Holy Grail VW Find: Split Window Beetle Collection & More!

Over the weekend, a post began circulating on Facebook showing the hindquarters of a group of dusty split-window VW Beetles. Then, more pictures began to appear showing what appeared to be a Porsche Speedster, followed by a pair of BMW 328 roadsters from the 1930s! Further research found this post here on The Samba which seems to verify that a motherlode of collectible vehicles are resting in Kansas, waiting for exhumation following the owner’s death. 

The photos are all either poor quality or pictures of pictures, such as this one showing the highly desirable BMW 328s. I have only seen these in hardcover books or from high-end collector car events – maybe I spotted one in BMW’s museum, too. Suffice to say, two of them in project-car condition does not happen every day, or even every ten years. All of the vehicles are stored in a Quonset hut and are quite dusty. Apparently, air cooled fanatics on The Samba have known about the cars but their fate has been up in the air.

The trademark low-cut windshield is a dead giveaway that this is Speedster and rumors are circulating that it has already been sold. There’s an individual on The Samba who is orchestrating a sale, but there’s some chatter back and forth that a few middlemen have sprung up claiming they are handling the sale. Nothing seems certain about this find until it’s either with an auctioneer or the collection simply sells privately, as the current overseer of the cars is the owner of a well-known VW shop in New Mexico. For all we know, the cars have already been paid for.

What’s even more intriguing is that the deceased owner, who left no heirs, also had an eye for collectible cars beyond his preferred VWs. That looks like a desirable Ford “Deuce” coupe in the foreground, and a variety of other bodies and parts. Speaking of, that’s also a big part of the collection: online chatter indicates the stash also holds a motherlode of OEM and NOS VW parts. If the parts are from the same era as the split windows, you can be sure there are some highly desirable components locked away.

There are numerous other cars in the photos, including this early Bus. It seems like the sale was put on hold for years after the lawyers got involved, and I’m not sure who technically now owns the collection. Did it go the state? Or did the owner have siblings who knew of his prized possessions? Either way, there looks to be a fair amount of money on the table. Although some commenters think the split windows aren’t worth as much because they are lacking engines, I’m sure some of them will find their way overseas. Has anyone else heard – or even seen – this collection?

Photos of the Beetles, 356, and the ’32s courtesy of Adam Blickhahn! Special thanks to Adam for sharing more photos with us!

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  1. Andy

    Wow. Well, I’m sure the lack of engines isn’t a plus, but when I was driving air cooled VWs, it seemed like none of them had the original engine anyway, because it’s so easy to swap them and shops would just keep rebuilt motors ready to go rather than keep customers waiting. Also, there were so many upgrades of displacement and power, and so many improvements in general, that people who drove these cars were often happy to get a bigger, stronger motor. A split with the original engine is a road hazard. Even if I had one, I’d keep the original engine stashed and put a late 60hp in for driving.
    This once again makes me think of Zap’s VW salvage yard in Mayfield, NY, and how all his junkers were probably crushed after he died.

    • stan zeh

      Do you remember “Dudkas Junkyard on rt 30? Both cool places, thanks for the memory ….

    • Donal

      I had a ’52 beetle with a 1500 in it. I also had the original engine, in running condition with all the correct parts, distributor, fuel pump, etc. I kick myself every time I see one of these stories. I sold it in ’77 for $1000.

      • Marshall

        I was in the Army in Germany in 1975. How appropriate that I spot my first split window bug (a 1952) in Germany! My first reaction was that I said to myself “Ich kann es nicht glauben!”(I cannot believe it!). The owner was a service man who was selling it for 1000 marks, which I believe was about 450 bucks at the time if I remember right. However, I would have had to pay the cost of importing it back to the states.


    cant find any information about whether this is still for sale or how to contact the owners, i love the 32 coupe.

  3. Sam

    Lots of cool stuff! Hope there are siblings….hate to see lawyers, state and Fed divide the proceeds.

  4. Coventrycat

    Love the Beetles, too bad there are no killer Rabbits.

  5. adawil2002

    Hope this is real because I have been searching for a 1934 BMW 315/1, just like the one on the right. Hope to get a chance to get this and not watch it get rescued on TV.

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Hope you get it, Andrew. Please keep us posted if you do.

    • Jay

      How much is a BMW like this worth? They seem old and rare. You must have quite a bit of money if you’re seriously planning on trying to get it!

