Hold The Engine! 1972 Dodge Charger SE

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Some listings are more bizarre than others and I’m positive that I’ll never understand why some sellers choose the path that they do at sale time. This 1972 Dodge Charger SE is a case in point but I don’t want to give it all away right out of the gate, so please follow along. This fuselage-bodied Charger is located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $10,000 with the reserve not yet met. Thanks to jonny for this tip!

The third-gen (’71-’74) Dodge Charger can be an acquired taste – it was a big change coming on the heels of the uber successful second-gen (’68-’70) edition. Still, the ’72 version sold well with about 75K copies hitting the street that year. Our subject car is a top drawer Special Edition (SE) trim level which put up a 22K production number. Two distinctive features of the SE trim level were the vinyl roof covering and hide away headlights.

It is stated, “It has a couple rust spots, with some bubbling under the vinyl top, paint is faded as well“. All true, the body is a bit crunchy in the lower quarters and driver’s side rocker panel. As for the bubbly top, yes that’s definitely going on, as to how bad it is, is hard to say. Unfortunately, the edges of the top covering will have to be pulled up around the suspected problem areas to really figure out what’s going on. There’s an R/T badge affixed to the trunk lid but that’s not the case as the R/T was discontinued in ’71. Note the hood, it appears to be the domed variety used on the Rallye equipped model.

Now, here’s where things get odd. The seller states, “The car runs extremely strong with the motor and trans recently gone thru (whatever ‘gone thru’ means)”. But then adds, “I AM SELLING THIS WITH EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE ENGINE. The motor is not numbers matching. Again, CAR IS FOR SALE WITHOUT THE ENGINE“. And just to be clear, let’s hear it one more time, “TO CLARIFY – THE ENGINE DOES NOT COME WITH THE CAR!“. I guess it doesn’t really matter how well the non original 255 net HP , first year 400 CI V8 operates. Oh, and one more thing, do you like the wheels? Hopefully not, they’re not included either.

The interior looks pretty good and the black vinyl upholstery/door panels show limited or careful use. The seller mentions that there are aftermarket gauges and a tachometer installed but a prospective acquirer may want to make certain that they’re not going to be removed along with the engine. This is an A/C equipped car but the seller adds, “has vintage air but not sure if its charged“. I guess with no motor, it doesn’t matter. Oh, and there’s something up with the hideaway headlight switch too.

Well folks, what do you think? I’d suggest, “move right along, nothing to see here”, how about you?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Definitely a weird ad, basically it’s saying that the car will be sold as a rusty roller/BYOW (bring your own wheels). Oh, well, I never cared for that formal roofline on this model anyway! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Even if I really wanted a ’72 Charger, I’d still pass on this one. The seller is keeping the engine and the wheels, leaving the buyer a pile of rust. On top of that, who knows what else the seller is going to strip off the car. Hard pass.

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    • Emel

      It’s still cooler/nicer than anything Ford produced in 1972. lol

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      • TorinoSCJ69

        Cool alright with an empty engine bay and on blocks. Lol

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      • Yblocker

        Not hardly

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

        I have a ’72 Ford. It has an engine and wheels and it’s rust free, unlike this heap. However, I don’t have a boy racer wing on my car. I know everybody wants a Charger and are willing to overpay for one. Not me, I’m smarter than that.

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      • David Sawdey

        Or any chevy

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      • J Martell

        Park a Mach 1 next to it.I think I’d take the Stang.

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      • Big C

        Yep. It sure is. Except for the Mustang, Torino, Mercury Montego GT, Cougar, etc.

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      • Robert Rollins

        Clint’s response would be “get off my lawn”. You’re shortsighted comment about Fomoco lineup for 1972, does major disservice to the famed 1972 fishmouth Torino, which upstages the 72 Charger in every category, be it sales figures, build quality, current collectibility , & most of all, looks. Sorry to have to do this, but it is necessary given your shortsighted opinion.

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    • Gary

      Sounds like that Richard Prior movie called Moving, nothing went with the house.

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    • PRA4SNW

      I think you hit on the reason it is being sold – seller got into it and decided to grab the good stuff for another project.

