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Highly Original Early Z! 1970 Datsun 240Z

Japan’s Pony Car goes by a single letter, “Z.” The 1969 Datsun 240Z brought sexy long hood / short deck styling in a smaller scale than the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Plymouth Barracuda, and the car that named the class, Ford’s Mustang. This 1970 Datsun 240Z in Chandler, Arizona emerges to seek a new owner after being parked since 1984. Imperfect and highly original, the silver two-seater begs for a sympathetic refurbishment that retains as many original parts as possible. The listing here on eBay documents numerous matching numbers on the Japanese classic. As we go to press, the auction awaits a $13,000 opening bid.

Lift the bonnet of many of the world’s sports cars, and you’ll find an inline six-cylinder engine like this 2.4L (144 cid) gem making 151 HP. Check out Silodrome for more information on the history of the vintage mini-GT. Most straight six engines leverage a long stroke to make bountiful torque, and a super-smooth idle thanks to an inherently balanced crankshaft.

Only a harsh critic will decry a styling flaw on the 240Z. Racy in stock form, they become truly menacing when modified. Finding one with no hole sawed in the roof for a $125 aftermarket sunroof or fenders drilled for flares is a treat. If your plans include bitchin’ neon or an awesome giant wing (aka “parachute”) on the back, keep shopping!

The fastest car I ever drove was a 240Z with a later 2.8L six built by Leitzinger Motorsports, a high-revving “three-quarter race motor” making about 320 HP. I remember looking at this instrument pod as the owner told me “Just shift when the needle disappears.” With early Z cars gaining value, someone may well take the bait on this long-parked Datsun. The nimble, raw driving experience of this first-generation Z evokes feelings that make driving today’s high-tech performance cars feel like playing a video game. When traction control and threshold braking result only through driver skill, you appreciate and build true talent. Can you picture this early 240Z in your garage?


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    The opening bid seams reasonable for a mostly rust free and complete Z of this vintage. Could easily be tackled in your workshop to make a nice driver and still be ahead on its value. Such a beautiful design that never gets old to the eye.

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    • Avatar photo Rick

      Yes, it’s reasonable, especially considering there seems to be no rust in the seams. ;)

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  2. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    For $13,000, there are plenty of equally collectible sporty cars in much better condition. Taking this on is like opening a can of worms, IMHO.

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  3. Avatar photo On and On Member

    I like this car, it’s on my list but the pictures on ebay certainly weren’t taken in Chandler, Arizona or anywhere near there……….just saying……

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    • Avatar photo angliagt Member

      Judging by the plate on the Z,it looks like it
      was taken in Tenn.Probably bought for cheap.

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  4. Avatar photo Freddy

    Bonnet? Please speak American.

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  5. Avatar photo David

    Sadly, I sold my ‘71 Z that was all original except for a respray and the drivers seat cover. Passing a cop while doing 105mph will, uh, get his attention, but hiding in a trailer park gives you a thrill that you ‘got away with it.’ Just saying.

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  6. Avatar photo EPO3

    If it is every thing the owner said it is. Its going to go for a lot more than 13 grand

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  7. Avatar photo Frank D

    I owned a 70 when they came out and paid premium money at the dealership. I was placed on a Wait List, you buy what they had which was an orange with a black vinyl top. One year later I traded in on a Porsche 914-6. The car that made Corvette owners look twice. Handle much better than any vette and gone run all day at 100 mph.

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  8. Avatar photo cbartman

    a buddy of mine swapped a 327 chevy motor in a 240Z with his dad’s help around 1989 and same with a TR7. Never been faster and more squirrly in any car than the TR7 but the 240Z was fantastic and handled it very well. Had to angle a larger radiator as I remember it.

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