Hot-Rod Express: 1962 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery

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If a ’62 Ford Falcon turned up for sale, it might be interesting to review. It would depend on its condition, equipment, enhancements, etc. They are not an uncommon car and even today, so many years later, they still surface with some regularity. But how about a ’62 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery? That’s an attention-getter if for no other reason than their rarity and today, unusual concept. That being the case, here’s one of these seldomly seen Fords, located in Mendon, Ohio and available here on eBay for a BIN price of $10,500.

Ford produced the Falcon based sedan delivery in both the Gen 1 Falcon (’60-’63) and Gen 2 (’64-’65). Whereas the sedan/hardtop version of a collectible vehicle usually ends up as a perfectly stock restoration, a hot-rod or a resto-mod, sedan delivery variants seem to end up with a hot-rod/rat-rod personality (caronality?). This Ford is no exception. Curiously, the exterior of this Sedan Delivery has been finished off in the same choice of color as graced the 1962 Falcon sales brochure, Ford Tan. The seller states that it was originally Ford Red.

The most obvious improvement is under the hood. Originally equipped with a 144 CI, in-line six-cylinder engine (85 gross HP), it was been replaced twice and the latest incarnation taking up residence in the engine room is a modified 302 CI, “Windsor” V8. It is an impressive looking engine that has received some visually obvious mods for power enhancement. This low mileage motor is accompanied by a similarly low mileage C-4, three-speed automatic transmission, both fronted with a new aluminum radiator. Other improvements include a dual compartment master brake cylinder, new wiring and a Ford 8″ differential.

The body of this Sedan Delivery is by-and-large in good shape. There are a few bumps and bruises and the seller indicates a few paint bubbles too but it is very passable and even more so if a rough-and-rugged street vibe is the attitude trying to be attained here. What body rust is present is topical in nature, not invasive, and the underside appears to be in solid shape. The seller does mention that the windshield is cracked but it’s not a piece unique to a sedan delivery so finding a replacement shouldn’t be a hunt. The hood is an interesting piece in that it is referred to as a “prototype”. The hood scoop looks like it has been lifted from a late ’60s Torino. The full-size Ford wheel covers make for an interesting, unexpected look.

The interior is a work in progress. The seller has installed a very nice after-market instrument cluster, an unexpected find.

The rest of the interior, however, needs an overhaul. The origin unknown bucket seats are good candidates for recovering but the door cards/side panels have gone missing. The seller does have the original bench seat frame as well as a usable back seat even though that’s not original to a sedan delivery. The seller also lists a new headliner as being included in the sale. Of note, is a power rear window in place of the usually found manual crank version.

This sedan delivery is pretty far down that hot-rod path and it wouldn’t take a lot of effort to finish it out as a street cruiser, road rambler, stop-light bandit, whatever tag you want to lay on it. It is also a bit unusual as most sedan deliverys that come up for sale seem to be ’55-’57 Chevies; this is the first Falcon sedan delivery that I have encountered. That being the case, this is a neat ride for Ford fans; not a Mustang Mach 1, or a Torino Cobra-Jet, or a Falcon Sprint but a very unique and infrequently seen vehicle, don’t you think?

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  1. J_PaulMember

    Cool car, and certainly unique. Since it’s already been hot-rodded to some extent, I wouldn’t feel guilty going even further — Disc brakes, some proper wheels (Torque-Thrusts or some 60’s Mustang rally wheels would look great), a repaint in the original red, cleaning up the interior and finding a workable console to go between the seats, maybe converting to a floor shift.

    Since the Falcon and early Mustang share so much under the skin, there’s so many things you could potentially do with this.

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  2. ArizonaPinstriping

    I agree with J Paul. This is a really cool car, and incredibly rare. I’ve never seen one of these. I have a soft spot for Falcons, and yeah, you can do anything to this that you can do to a Mustang, which makes it a great blank canvas for a real unique ride. Somebody’s gonna have a lot of fun with this.

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  3. Howard A. Howard AMember

    I like it too. Back in the 80’s, me and my ex-BIL went to Nashville to buy a classic. It came down to a ’63 Belair or a Falcon 2 door wagon with no floor. I wanted the Falcon, but my BIL was a GM man, and we bought the Chevy. They both wanted $350 bucks,,,I wish these builders would lighten up on some of the mods, and save a little for body work. Never seems to be a consideration these days. It’s a neat car, but looks terrible, as is.

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  4. Tucker Callan

    Didn`t Shelby have a “Parts Chaser” something like this? Think it had a K engine?

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  5. Eric B

    I used to always see one of these at the shows years ago. Wimbledon White with Torq Thrusts owned by an elderly gentleman. Super understated, but I always loved it. Haven’t been to many shows in recent years and wonder if the guy and the car are still around. I should start a CL want ad to inquire.

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  6. John

    I remember Chrysler made Valiant panel 2 door wagons for Mi Bell telephone because I wanted to do the same as the Falcon, but as a paperboy making $20 dollars a week…

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    • PatrickM

      that’s Ma Bell….long before Verizon or others.

