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Hoarder’s 1972 Triumph TR6


It seems that many of the barn finds we come across are owned by individuals that most of us would classify as hoarders. It would appear that this 1972 Triumph TR6 is another one to come from the collection of a hoarder, but at least they provided it with some protection from the elements. The owner has begun clearing out a few of their cars and has listed this one here on eBay.


The owner got this TR6 in 1991 and immediately prepared it for long term storage. It has been parked in one of their barns since then. There are other classics visible in the background, but it appears most are covered in boxes and debris. This isn’t one of the worst examples of hoarding that we have ever seen and thankfully the owner tries to keep their cars running.


After a good cleaning, this Triumph is looking good. Having been prepared for storage before being parked, it was easy to get it started. It isn’t perfect and will need some attention before it can be enjoyed. People often complain about hoarders, but if it wasn’t for these individuals there wouldn’t be many barn finds out there. It’s just too bad more hoarders weren’t like this one and prepped their cars for long term storage. We will keep an eye on this seller to see if they liquidate anything else.


  1. rancho bella

    If you do most of your own work you will be so deep in this even if you could get it cheap.
    Buy one done, they made thousands of them.

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  2. hawk

    I see a maroon TR4 behind it. Keep digging

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  3. Dolphin Member

    The seller buys and sells cars, and bought this one 22 years ago and immediately put it into storage. I don’t know what he paid for it, but I’ll be surprised if it brings as much as it cost 22 years ago. I predict the poor paint adhesion might just be an issue for sellers.

    There are probably hundreds of cars the readers of BF could name that appreciated more than this TR6 during that time, and they aren’t all vintage racing Ferraris.

    I really like the TR6 body design, and I can even live with the way the half-shafts run above the frame rails, but…..with all due respect to TR6 owners, and despite wanting to like them when I tested a few of these for a possible purchase, I just couldn’t get past the limits of the steering, braking, shifting, and handling dynamics.

    But I still admire the look and the sound whenever one goes by.

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  4. jim

    its parking spot ,in the first photo, looks to be dirt which did not help. but it is a $ 2000 to start auction with no reserve and i see more then that in parts, i think. would love to see the rest, looks like a tr4/250 next to it. great find

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  5. Catfish Phil

    Actually, looks like a concrete or tiled floor to me…

    Where’s the front bumper?

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  6. Boyd Casey

    I love a “No Reserve ” auction that starts at $2000! I got news for you , that’s not “No Reserve” that’s a $2000 reserve. I bought a TRG around 4 years ago with a completely rebuilt engine and tranny with a new wire harness. It looked around as rough as this one and I paid $1000. I sold it on ebay and had two buyers back out after they won the bid. Unless you do it for the love of manual labor save your money! There are alot better cars to work on for 1000 hours then a rough TR6. Start the sale at $1 if you claim “no reserve”

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  7. Bernie H.

    I gues I fail to see what the owner saw when he stored it for 22+ years. These things sure dont get any better with age. Its fully priced at $2000, anything higher is throwing $$ down a hole, unless you absolutely love TR6’s. So buy a better one and enjoy the summer without 1000+ hours resto work.
    Yea, I’d like to see the TR 250 parked next to it.

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  8. Brian LINY

    Rolling money pit. JMHO

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  9. Randy

    I’d rather have that 69 or 70 Cougar Eliminator in the garage behind it.

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