Hoarder’s Treasure: 1981 Porsche 911SC

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This 1981 911SC Targa Porsche sat for years under a hoarder’s pile of treasures. When they dug it out, it looks like they found a real treasure. The pictures make this Porsche look perfect inside and out. It’s said to have only 58,000 miles. The seller did all the things necessary to revive this beauty, including cleaning the fuel system and performing a full tune up. It’s said to run perfectly. This appears to be an amazing find, a real survivor. Now for the rest of the story? They want a king’s ransom for it! I’m don’t know much about Porsches and I know this is a survivor, but can it really be worth $42,800? That is about what condition a number 1 cars sell for, I understand. What do you think this 911 might be worth. Is there a collector somewhere who would pay this much? It’s listed here on craigslist in Dallas.

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  1. kenzo

    I’m getting really tired of porsche’s on here and their 5 figure asking price. Why not start a porshce barn find site for all these over priced cars for people with a whole lot of money. Hardly is this a barn find at 48000 dollars. this is a flipper trying to make a big buck and this site is helping him push up the price. This is the same as some a little while ago where a pile of parts with a 4 figure asking price. How about getting back to your original concept of “Barn Finds”.

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  2. kenzo

    Sorry my mistake. the asking price is “only $42800 not $48000. Hardly a “BARN FIND” at either price.

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  3. Al

    Way over priced. Was just looking at Hemmings they have a convertable at 49K looks great average is about 36K one at 79K Weissach 1 of 408, 9508 miles. So yeah over priced for something that has been sitting and needs going through.

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  4. DolphinMember

    P-car fans might not agree with me, but this seller’s claim that “the strongest aspect of this car is in the driving experience” sure wasn’t the reaction I had when I test drove three SCs for possible purchase a few years ago. They were all slow, noisy, harsh and too much like the VW Beetle I owned for years when I was going to school and couldn’t afford anything better.

    For me the strongest aspect of these is the body design, which I think is so good that it will look good forever. That said, the windshield is too close to my face when I drive them—another downside to the driving experience. But fortunately that’s not something you experience when you’re looking at them from the outside.

    And “secret sauce”……really? I think this seller has been drinking as much of that secret sauce as he ended up putting in this car’s engine.

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  5. Rick Matisak

    On Cleveland Craigslist now: http://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/5109836138.html
    Granted, it’s got more miles but that really justify the price difference?

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    • Jason

      Looks good, Rick! I would take that and $15K.

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  6. Mike S

    I agree. If they want to claim this as a Barn Find then there should be accompanying documentation. This is a truly great site and I would hate for it to become a marketing tool for these overpriced cars. It’s almost like the stock market where publicity blinds the buyers from what they’re really getting.

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  7. RoughDiamond

    There is no car per the ad worth dying for ( :

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  8. GlenK

    Unfortunately everything air cooled in the Porsche world is going up at an alarming rate. My son bought a none running car and he got on the road just before the boom and he is now seriously thinking of getting rid of it. Besides the cost of buying it maintenance is not inexpensive either.

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  9. Jasper

    Looks just like my ’79 I sold the summer before last for about 35K less. They look cool but really are all about the driving experience. It really only starts to shine at 4000RPM. I’d bet mine would’ve run circles around this one. Even showing 161K on a broken clock, the only people who drove it with any benchmarks said it was one of the best running ones. I miss that damned thing.

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