Hot 327! 1966 Chevrolet Malibu

Fans of stock-appearing turn-key classics with upgrades from the factory parts bin and extra power should definitely check out this 1966 Chevrolet Malibu in Schenectady, New York. Though not a Super Sport or big block car, this Willow Green Malibu packs a 327 built to 350 HP and a four-speed manual transmission. That powertrain combined with the 3.90 Positraction rear end will dispatch many SS cars, and would lay waste to virtually any stock muscle car from the mid to late ’70s. The owner says it will cruise at 70+ MPH, and plenty of pictures in the listing here on eBay show a vehicle restored with correct factory details and many original parts. It comes with two sets of wheel covers and has covered about 5000 miles since the engine build. At least 19 bidders have voted their approval to the tune of $30,000 without meeting the seller’s Reserve.

The hottest 327 you could buy in any Chevelle for ’66 was the 275 HP Turbo-Fire 327. While the killer 375 350 HP L79 327 existed as an RPO, none made their way into any Chevelle that year, according to ChevelleStuff. This car’s VIN confirms what you see here, a V8-powered 1966 Malibu sport coupe (hardtop) built in Framingham, Massachussets. There is no “engine code” so it would take more detective work to sort out the car’s provenance. Nevertheless it looks like a well put-together car with a 327 that no-doubt scoots better than new. The seller states the car retains its original block and heads, with forged pistons and a vintage-style 30-30 solid lifter racing cam that netted 360+ HP from the high-winding 327 small-block back in the day.

Shiny paint and trim combine with a new-looking top to leave little to complain about here. Redline tires are the only hint of this Malibu’s sporting intentions, unless someone keenly catches the sound of that lumpy camshaft at idle.

Original vinyl bucket seats and the no-nonsense shifter with abbreviated original console keep things all business inside. The pillarless hardtop gives a wide open feeling for warm evenings of windows-down cruising. Forget satellite radio and giant touch-screen panels when you can poke that angry 327 with the throttle instead.

Except for raw oysters, I’d gladly eat off this tidy undercarriage. Spending hours re-detailing the underside of a car after a show weekend is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure pays off when you go to sell. In a sea of Chevelles made to look like Super Sport models, this mild-looking Malibu with the high-strung 327 is a breath of fresh air. Would you change anything on this cruse-ready classic?


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  1. Sam Shive

    BEAUTIFUL, Hell that Air Cleaner Is Worth It Weight Gold. Solid Lifters…..I bet she sounds sweet.

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    • Tom

      It’s a Nova air cleaner and I’m guessing it’s a reproduction. The L-79 Chevelles had a chrome air cleaner with the snorkels angled towards the front corners of the car. Still very cool!!

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  2. Chris M.

    Very nice car and a thoughtful build. This car should bring good money based on what we see in the photos.

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  3. Dave

    Either replace the four speed with an overdrive five speed or lower the rear end ratio to keep the RPM down on the highway. Nice brake update and notice the large pulley on the alternator to reduce its RPM. Nice car all around.

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    • LarryS Member

      Agree. A Tremec 5-speed would be perfect. I have one in my ’75 Vette with a 3.55 rear and it makes highway cruising much nicer. Only downside is its size might make the H-pipe you suggest harder to fit.

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  4. Terrry

    I’d eat raw oysters off that undercarriage, I like this car that much. Give me one of these over any big-block or SS Chevelle/Malibu.

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  5. Dave

    One more thing…having a H-pipe in the exhaust does wonders for the low-end torque you need on the street.

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    • Terrry

      The only thing I might (just might) change would be the rear end to 3:73 for a little more cruiser economy. It would still scratch the black off the blacktop.

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      • Steve R

        A 4% change in gear ratio isn’t worth the time, effort or money. By simply changing the tire diametet you could accomplish more at a fraction of the cost.

        Steve R

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Which wheel covers do you get, if any?
    Is it of any benefit TO THE MOTOR to convert to a modern oil filter? Certainly less messy to change, i would think.

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  7. Tom

    I love it just the way it is except for the 3.90 gears. That means it would be cruising at around 4000 rpm at 70 mph. Add a TRX 5 speed and it would be perfect!
    The L-79 327 was never rated at 375 hp. It was always 350 hp with the exception of the 6 ‘67 L-79 Novas produced, and ‘68 Chevelles that were rated at 325 hp

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  8. jnard90 jnard90 Member

    Love this!

  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Very good looking car. Had a 67 so the worries are rust under the vinyl top along with potential rust behind the rear window and back edge of the fenders and quarter panels. If it checks out, it would be a fun car to drive IMO.

  10. Nikrnic

    I’m not 100% but the 275hp version was popular in 67 as the 350hp version was only available in the Corvette however if find it hard to believe that there were no L79 Chevelles in 66. Either way this is one beautiful car.

    • Tom

      I’m no expert but I believe the L-79 was offered in the Chevelle line from ‘65-‘68. ‘65-‘66 were rated at 350 hp and had an aluminum intake and a 585 cfm Holley carb. In ‘67-‘68 it was rated at 325 hp with a cast iron intake and new Quadrajet carb. These engines were no joke!

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      • Steve R

        The L-79 wasn’t offered as an option for the Chevelle, Malibu or El Camino in 1966.

        Steve R

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  11. Desert Rat

    So which set of wheels do I get? The great looking mag style wheel covers or the ones I hate more than black wheels, steelies with dog dish hub caps?

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  12. Utes

    ’65 L79 Chevelle air cleaners had dual snorkels that were @ 120° & 210° positions, whereas the ’66-’67 Nova L79’s were the ONLY opposing-snorkel’d cleaner’s @ 90° & 270°. ’67 Chevelle’s w/L79s had open elements.

    • Tom

      Chevelles and Novas had chrome open element air cleaners in ‘67-‘68. Same one used on the Corvette. Pretty sure the ‘65-‘66 L-79 Chevelle used the closed angled snorkel air cleaner you’re referring too

  13. Pauld

    Had this exact car, but a 67. It had the optional disc brakes. Sold it for $700 to a guy that had a hard time driving a stick shift. The 275 horsepower had a single exhaust.

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