one in ’72 and it was the first 4×4 I ever saw with an automatic. It wasn’t long before that became commonplace. This truck is nearly indestructible; you’d have to kill it with a stick. About the only problem that these would give was the GM Corporation rear axle leaking oil around the axle flanges. Easy fix; just poor gaskets. You could run this for a long time to come. I don’t think I’d do anything to it other than polish it up and attend to the little maintenance items. Just run it and enjoy it….

  10. Steve

    The 67-72 4×4 trucks used the same “Cxx” as the 2wd trucks. However, the vin of the 4×4 trucks starts with a “K” as opposed to a “C” for 2wd. An emblem which reads “Four Wheel Drive” was typically attached to the front fender in front of the tire.

    • Tyler

      Exactly right Steve!

  11. jdjonesdr

    Man-y Man truck. When trucks were made for men to work.

    If it’s an automatic, why does it have a clutch pedal so high and far to the left? LOL
    I miss mine. Great truck.

    • C. Jay

      You are looking at the parking brake pedal. The shifter on the floor is for the transfer case . On the top of the steering column the Shift indicator that has P-R-N-D-2-L displayed. Can be seen in Ebay ad.
      Great truck.

      • jdjonesdr

        Just kidding, big guy. Notice I said I owned one. Still a great truck!

  12. theGasHole

    Straight Outta Missoula.

  13. sluggo

    Friend was visiting from Germany and likes to buy old american iron and ship it back to Deutschland. Bought a 78 Chev in Montana and on way back from tire store it lost 2 lobes off the back of the cam. Spent 6 days in the snow rebuilding top end, runs great now but the late 70s motors had a few bad cams and the plastic gears on timing chains was not wonderful either.
    Early ones like this are awesome. Good donor motors as well. Typically a 4 bolt main, high nickel block, HD crank & Rods and even decent heads for up to a certain HP number.

  14. David

    Ah the tear to the seat because of screwdriver in the back pocket. I did it and see the damage every time I get in it. I love this truck .

  15. Mark m.

    C series with 8 lugs?

    • Tyler

      Yes, it’s a 3/4 ton.

  16. NMCarNut

    Why Chevrolet chose to put “C” emblems on all of their light duty trucks is a good question but the C and K series go back to 1960 when the first in house 4X4 was offered.
    No matter what the fender emblem says this is a K-20. From the GM published 1970 Chevrolet Truck Vehicle Information Kit:

  17. NMCarNut

    Only the second page posted, here is the first:

  18. NMCarNut

    And notice the model number on the SPI sticker posted in the eBay auction

  19. Fogline

    Well – just saw this and auction is closed at just over 12k. A bargain, IMHO. Having owned two of these but none in 4 WD I surprised at the price. You can work these hard and they just keep going. Sad to have missed this.

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