      • ScrapJunkie

        I was there yesterday and told it was a 35 319, one on the right is a 38 328

      • adawil2002

        Not as valuable as the late 1930s 328s or the late 1950s 507s yet still worth a fair amount as there were only 250 or so made. I have a car I’m willing to part with to make space.

      • Keith

        ScrapJunkie, Whats the story? Are the for sale?

      • ScrapJunkie

        Yes. It’s all for sale

      • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

        Thanks for weighing in ScrapJunkie. My friend Andrew posting here is the real deal, so I’m sure he’d appreciate any advice on making the proper contacts regarding the BMWs.

      • Dave Wright

        One on Hemings in Germany for about 200,000. All it takes is money. Great collection, won’t sell cheep.

    • Steven

      Its real , they are not far from me and same collection of cars that Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars as he went there..

      • Donna

        So where are they in Kansas

      • Jack Quaif

        Wayne wasn’t there.

      • Jack Quaif

        Wayne Carini…never went there. Numerous people said he did and swore they saw this stash on TV…never happened . I’ve heped with this for many long hours and weeks. All the cars have sold..by sealed bid which closed on April 30th. I’m Jack, the guy with the VW shop from NM, and am still selling alot of the parts from this hoard.

    • Randy Croley

      It’s real ! I was there today

    • Bill

      Chasing classic cars was there yesterday. Starting prices on those are $100k.

      • adawil2002

        So did Wayne buy the BMWs?

    • Iowegian

      The car on the left looks like it may have started out as a 1933-34 BMW 303 Roadster with what looks to be a tacked on Ihle nose panel. The car on the right is 35-36 315/1 and is not a 328.
      Both look to be in great condition.
      The left car has the drilled disc wheels and are very desirable

      • adawil2002

        Agree with your assessment on the BMWs though, the ‘315/1’ is a 319/1 with the 55hp motor, where the 315/1 had 40hp. Info I received from the estate says the cars engines have been removed yet are there. These are projects and not ‘turnkey’ barn finds, they didn’t ‘run when parked’.

        Theory is all the cars were put there for some mechanical failure and dismantled for repairs that never happened. Knowing that, it would make the cars more affordable.

        I have a friend who is planning to see the cars in person next week to asses whether I/we put in bids on the BMWs. Sealed bids are due no later than April 15th.

      • Iowegian

        @Adawil2002 -I was looking at a walk around video some one posted of the same stash, and I spotted what looked to be the 315/1 original grill back behind the cars! I had suspected that both vehicles 315/1s, or perhaps one 319/1.
        My first Iowa “barnfind” was a 1936 319/1 about 32 years ago . That one went to Michigan.

      • adawil2002

        @Iowegian, where would one find that video? Would love to see it.

    • Jack Quaif

      My name is Jack Quaif..and I’m involved with the digging out and selling of the parts, and helping to find buyets for theses cars. Cars sold by sealed bid till the end of April. Want info? Write me at jackq@suddenlink.net

      • Steven

        Jack you are so full of it and does show how stupid you are to keep harping on nonsense B.S. Dude get over the and move on.. Geez were you born in the barn! Grow up as there is more to life than old VW’s as your the one who keeps knocking on wood..

  6. Rod

    Wish I could find a stash like this even to walk thru. Sadly this is usually what happens in the end. Also heard of fires destroying these kinds of collections.

    • Fred W.

      Have to give the owner credit for stashing these in a somewhat dry, fireproof metal building.

  7. Bob

    two statements: “a fair amount of money on the table”
    “after the lawyers got involved”. Sound familiar?

  8. Scott Tait

    One BWM 328 is goog but a 314 aswell!!

    Do hope these end up going to actuall car guys

    Or atleast its not left to greedy lawyers

  9. rene

    Hi John, that is in Germany and these cars are a kind of art

  10. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    The guy with the VW shop in New Mexico (Jack Quaif), who is said to be involved in the sale of these cars, does not seem to have a very good reputation on The Samba according to comments on the site by people who sent him money but never received the goods.

    This might be a real find that’s worth pursuing, but the ownership status of the cars and the procedures for their sale don’t seem to be clear at all. It could be worth chasing down the person who has legal status to sell the cars, but until that person comes forward and begins to respond to inquiries or makes legit offers of sale, this could end up going nowhere. With an old deceased owner who had no heirs, and various people claiming to have status to carry out sales but who do not have legal status or possession of the cars, it could be a while before anything worthwhile can happen with the vehicles.

