Highly Optioned: 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

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There’s no denying that by the time this 1966 Corvette Coupe rolled off the showroom floor, the badge had sealed its performance credentials. Potential buyers faced an enormous selection of options to significantly increase the car’s potential, although some added to the comfort and driving pleasure. This car features options from both sides of the ledger, and its presentation is hard to fault. There are aftermarket updates, but these are reversible thanks to the seller including many of the original parts. The Coupe is listed here on eBay in Santa Rosa, California. The bidding has raced to $49,300, although that figure falls short of the reserve.

Chevrolet offered 1966 Corvette buyers ten paint shades from which to choose, with this car being 1-of-3,366 ordered in Rally Red. That represents a take-up rate of around 12% but falls a long way short of the 6,100 buyers who selected Nassau Blue. Its presentation is impressive, with paint that shines deeply and fiberglass showing no evidence of significant cracks or defects. They describe its overall condition as being “a good 20-footer,” suggesting there are imperfections that don’t show in the supplied photos. The American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels are a later addition, although the seller includes the original steelies for those seeking a more authentic appearance. They don’t have the factory hubcaps, so a search is required to locate replacements. The trim is in good order, as is the optional Soft Ray tinted glass. This Corvette isn’t pristine, but it is an above-average driver-grade classic.

Opening this Corvette’s doors reveals an interior trimmed in Black vinyl. As with the exterior, its condition is easily acceptable for a driver-grade classic. There is no wear or physical damage on the upholstered surfaces, with the carpet and dash looking spotless. None of the plastic has succumbed to UV rays; the only aftermarket addition is a hidden Bluetooth stereo. This is one area where the original owner splashed the cash to improve comfort and enjoyment. The car features power windows, an AM/FM radio, a power antenna, and the desirable telescopic wheel that added $42.15 to the Corvette’s sticker price.

There were no genuinely slow variants of the 1966 Corvette; it’s just that some were faster than others. While the entry-level engine produced 300hp, this car’s original owner spent an additional $105.35 on the L79 version of the legendary 327ci V8. This motor gave the driver 350hp to send to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. The spending didn’t stop there, with this classic featuring the $94.80 power steering option, with a further $42.15 invested in power brakes. This numbers-matching beauty should storm the ¼-mile in 14.2 seconds on its way to a top speed of 149mph. Aftermarket additions include an upgraded air cleaner and carburetor, although, as with the wheels, the seller includes the factory items for those seeking complete originality. This Coupe runs and drives well, ready to hit the road and provide a new owner with immediate classic motoring pleasure.

It is said that buying a C2 Corvette is better than having money in the bank, and considering current interest rates, that statement seems valid. This one is a gem, and the optional extras increase its appeal and potential value. Recent sales results suggest the bidding needs to nudge $60,000 before threatening the reserve, although this car’s specifications mean that figure could be higher. It has attracted thirty-nine bids from eight people who like what they see, and with plenty of time remaining on the auction, there is scope for the figures to climb significantly higher. Do you believe it will reach its reserve? If it does, what do you think the sale price will be?

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  1. Danny B

    I’ll guess 63 k it will sell for

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    • 59poncho

      How do we find out:(

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  2. Al camino

    Those wheels don’t do anything for this car better off with 8 inch rally wheels

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    • Joel S.

      8″ Ralleys require raising the body to clear the fenders. The 67s had 6″ wide ralleys for that reason. Personally I think these wheels make the car but not ready to part with $60+K for this one. GLWS.

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  3. Reid Hall

    Hmmmm, kinda high,for a small/block car,l know it may not seem 🤔, like it,but this,car,may have more miles, than it shows,so 🤔, it’s hard to put, price #number,on this, it looks like to the paint has,been touched up,a bit,and or repainted at some point, but l’m not saying it’s back car at all,one thing 😉, is for sure maybe, a Doctor,and lawyer, can afford it, unfortunately l can’t.

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  4. Dan Cifalia

    Anyone notice the rare Telescopic Steeling wheel ?

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      Had the same telescoping wheel on our ’65 Covair Monza. 5 foot wife loved it.

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  5. ACZ

    Perfect driver.

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  6. Matthew Dyer

    What a wonderful toy! Selling price? More than it should be probably.

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  7. Jon

    Yeah, it’s amazing on how much these C2’s have appreciated in the last 5 years. I used to own one in the late 70’s to early 80’s. It also had a telescoping column.

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