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  7. bone

    57 Ford hubcaps !

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  8. Steve R

    This car needs an in person inspection before purchase. The city of Pacifica decal and the mention of bubble in the paint are red flags. Pacifica is located on the coast just south of San Francisco, it is subjected to salty Pacific Ocean ground fog almost every day. Cars in that area rust from the top down due to condensation, not the bottom up like cars from the salt belt.

    It is cool, but in this case pictures of the rust free floors do not guarantee a rust free car.

    Steve R

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    • stillrunners

      Steve – pretty sure that’s the area of Cali my 59 sedan delivery came from….funny rust on the top and drip rail – bottoms okay….

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      • Steve R

        Could be. Cars from that area will tend to rust anywhere water collects or where there are paint chip on a horizontal or vertical surface. It’s like someone threw a bucket of salt water on cars every evening while they are parked in the driveway. The funny thing is, if you go inland, often only a mile or two, 20+ year old cars that have never seen the inside of a garage will be rust free.

        Steve R

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  9. Bo

    I love Falcons but I feel the gauge cluster looks a bit out of place. The style of the dials look like they came out of a boat or a jet ski. An old jet ski.

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    • Mike Leonardi

      Dolphin gauges out of Burrell Florida, good user quality nice looking without spending a couple thousand plus they are very accurate. Domed glass and I installed led lighting the green hue at night looks good. (eBay)
      I lived around Fresno, Ca and had a great friend who built stunning vehicles priced at 140-160k…at the time. On the other hand a 15-20k car and I’ll run 100k worth of gas through her works for me. I visit friends, go places, let the wind flow through whatever hair I got left. Have fun.
      Love the feedback.

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  10. Kenbone

    Had a 63 falcon delivery in the 80’s. It was white with colored sticker over the panels had a 6 with a 3spd on column and keystone mags white letter tires. Loved that car,definitely wish i still had it. Also had two 63 futura’s,not at the same time tho

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  11. chrlsful

    glad the seller’s not here like some other sites. I really llike the base even the rest0mod. I’d just go an entirely different direction. More resto, no typical thruster wheels, no stang rally pac gages, etc. Motor? 200 (tqie) or 250 (stroker) of the era:
    make it into a light SCCA srtyle canyon carver. This vehicle started both the muscle car era (‘stang) and the suv (my bronk is justa 4 WD stang/falcon). MMS frame connectors, discs up frnt, shelby drop, may B 1 inch lower, Bilstien st/Strip, etc

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  12. Chris in Pineville

    I’m an odd bird in that I would prefer the original 6 with 3-on the tree.
    but I really like those ’57 wheel covers instead of some cheesy mag wheels……

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  13. Mike Leonardi

    I am the owner of the 62 brown Falcon Sedan Delivery and I appreciate all the comments which I’m surprised to see. Any old car on the road draws attention, this one is certainly has its share. A funny attribute was when a woman of my age, over 60 came up to me and very knowledgeably spoke about the car, she knew this model inside out, engine, transmission, so on, as a parting comment…she said, Boy what I did in that car.!
    I’ve been watching Falcon Sedan deliveries for 35 years there are only a few out there after the 13xx many built. My 65 is in far rougher shape but 289, c-4, ps, pb, factory a/c, electric rear window and Wimbledon white exterior and parchment interior makes it a superb restoration candidate.
    Again, thanks for all the comments…

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

      Thank you Owner Mike for joining in.

      It is always curious to me to get an idea of how many of a particular model are still in existence. What is your estimate of “few”? If you have been watching these for 35 years you might have an idea. I would guess, given that this model would both have served a utility role in addition to being a throw-away model in the first place, it can’t be many.

      Good luck with sale.

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      • Mike Leonardi

        About 20 years ago I was told 122 registered, that does not mean those laying around somewhere or ones that were heavily used during its time and now too costly to rebuild. This one was in fact used in a business located in the Bay Area then commuted to a ranch east of there.

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    • PatrickM

      First thing I’d do, after the inspection, is upgrade the brakes. With a power plant like that, you must have some stopping ability. And go from there.

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      • Mike Leonardi

        TRUE. I have built a bunch of oldies, without question, first money spent needs to be dedicated to the suspension and brakes.
        This car has not gone through ground up resto/mod. I purchased it already kinda modded, I upgraded those items for driving and away I went…I do Mustang II and power disc during upgrade. Having fun safely…..Good point.

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  14. John H

    I can’t remember ever seeing a Falcon panel wagon! I had a ’62 Falcon wagon many, many moons ago and always enjoyed it. You could slid a small jon boat in the back and head off for a day of fishing! Typical 6-cyl wheezer (was probably about due for overhaul/replacement) and I think I remember a 3-sp column shift on it.

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  15. Marshall

    According to “West Coast Falcons”, there were only 1588 ‘62 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery models made. I don’t believe I have ever seen any Ford Falcon SD’s of any year. They were only made from 1961 to 1965 according to what I just read.

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  16. TimM

    Great looking car at a reasonable price it gives me hope that the hobby hasn’t gone to the rich!!! Something that would turn a head or two at the car show!!!

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