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    • Michael Frey (charger Mike)

      I had a 72 gran Torino sport with a 351 CJ, IT WAS A GREAT CAR ,
      KING Richard(Petty) won in that body and loved that car
      I personally would throw out the 400 find a motorhome for free and give it a 440 buy wheels and tires and go drive that car right past all of you with your mouth opén gasping
      For air and trying to wipe the rust from your éyes, yes at 160 mph lol bye bye…

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      • Yblocker

        Yeah, but Mr. Petty didn’t always win, quite often he followed the Merc of David Pearson across the finish line.

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      • Michael Berkemeier

        160 mph? Excuse me while I lol. That’s ridiculous.

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  3. angliagt angliagtMember

    After reading that ad,I’m tempted to contact the seller
    and ask if the engine goes with the car?
    I also wonder why sellers like this don’t just post
    pictures with what the car actually comes with (wheels/tires,etc.).

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  4. Harvey HarveyMember

    My dog Roger has no use for a car without wheels.

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  5. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Let me get this right: the seller has a non-number matching car punctured throughout with rust and what I suspect is a non stock interior, a different hood, incorrect badging, & then the buyer has to supply their own engine and wheels for MORE than $10,000!?!?
    Did Missouri pass the legalized ganja law recently!?!?! Maybe the still kicked out a REALLY good batch this time..
    I like these, having had one almost identical that I tricked out (Mallory Electric moved to town about then and many of their supporting actors like Isky, etc.). IMO the seller hasn’t heard that this market is beginning to crumble-get off the smoke, dope.

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    • Donnie Sears

      It’s a mopar. Need I say more?

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  6. Scrappy

    Now engine, no wheels, rust, = scrap

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  7. Mike

    There’s an arse for every saddle but I’d say, this guy’s gonna’ sit on this thing for a while. This car is aimed at a certain kind of buyer and they are few and far between.

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  8. John g pflaum

    you are crazy even thinking of bidding on this thing, this thing is garbage it would cost more to restore than what it’s worth?

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  9. Bud Lee

    Car For Sale: car not included

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  10. Bill W.

    Put down the crack pipe. Unbelievable. No engine, no wheels and tires (I guess that’s why he didn’t bother to clean them for the pictures), but you can have the rusty hulk when I’m done stripping it………..for 10K+. Come on, this is some kind of a joke.

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  11. Midway

    Put a 2.3L toyota engine in it and park it next to a sawmill, it would make a good pto to power the saw

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  12. JW454

    Ha! I don’t care you you are… That’s funny right there!

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    • JW454

      OOPS! WHO you are.


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  13. Phil D

    Why would anyone kill the resale value of their hulk of a ’72 Charger because they’re attached to the non-numbers matching 400 engine under the hood — by far the least desirable of all the B-block engines?

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  14. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Every time I see an ad worded as this, I definitely steer clear. Although it may be something I really want, the ole gut feeling tells me it would be difficult to buy and take possession of, and most likely words between buyer and seller would end up being not so nice. But hey, who knows 😎

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  15. CBA

    A little bit too much sex, drugs and rock n roll

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Or, not enough!

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  16. Crazygerman

    Had a 72 Charger SE , same color with the 400 magnum engine and black interior with the Slap Stick. It was a nice fun car. Traded it in for a 76 Cordoba.

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    • Thomas F

      Had a light blue 76 cordoba.
      Luxury for a Chrysler.
      Bought new
      Fell apart within 5 yrs.

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  17. David Harris

    A current bid of 10k and reserve not met,bidder is higher then the seller

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    • Michael Berkemeier


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  18. Scott

    Most guys would pay $ for a mention on Barn Finds. Probably not this guy.

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  19. Dana

    Yes dear , I put it up for sale but nobody wants it

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  20. Emmet

    No engine, no wheels, no dice!

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    • PRA4SNW

      Spicoli, put your shirt back on!

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  21. Kent Krueger

    No engine, no wheels? Someone is doing too much crack. $10 K for a rusty hunt, missing major components. I would stay away from this one. Pay more, get a complete car. The 71-74 Chargers are not valuable enough to spend big dollars for an immobile rusted hulk. I’m a Mopar fanatic, but this isn’t a good deal.

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  22. Harley

    I bought a 74 charger years ago for 900 bux. Only a 318 but I loved driving it. Also bought a 68 Coronet 500 for 400 bux with a 383… Selling it was a huge mistake! I think I got 900!?

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  23. LittleJoesGarageMember

    This is what happens when the drugs kick in!

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  24. Ian

    Over $10,000 for what amounts to a parts car? He’s dreaming.

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