High Mileage Survivor: 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2

The 964-chassis Porsche 911 for years was one of the more attainable modern air-cooled models you could buy. While it wasn’t the modern classic like the 993-era model is, it was still a touch more modern than the 1980s Carrera and as such, a bit more enjoyable to live with on a daily basis. However, the last few years have changed all of that, and now you’ll struggle to find a decent 964 for under $50,000. This 1991 model is a very nicely-preserved example despite having over 100,000 miles on the clock, and it’s also the preferred two-wheel-drive variety. Find it here on eBay with bids to over $55,000 and the reserve unmet.

It’s amazing to me to see prices like these for a 964. This generation of the 911 was a legitimately cheap sports car for several years in the late 90s. They were wildly unpopular compared to their forebears and what immediately came after. Obviously, everyone loves the old-school sibling of a classic sports car, soo the Carrera remained in enthusiasts’ good graces. The 933 was just the perfect expression of a 911, a car you can use every day and not walk into work reeking of oil and exhaust fumes. The 964 had a tall mountain to climb to challenge those generation of the 911 as being the favorite son.

That all changed when Porsche prices went through the roof and individuals like Magnus Walker began buying up every cheap 964 he could get his hands on to create air-cooled restomods. So, now when you see a 964 in decent shape, it’s not uncommon to see prices like these. In addition, Porsche was pushing its four-wheel-drive technology at the time, so many of these early 90s 911s are Carrera 4s, and given the system was still in its infancy, most enthusiasts were turned off by the numb steering and complicated drivetrain systems that represented the potential for unwanted expensive repairs.

If you’ve been hunting for a rear-wheel-drive 964, you undoubtedly know how difficult they are to track down. While the mileage may be a turn-off to some, I like to think this is a better option as it’s clearly a car that’s been used. The seller doesn’t go into deep detail about its maintenance history but does indicate it’s been maintained and stored properly for all of its years living on the California coast. The engine bay is clean, just like the rest of the car, which features the preferred interior color of black for anything that’s painted white. I’m dismayed to see the reserve has yet to be cleared for one of these but that’s also the new world we find ourselves in.


  1. Frank Sumatra

    Glad to see it got used and enjoyed.

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  2. Doone

    Spend the extra 50 k to get a brand new one with a warranty or buy this one and spend 50 k getting the things you don’t know about it fixed. In my experience there always something expensively wrong with a used Porsche no matter how good it looks or what the current owner says.

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    • Joe Parsons

      I’ve had my 2005 997 for 6-1/2 years. The only expensive work has been replacing the clutch at 75,000 miles. Since the engine was out, I also replaced major seals.

      I got a thorough PPI (including compression and bore scope) before buying it sight unseen.

      It has been one of the most reliable cars I’ve owned.

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    • Chris

      I have to disagree with Doone and it is based on 55 years of experience.
      I’ve had dozens (truly dozens) of older (vintage) Porsches over the years. Currently have a 993 and a 930 Turbo.
      These cars are unbelievable tough and durable and relatively trouble free.
      They run and run and run. Parts are not cheap but they are not often needed.

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      • Doone

        Again, 1 in a hundred. My experience looking over hundreds of them in the last 15 years is yes the air cooled are the best however I stand by the rest of my comments.

  3. Sebastian X1/9

    Either all Porsche 911s are overpriced, or Ferrari 308s are bargains.

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    • Rob

      The most expensive car you can buy is a cheap Ferrari. Ask Samcrac. That Porsche motor is just getting started.

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  4. Dallas

    Well Doone, maybe the person who wins this auction really wants an aircooled Porsche and not a new one for $100K+…?

    Let me provide a dissenting voice to your experience of used Porsches. I bought my ’85 Carrera 3.2 in 2010 for $14K and drove it from Tacoma back to Winnipeg with no issues. In the intervening 12 years the most significant repair cost I’ve had is an alternator replacement. A good PPI from a trusted shop is a must before purchasing, but the aircooled cars are generally quite reliable and robust. That’s why they continued in production for more-or-less 35 years :-)

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    • alphasud Member

      I think the Motronic 911’s from 84-89 were the most reliable of the bunch. I put a lot of money into my 84 but almost all was due to deferred maintenance from previous ownership.

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    • Doone

      I agree about your air-cooled comments. However I also think that you were lucky in finding the 1 in a hundred that you did.

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      • Chris

        Doone, you’ve obviously made up your mind.
        But I have OWNED (and driven as daily drivers) enough air-cooled Porsches in my long life to know that they are tough, durable, dependable cars. So, you believe what you want and I know what I know from personal experience.

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  5. 767driver

    106,xxx miles is hardly “high mileage” in a decently maintained 911. The market will set the price…and it probably isn’t 99.9K.

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