    RE: 1930s BMWs, the median recent auction price paid for restored 1934-36 BMW 319 was $163K.
    The median recent auction price paid for restored 1937-39 BMW 328 was $831K.

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Dolphin, I agree – but it does seem like he resolved one of the deals that didn’t go well. Most of his online rep appears to be from appearing interested in certain vehicles, saying he was going to pay and then changing his mind – which can often be a very subjective circumstance in the eyes of someone trying to sell something quickly. Not much better, but better than being a robber baron.

    • Jack Quaif

      This is the guy in New Mexico…”that doesn’t have a good reputation with Samba”..tell you what…write Everett of the Samba. The guy that posted there didn’t have the authority to do so and knew it. I’ve never had a problem with Samba..a couple of punks tried to start trouble and I called them on it. Because of that I don’t use the site. Keyboard commandos talk big…but no guts. I’ve been in Kansas helping the guys, Tyler Allen the executor and his brother-in-law Mike Hamilton , for almost two weeks with this stuff. And when the bids are read, will be going back up to help extract all the cars out for shipping. So before spreading rumors about people, and griping about how things are done…get the real story. Not from jerks that don’t know the facts. What to bid?…email me for info. Jackq@suddenlink.net. ..

  11. Vwluvrs

    This IS a real deal. Jack Quaif is the VW shop owner from clovis New Mexico who is helping the owners with the process of bringing these cars and parts to the market. The cars are south of Wichita Kansas. I would suggest you bypass all the online hype, and contact Jack directly. He’s easy enough to find through facebook!

    • Jeff W.

      Vwluvrs, yes Quaif is on FB, but has had no activity for more than a year. Doubt he looks at it.

    • adawil2002

      Sent him a message, we’ll what becomes of it.

      • adawil2002

        Jack did come through and I have contacted the estate’s executor. We’ll see what becomes of it.

  12. Jeff W.

    ScrapJunkie, is there an auction coming up for the Beetles? Would like to drive up from TX and bid one or two.

    • bugnbox

      Read my post below. Auction is sealed bid only, etc.

  13. bugnbox

    Ive been aware of this stash for over a year and it has been a long time coming to actually get the doors open and start the sale. Saturday morning was the first day for appointments and I had a guy there bright and early. Bids are being accepted now and must be made in a specific form, with proof of funds (bank letter of guarantee, etc) and the high bid will be presented to the courts for approval. This is all going to take some time and unfortunately nobody there involved seems to be tech savvy to get info posted online anywhere, so unless you can go to Kansas…you are kinda left in the dark.

    • John

      bugnbox, Can you send me some contact details so I can drive to Kansas/
      John fineridez@gmail.com

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      bugnbox, hopefully you can help the folks who are posting here with genuine interest and genuine funds.

      • bugnbox

        Unfortunately the connection I have there has been a really spotty one. I don’t dare post his number or address without his approval. If I can get the OK from the powers that be, I will put together a web page with all the information where folks can go to make contact.

        Im in the same boat as everybody else here. I want everything I see in these pics and I am trying to figure out the best way to work through the maze.

      • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

        Understandable. I would recommend sending a personal email to the individuals who have shared their info and share your contact details directly/privately.

      • bugnbox

        Not my job to be the mailman here.

        The whole world wants to know more about these cars. Until the people handling the estate get their act together and provide clear, reachable and reliable contact info, I’m just going to watch the fireworks. I have offered to help with posting some photos and details, but I have received no reply at all and I don’t want to end up stuck handling a billion emails.

        It would play in my favor if nobody can reach them if Im being honest!

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      “It would play in my favor if nobody can reach them if Im being honest!”

      Figured as much. Thanks.

    • Joe

      If you could also please send me info on who or where to place the sealed bid it would be much apriciated. mustangjoe17@comcast.net

    • Jack Quaif

      Tech savy?….We’ve been posting online, answering questions around the clock, sending pics when asked for. Have no worry, all the cars are being bid on, and truckloads of parts have gone to Calif, Colo, Okla and other place. Like always…people that don’t get all the facts and yell scam and worse, just ruin it for the majority of good people.

