Home From Germany: 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan

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This 1949 Cadillac is a widely traveled vehicle, but not all of those miles have been accumulated under the car’s wheels. After rolling off the production line, the car was exported to Germany. After spending a number of years cruising the roads and autobahns of Germany, it found its way back to California. The car appears to be in really nice condition, and at the time of writing, bidding has only reached $1,949 with no indication that there is a reserve. The Cadillac is located in Temecula, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The presentation of the Cadillac is extremely impressive. The owner says that the underside of the car is extremely clean, with not a spot of rust to be found anywhere. The paint has a deep shine to it, and all of the external trim and chrome is present. The rear bumper may need a trip to the plater as there is some minor corrosion present, but the rest of the trim is in good condition.

For the 1949 model year, trim and equipment updates on the series 62 were only minor, but the big news surrounded a major change under the hood. This was the model where Cadillac introduced its new 331ci V8 engine, which produces 160hp. Transmission choice was between a 3-speed manual transmission or the 4-speed Hydra-Matic, and that is what is fitted to this Cadillac. The owner says that the car is mechanically very original, and while he can’t be 100% sure, he believes that the indicated 23,000 kilometers (14,300 miles) may be genuine. He also says that the car runs and drives well and that it will cruise happily all day at 65mph. He does say that stopping can be an issue, as the brakes will need some attention.

The interior of the Cadillac is close to faultless. This is said to be the original upholstery and trim. If this is true, then its condition is all the more remarkable. The owner says that he doubts that the car has ever spent any real time in the sun, as all of the seals and weather stripping are in as-new condition. It really is hard to fault the interior of the car, and while the equipment levels may seem somewhat spartan by today’s standards (there is only an AM radio) it represented the height of luxury, comfort, and style in 1949. It still looks like a rather nice place to spend some time on an extended journey.

This 1949 Cadillac is a beautiful looking car that appears to be in very impressive condition for its age. It appears that the only issues that will need to be addressed are the chrome on the rear bumper, along with the issue with the brakes. A really nice example will generally start at around the $28,000 mark, although an immaculately restored car can sell for $60,000 or more. If this particular car is original, and if the claimed mileage can be verified, then that makes this a pretty special car that would be a great addition to any garage or workshop.

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  1. TimS

    Probably lightly used and refreshed many years ago, but still, what a class ride. Who wouldn’t feel like a late Golden Era Hollywood star riding around in this thing? The “2 doors too many” crowd can buzz off.

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    I know this is wierd, but it is so good to see all that chrome hardware on the door panel. The good old days of rolling down the windows without the use of a switch. It seemed like the transition from crank to power windows happend overnight.

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    • Robert L Roberge

      Thankfully devoid of hydraulic windows and, as a result, the rockers still have their paint.

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  3. Kenneth Carney

    I like it a lot! This to me is what a Cadillac should be. When I was a young
    man, we’d find these for sale all over the place. In fact, Dad and I bought a few of
    them, fixed what was needed, cleaned
    them up, and sold them on for a hand-
    some profit for the time. I recall one car
    we picked up in Lebanon, Missouri while
    on vacation in ’71. We pulled into a truck
    stop to grab a bite and gas up the Winnebago when I noticed a dusty old
    Caddy parked under a carport. It was
    covered in dust but all there and as we
    found out later, it hadn’t been parked
    very long at all. We found the owner
    and $275 later, we were pulling it home
    behind our motorhome! That car was a
    real time capsule after it was cleaned
    up inside and out. We got it running and
    driving in short order and it wasn’t long
    before we sold it for $2K to a collector
    in Indiana. Wish I could’ve kept it, but I
    still had my ’50 Packard 7-passenger
    sedan and my ’66 Cadillac Calais 4-door
    HT in the backyard and my parents said
    no anyway. Sure would like to buy this
    one, but Mom and my wallet just said
    no too!

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  4. local_sheriff

    Considering it was exported when new, this would not only be a posh car in the US, but particularly in war-torn Europe! It would be interesting who actually could cough up the $ to get such a whale then. My guess would be that either a grand company or some embassy bought this as a representation vehicle.
    Not only is the Caddy itself impressive, but the story behind should be of historic value.Great find!

