Home Depot Floors: 1968 Porsche 912

It may seem like a world far, far away, but there was a time when old air-cooled 911s and 912s were fairly disposable vehicles. At the very least, they were not immune to backyard repairs when values reached maximum decline, as this 1968 Porsche 912 shows us. The body is quite tired and it’s clear cosmetics have been a low priority for quite some time. This really comes to a head when you check out the floors, which may not be rusty but sure aren’t factory. Find the 912 here on eBay with bidding over $5K and the reserve unmet.

Well, it’s functional, I suppose! The seller notes that while this may have addressed the rust issue, these floors are not even close to factory spec. It looks like something your local hardware store would sell you with an extremely puzzled look on their faces as you explained the materials are for your Porsche. The seller further notes that the previous owner added a support that was bolted to the rear torsion bars, so there’s a fair amount of engineering here to unravel.

The motor turns over but the 912 is literally hotwired at the moment with the ignition lock removed. This is due to the keys being lost. The previous owner must be a hoot to hang out with, because it seems like no amount of potentially vexxing scenarios prevented him from continuing to drive the doors off of this 912. The engine cranks and sounds like it has compression, according to the seller, but it does not have spark.

The body is covered in a thin coating of filler, presumably to prep the car for a paint job that never materialized. The seller says the metal is actually fairly solid underneath, but the real shame is that it’s been repainted a few times and the original color was a desirable shade known as Irish Green. The interior isn’t suitably photographed but I can only imagine what it looks like given the other “enhancements.” Assuming the reserve isn’t much higher than the current bid amount, there could be a worthwhile project underneath – but there’s a bit of a gamble as to what else you’ll find for backyard engineering.

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  1. Chuck F

    Very tempting, but I will resist. I fondly remember my 160k mile 1982 911 SC I bought from California in late 90s for $8k, and sold for $8500 when I wanted something else.

    • v

      so then these cars have an excellent profit potential sir…

  2. Mountainwoodie

    Maybe there’s five grand in parts……………….

  3. Steve

    I wonder if all those holes in the angle iron whistle at speed?

    • V

      i think its a polish caliope

  4. LARRY

    That floor fix is so redneck…I love this kind of ingenuity it’s what makes car guys real car guys

    • V

      if i were broke down in the desert, i would want him as my wingman. i remember when the space shuttle was flying there was an astronaut with this MCGIVERABILITY and thats why they chose him.

  5. hatofpork

    First snob-free Porsche I’ve seen in 50 years.

  6. Gaspumpchas

    You guys hit it on the head!! Patch job nicely engineered! I truly hope this one goes to someone who always wanted one but couldn’t afford,providing the price isn’t crazy high. Good luck to the new owner!!


    • local_sheriff

      Totally agree with you! Considering what any early 911/12 sells for there are many without deep pockets who’d love to own a Porsche even in such so-so condition. Even though the patching is obviously home made doesn’t mean it’s technically a bad solution.Who knows, maybe it now has BETTER road handling than from factory?!
      And remember; the repairs done to this 912 might also be what saved it from the scrapper back then! Best of luck to new owner !

  7. Jack Quantrill

    Similar to VW, as far as ease of working on. Shade -tree mechanics live on! I bought a ‘66 912 , less motor, but otherwise complete for $1000. Sold off every nut and bolt for over $10,000. This was 5 years ago. Times have changed.

  8. Rex Rice

    The owner that did this should go to jail. And stay there..

    • DNC

      Agreed ! Angle iron ?

  9. Scott

    No Rust!!

  10. JMB#7

    I am going out on a limb here….But….. buy it an drop a rotary into it………

  11. robert gressard

    I love it! My kinda car. You can beat the living snot out of it and have a ball. Drive it to the country club and watch the snobs in the bunch get sick. These used to be $500 beaters. Ah those were the days.

  12. Fitzrodss

    Robert you nailed.


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