  14. John

    I’ve tried Jack’s phone numbers listed in New Mexico and on Facebook all to no avail.
    Can someone give me some contact information?
    please contact me at fineridez@gmail.com
    Thank you,

    • Jack Quaif

      This is jack…I’m here in Wellington at the site. For all those doubting me, or saying I have a bad reputation, plz post proof. I have never once sold anyhing that I didn’t send. I’m here due to the fact I volunteered my freinds, Tyler and Mike, to help. I asked for nothing. The rules say anogst other things…no personal attacks. So if you want to say crap….meet me, call me. Or stay behind your keyboard like a coward. My e-mail is jackq@suddenlink.net.

      • Steven

        Who is attacking you, I’ve not seen it Jack , beside those words meet me is not good as you might invite someone you can’t handle.. I’ve known of these cars a long time since I not that far from in Oklahoma, all due respect just don’t post like you just did for your own sake..

  15. adawil2002

    Extremely interested in the BMWs, I’d love to put in a bid. Also request contact info. brunswickfarm@gmail.com

  16. John K

    Looks like it might be a Studebaker Starline in the back. Maybe a ’54 or a ’55. Like to get my hands on that.


    I never got the bug or Porsche thing

    • Mike

      Many others did and do.

  18. KevinW

    Dang, this guy had great taste in cars!!!

  19. Dunk

    This is what we’d expect to find in Cuba with 50’s Chevies a real goldmine as far as the body goes.

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      Very knowledgeable car friends of mine went to Cuba last Fall. They said few if ANY of those good ole’ American cars would be worth exporting to the States. They said the bodies are being held together with spit and duct tape. Very few had anywhere near the original engine. Most interiors were gone. They didn’t see one car worth exporting. But credit must be given to the brave ingenious Cubans who, by necessity have had to do this kind of maintenance.

      • johnforsman

        I don’t think they have duct tape in Cuba, still in the baling wire era.

  20. Rustytech

    When I first saw this post I thought WoW! I love split Windows, and would be very interested in restoring one, but after reading these posts, this sounds more like the “who’s on first” story! Might be easier to go find another one.

  21. Steven

    I notice that building and they are not far from me.. Chasing Classic Cars guy Wayne was there on one of his shows , all legitimate .. But people better take a pocket full of money..

  22. Old Ed

    I don’t recall Porsche Speedsters having flared fender wells.

    • Mike

      Not from factory but those look a little rough. More than a few were modified to fit larger tires.

  23. Vintageracer

    Just think?

    Years ago when all those cars were put in the “Hut” they ALL were:

    “Only Worth What They Weighed”

    My how time, old age, desire to relive our youth and human nostalgia for the past sure can change our perceived present day value of:

    “Scrap From Our Past”

    It’s always neat to see:

    “Good Junque”

  24. Beeman on Nevis (EU 29)

    Even the licence plates have value too….I wouldn’t mind that “US in forces Germany 1960” plate for my collection ! To bad the black on white German export plate looks “butchered”

  25. SPMacomber

    Wonder if there are any more US forces in Germany plates… looking for a 58 or maybe 59 M-2662. was my grandparents plate for their 1958 23 window bus that they brought back to the US, but sold in the mid 60’s

  26. Steven

    There was a odd looking custom build car there , looked like some space 🚀 car.. South of Wichita Kansas as they are stored in a Q Hut Building, some cars there you would have to actually build parts for as nothing is available today… The VW’s there is parts available! I just bought a 67 Mustang GT500 fastback in Ohio rust free , just little dusty matching numbers with 390 an 4sp.. But its gonna be Gone N’ 60 radical restoration 540ci ford engine from Roush and 6sp transmission with independent heavy 9″ rear with around coil over shocks? Shock Risers in front are gonna come out as that’s old style.. The Stang is on a truck now being shipped too Ok City at a Custom Car shop..

  27. Moose Feather

    Seems a little like chasing a Ghost.

  28. Anthony

    Does anyone feel bad for the deceased owner? I know I do..

  29. Woodie Man

    Well somebody seems to know something. “ScrapJunkie” flashing the gang sign with the prison haircut above seems to be inside the building……….I think Elvis left though

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Honestly, the whole thing feels messy. No offense intended, but it seems when anything comes up that slides into that narrow valley of $20-$40K projects, the vultures come out in droves. List price of >$50K = big money, scares the hacks away but prices increase to bubble-levels quickly. List price of <$50K = glorified flippers elbowing actual restorers out of the room hoping for a $10K (or less) pay day. Frankly, I find the most pleasant people in this hobby to be around are the ones trying to rescue and drive cars that cost under $10K.