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  5. geomechs geomechsMember

    Damn! Why is it that the good stuff is always at the wrong place at the wrong time? I’ve never been a big fan of Cadillac except for the ’49. It really appeals to me. Well, a ’56 does too, for some silly reason. But the ’56 is a barge while the ’49 is a nice car, not yet overdone. Yes, this one could come to my place. And I prefer four-doors…

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  6. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    Beautiful looking Cadillac. I’ve always loved Cadillacs from 1949-1953. I hope whoever purchases this car enjoys it. :)

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  7. Howard

    If you ordered a pizza delivered from Bell Boy Pizzeria in 1964, I would have showed up in a Caddy identical to this one to bring it to you. My boss bought it from the proverbial little old lady in Pennsylvania so it had escaped the ravages of the MI rust monster. I never got to take it onto the open road to really see her shine, but it sure was a disappointment to climb into my 47 Ford Tudor at the end of my shift. Driving that car kicked off my love affair with 50s luxury cars, I drive a 52 Olds Super 88 now that I wish were in the condition this one is. It will perform well in modern day traffic and I don’t hesitate to run her at 80 mph on the xway I just have to make sure to leave plenty of room between me and any obstruction ahead of me lol

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  8. JEFF S.

    Love how all the chrome looks, but hate all the work required to keep it looking so good. I remember all the hours I spent at my Dad’s body shop in Huntington Park, CA as a teen, 1969 to 1975, buffing Cadillac and other cars chrome trim.
    Still not as bad as a week of wet sanding a Cadillac, way to much surface area on those Cadillac and Lincolns of the day. Trunks you could keep 4 dead bodies in and have room left over, maybe that is why the mafia love them so much.

    I plan on owning one of these classics real soon, saving up to pay cash, I am about $4,000 short of the bidding on this one and everything I buy today has to have A/C.

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  9. James Simonds

    This is a beautiful car. 4 doors and all. This car has class. Back in the day, my girlfriend really liked that back seat
    Well, I liked it too. My modern garage, does not have enough space for this totally beautiful car. Good luck to whoever gets it.

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  10. peter r

    I’m now the high bidder at 13.6K – yet my high bid is considerably more. I really don’t like the way eBay places our bids. I really think they should show my actual high bid as that is what I’m prepared to pay..

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    • local_sheriff

      Best of luck with your bidding – you’ll may never again stumble upon such a clean documented 49 Caddy!

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  11. AllenMember

    For my money, this may be the most beautiful Cadillac ever built. Certainly, it stands way above any Cadillac built since. So-called “improvements” GM made on this design in the early ’50s were nothing short of a disaster. Granted, ’54 Olds, Buick and Cadillac were shockingly low – and stunning in that regard. (They don’t look that way now!). ’54-56 Caddys were certainly better looking than ’51-53 models. I won’t bore any readers with my blow-by-blow historical account, but there was a gracefulness about that ’49 model – far superior to the bulbous earlier designs – and certainly more artistic than anything after.

    Basically, it must have been the same body shell used across all five GM marques, but with the slim, rounded Caddy fins that did not yet pretend to feign Buck Rogers – just graceful swooping lines never seen since.

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  12. James R.

    I would like to point out that the hood ornament looks to be gold plated; this is wrong. Also, the battery looks to be 12 volts, so this car has been changed from 6 volts to 12 volts. Also, the “flex” type radiator hose is an eyesore, as is the wrong radiator cap, hose clamps, and mickeymouse wiring. This car appears to have an electric 12 volt choke, also not original. All that can be seen from one small picture. What else is wrong with this beautiful car?? The buttons on the seat are not original, and the steering wheel is the wrong color. A buyer should be aware that this car does not have power steering.
    After seeing the pictures, I would be very careful to determine how original this car really is; and the mileage is dubious to me. LOOK IN PERSON.
    P.S. I own my grandma’s 1948 Cadillac (same bodystyle) in “French Gray”. We bought it when it was ONE year old. That is 70 years ago. It has always been in the same town in central California.

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  13. Gay Car Nut Tacoma

    I’ve seen Cadillacs of 1949 – 1954, but never had I seen one with the speedometer in kilometres per hr. That’s different. :)

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  14. PatrickM

    Listing ended. sold for $18,100.00

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  15. peter r

    My fault. First time bidding on eBay and my top bid was $18k prelisted. I did not realize you need to bid at the last possible moment to become high bidder. Clearly those who understand the system only try to beat the deadline by a second or two. By the time I was readying my higher bid the auction ended.

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