History Included: 1942 Cadillac Series 61 Fastback

We often wish we knew the history of old cars like this Cadillac listed for sale on eBay. Well, it seems Clinton Filson started a business in 1891 in Seattle selling supplies to miners headed up to the Alaska gold rush. His wife, Winifred, bought this Cadillac in 1941 and likely owned it until she died in 1958. Filson Clothing Company is still in business. The current owners of this car found it in a field years ago, purchased it and then stored it indoors, hoping to restore it some day. Four or five years ago they got the old Cadillac running and driving again. Does $5,995 seem like a reasonable asking price for it?

The interior looks a little better than you would expect so perhaps it wasn’t in the field for too many years. From here, the interior looks complete.

Things look complete (except for the air cleaner) if a bit untidy. That head looks really clean compared to everything else. It runs and drives, but in the YouTube video it sounds like it has a lot of valvetrain noise.

The owner died in 1958 so perhaps that is when the Cadillac was put out to pasture. Someone had begun restoration but didn’t get very far. It needs a lot of work including not only the interior as well as paint and body work but the block is cracked. Much of the missing trim work is included but there’s a lot of chrome plating to be done. This old Cadillac appears to be yet another car not worth a complete restoration. It will be interesting to see what readers think of it.


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    When they get to this point there’s not much else to do but get out the tools and give is a full bore restoration. The downside is that you wouldn’t likely get your money out of it once the job is done, so restoring it for that purpose wouldn’t be a wise move. The only positive side is being there for the long haul and to have a classic car that can be driven and enjoyed for many years to come.

  2. M/K

    I seen this thing listed a while back somewhere else, nobody interested apparently.

  3. Wayne

    Was listed on this site.

    • M/K

      I thought so, with a more detailed story.

  4. Mike Young

    Swap in a later Cad 390…. With the sweet trans it came with (’57-’62)….All the rest will fall into place.

  5. Ancient mariner

    How many of you rocket scientists know where the fuel fill is on this old Cadillac ?

    • Woodie Man

      In the rear taillight?

      • Ancient mariner

        Just ahead of the rear taillight on the left side, the trim piece hinges up on the leading edge and the fill pipe and cap is right there.

  6. Ed P

    Any 1942 model year car is interesting due to the very low production. This Caddy may never be a profit maker, but it is an interesting part of history.

  7. RicK

    The 42 Washington plates are cool enough I guess, but if it started out life in Seattle in 1942, to be authentic it should have an A for King County, not an E (E is from Yakima County, on the other side of the Cascades from Seattle approx 120 mi or so East))

    • M/K

      Rick I do believe in the posting of this car last year it said that this car was in fact registered out of Yakima wa. The last posting was more informing on the cars past.

  8. Dave Wright

    C.C. Filson is a big deal, I wear one or more pieces of there clothing every day as did my grandparents and great grandparents. There products have always been extremely popular with outdoorsmen in the northwest and beyond. They are a very history conscious company even in there modern corporate incarnation. There might be an opportunity there……..

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I finally got a chance to check out their site. YIKES. I go out of my way to purchase and rarely complain when I spend more for items made in North America but wow their prices range from high to obnoxious. For example the $95 wool winter beanie?! Glad I know about it though, a few items interest me.

  9. RayT Member

    eBay says the auction has been ended by the seller “because the item has been lost or broken.” That conjures up some strange images….

    I guess no BF reader bought this last year when it was featured, eh?

  10. Ck

    Ive got a 47 series 62,that is almost identical to this car without the fast back.Nobody wants it. Its to expensive to restore an 2 too many doors to hot rod.I have to say it looked wicked pissa all lit up and decorated on my front lawn for Christmas. Evidenly the only way to get people to stop and check it out.

  11. Ken Carney

    If I had the cash, yeah I’d do it! The Youtube video on this is very promising.
    After listening to the engine, it sounds to me that the hydraulic lifter passages are very dirty and need to be cleaned. These lifters were the
    achilles heal for these engines. I know this because I helped a group of
    high school kids get a ’46 ambulance running back in the ’70’s. And while
    you’re there, don’t forget the tappets either. These were also hydraulic and
    needed just as much attention as the lifters did. And as for the cracked
    block, I dont think that it is due to the fact that there is enough compression
    in the cylinders to allow the car to run and be driven. This would be settled
    when I pull the dipstick and check the color of the oil. As for the
    tranny, it sounds like an automatic because I didn’t hear the driver change
    gears. So yeah, I’d do some mechanical upgrades, redo the body, chrome,
    and interior and get it back on the road where it belongs.

  12. The One

    I found 2 of these 25 years ago, notch back, n a fast back. Could’n’t give them away..

  13. Bobsmyuncle

    “Listing ended…because this item was lost or broken…”

    LOL, not untrue!

  14. smittydog

    I like it. Hope someone with extra $ to burn saves the old girl

  15. Brad C

    WOW, would this be fun to reimagine.

    I wouldn’t be able to resist outfitting the interior in a Pacific Northwest lodge theme… with Filson oil cloth and plaid flannel on the seats and door panels… and a wicker fishing creel retrofitted into an armrest.

    Grab your thermos, lash your cedar canoe to the 50’s Car Pac roof rack… and you’re off on an adventure.

  16. Ancient mariner

    I can picture your interior theme with the aroma of scotch pine. . . . . . I believe the mid 20th century” south of the border” look it now has holds positive merits for that person looking for a “live aboard” motif.

  17. Ck

    Huh lol you just said motif.

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