    • ScrapJunkie

      Lol at gang sign and prison hair cut.

  30. Blackta1


  31. GEORGE

    seems like too much aggravation and butt kissing for me. oh please let me buy your collection of cars. lol. then they will probably go to an insider friend of the lawyers for a kickback. the owner had good taste in cars. so sad he did not get to drive them.

  32. Rion

    How much for the split windows vws?

  33. Rion

    And where in kansas are they?

    • Jeff


  34. Steven

    Wayne Carini hasn’t bought anything as of yet from here this place , the owner said he will call..

    • GEORGE

      well you know that wayne probably has some high rollers who he will pay the most for some of this collection, so i see it as a big waste of time for most people.

  35. Mack Johnson

    The sale is being conducted by a sealed bid process through the executor of the estate. The highest bidder with proof of funds will have their bid sent to a judge to give final approval. Some of the Beetles have damage, rust, missing fenders,replacement hoods, unoriginal engines etc… I have detailed information by a reliable 3rd party for the vehicles but not the process to bid. I have not done sealed bids since the late 60’s and the process does not appeal to me.

  36. Steven

    I’ve heard by a message last night that a Judge maybe getting ready to make this into a Auction in order to settle this business of selling off this estate , hey it happens alot on these kinds of things.. Same actual thing happened in Enid Oklahoma with that old Salvage yard few years ago of Cars dating back in the 1920’s up to the 1960’s as that was a place once just north of downtown Enid of lots of Old American Iron and that man had some in a Shop that was PRIZED possession cars..

    • Jeff

      Steven, if it does go to auction, will each car be sold individually? That would be nice for us “smaller” guys. I’d like to have just 1 of the split VWs to restore.

      • Steven

        Well how the owner was talking to Wayne Carini bout some European car there it belongs to that brother and auction came out.. Likely this summer or fall its going to take prep time! And they don’t work fast, anyone should keep eyes 👀 open for date’s

      • Mike

        Each car will be sold separately.One bid one car.call for appointment. bids taken till April 31!

  37. Steven

    Heck the entire lot number cars isn’t worth what someone gives , make a good sign post just like that old junk yard near Pocatello Idaho that who ever owns asking $3,000.000 for of cars that most been stripped of best of parts.. You can see that place off I-15 and likely on the Indian Reservation ” Indian Junky junk yard ” oh if someone needed some good sheet metal for their project car be fine , but not a full restoration projects there..

  38. Steven

    The best of American Classic Cars isn’t Cuba , but Montevideo Uruguay since they had American Car Dealerships there for years.. A few men there known to have tons of Classic American car parts of being OME Factory Original New Old Stock in storage.. Anthony Bourdain went there looking up family

  39. Donna

    Where can the cars be seen?

    • Jeff

      Wellington, KS

  40. Steven

    Well on the south side of Wichita Kansas you can see this round top butler building.. Again im going to say a Auction will be post dated on them soon, when I saw the Chasing Classic Cars episode of those cars the Guy said 3 or 4 belong to his brother.. So people you make that one out!

    • Jack Quaif

      Chasing cars was not there…..I left there Sunday and he cancelled due to a person posting stuff he shouldn’t have on a VW site. Strange how rumors get started.NO cars have been sold..bids are being taken until 30 April. May 1st they’ll be opened.

  41. Steven

    I’m looking for a 37 or 39 three window Lincoln Zephyr rust free to restomod project, for those that’s been Restomod are selling in the 6 figures cause of their popularity now..

  42. Steven

    This is a 37 Lincoln Zephyr an real kick azz restomod.. If a person knows their cars then you would one of these by sight anywhere.

  43. Steven

    From the way this Jack Quaif message post , does sound like he is threatening someone.. I don’t know the guy if he is from Clovis New Mexico VW guy, but if I was those owners of these cars and wanting to sale ? Get a Auction Company out of Kansas city and put them up that way without hassle to just give those opportunities in a vast array of folks those opportunities on bidding process.. Plain simply put it a Auction stops all of these daily grind on who gets what! If you have the bucks then offer in a Auction process where people submitting bids then who wins out they own a car.. These Split window bugs I’ve also searching online found others in same kind of shape.

    • Jack Quaif

      I didn’t threaten anyone. And May 1st this will be over…

      • Steven

        I’m gonna call you a liar , as Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars was there.. Go view one his recent episodes and Jack you are a real nuisance as explains it!

  44. John

    I found jack before the he posted and saw the negative comments about him, so I understand his post.
    As stated,I talked with him before he posted and he was very informative, he promptly put me in contact with the executor and I received the information needed to make a bid.
    I’ve attended auctions with sealed bids by; the FDIC, FSLIC, Banks, Courts and Insurance companies.
    So the process that has been chosen is nothing new.

    • Steven

      John I never said anything about Jack as I don’t know him, but if you insist upon that.. I will take this to Barn Finds, all I said from his post like he posted is like invite a fight as read it?…

      • Mike

        Each car will be sold separately.One bid one car.call for appointment. bids taken till April 31! Jack is a good friend of mine. He is here as a expert, helping me with details on vehicles. Hope you can make a appointment so you can have a chance to bid on these great cars.

  45. Steven

    Nothing really there I want at this stash of cars.. There is some what of the near same of old cars only many American cars in Texas that I’ve come across, no hassle as the owner will run people off in Big Springs..

    • John

      I’m in Texas and am interested in your find,
      If there’s any foreign cars in what you found send me an email.
      or give me a call, 832 2892 0194

      • Steven

        John I’m gonna be in Big Springs within the few weeks and I can take you as my guest to where all of these cars are..

      • Steven

        John that phone number doesn’t work ?

      • Steven

        Check your phone number how you posted it , that’s like an overseas number?

  46. Mike

    Good luck on your hunt. I’m just try to stop all the negativity. It is a real collection of car our Uncle left for his family.Sorry we did not have anything you are interested in.

  47. Jeff

    Mike you say call for an appointment, but don’t provide a number???

    • Mike

      575-760-7385 BMW – 1935. BMW-1985. Porscha-1955. MG-1952

  48. Steven

    Oh geez at the confounded nonsense this Jack is talking, I could careless what he is VW or what ever.. Just reading his comments doesn’t prove nothing to me, I was born yesterday and I’m not a old person either.. What I’m after is those three Lincoln Zephyr Coupes and few other classic American cars in Big Springs a friend told me about ‘ also there is what many people are after Divco milk trucks as there is 9 there as 4 are C200 the longer ones.. This pic is a C200 Divco that a company in California restored for a guy in Australia, this entire ordeal bout these split window VW’s has become the real nuisance cause of what a huge nothing, why fight over it.

    • Jack Quaif


    • John

      Sorry bout that, darned sticky keyboard,
      832 282 0194

      • Steven

        Good chat today John, when I’m in Big Springs I will call you before I drive down an we can meet somewhere to travel together there.. Yeah there is some late 20’s cars up into early 70’s there! Auburns , few European cars and the big three cars as this gent who owns them has collected over the years.. About like Walter Sultus in northeast Ohio who collected everything from Warbirds to cars , only his dreams of restorations didn’t pan out as the family had to sale off a few Warbirds of two Twin P51 Mustangs, F4U-AD Corsair , B25 to pay doctor bills.. Oh that place is still full of Warbirds and old cars with tons of parts..

  49. Mike

    Sorry you feel that way about our collection.But many people thing otherwise.We have had have people from all over the US and over seas show up after they made appointments . So it must be big deal.Wish you would call so we could make you a appointment so you could see the big deal. 575-760-7385.

    • Steven

      All due respect Mike as yeah what’s there has interest to some people, but not me since I’m into what catches my eye.. Now if there was a 37 ford business 3 window coupe there I would been all over it ? But it would get Rat Rod an big tires with a big block engine on a late model frame.. I’m just not a VW fan!

      • Mike

        Guess you didn’t see 32 thru 40 Ford’s!

  50. Steven

    Mike I’ve seen them all , only the 37 is the actual one I want.. Duh I wasn’t born yesterday! I’m done on this enough said

  51. Steven

    Mike right here is a 37 ford rat rod and there is many around that’s not been restored yet all steel body..

  52. Gunnie

    Reminds me of the vw lineup I saw while dtiving route 66 about 20 years,ago. “Sigh”
    And my aunt’s sunroof beetle from the early sixties. At least I still have the square rear plate from England.

  53. Louis Q Chen

    It’s sad that the owner died without an heir(s)? I’m if any lawyer(s) get their greedy hands on them as executor, it’ll cost a fortune on the whole lot!

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