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Hot Rod Flavor: 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Sedan

For some of us we want something unique and classic,  with a little storage space. But how can you possibly accomplish that? Well, how about a classic station wagon?! This 1964 Galaxie Country Sedan has classic looks with some modern flair. Sprinkled with patina, and a lovely coat of blue paint, this Galaxie has a sharp look. In ready to drive condition with a custom interior, this wagon is offered at $8,900. Find it here on craigslist out of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Despite the lack of photos, this Country sedan is a neat vintage station wagon worth checking out. Powered by a 302 cubic inch V8 backed by a C6 automatic transmission, this wagon has a little scoot to offer. Described as a very solid wagon, I can see no evidence of any rot on this machine. There is also a custom interior in this one, but as to what custom means, I don’t know. There are upholstery shop decals on the rear windows, so I assume, and hope, this Galaxie was done nicely.

The body overall seems very straight, and the paint looks nice as well. The “patina” on the front fenders is curious as the paint has a nice gloss appearance. The chrome and trim is in nice condition, but the front bumper and rear bumper each have taken a minor “bump” before. The “FORD” letter on the tailgate is missing, and it almost appears that the holes have been filled, although poorly. By no means a perfect machine, but certainly a cool one. Would you change anything on this cool hot rod flavored wagon?


  1. Howard A Member

    I think it’s cool. Always liked the ’64 Ford, and a wagon is better yet. These were used up and trashed, and the motors ended up in Falcons ( or whatever) I’d get some nice wheels, and lose the “patina”. These Fords had the worst paint, and the tops of the fenders wore off from constantly leaning over them for repair. I wouldn’t mind if this car had a 6, and would probably equip it as such. Be nice to see the interior, what a crummy ad.

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  2. Woodie Man

    When someone spells ‘fat’, “phat”, I get nervous. LOL.

    As a wise old friend once said to me apropos of people’s tastes:

    ” That’s why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

    I guess.

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  3. JW

    Very patriotic paint scheme.

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  4. Derek F

    That seems all the money for this small-block car, though like Howard said, these wagons were used up and discarded. The rear bumper looks previously mangled, and they’re quite hard to come by. But since the rear bumper isn’t rusted out ( ever so common ) that offers me a glimmer that the whole car isn’t a complete rust bucket. Maybe.

    And what a useless ad….

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    • Jim

      There’s a company called Bumper Boys that restores bumpers and do a nice job. I’ve used a few over the years with no complaints. To save on shipping they will bring yours to one of the shows they travel to around the country which is easy for me in the north east. If they don’t have a replacement in stock you can send yours, if they have one you just hand over the old one and no core charge. Just FYI, and they do stock quite a few.

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  5. Rustytech Member

    Nice wagon, love the 64 Fords, this one is overpriced though (as usual) I would be interested at $3500 to $4000. Price guide lists it in #4 “good condition” @ $4200. And a #5 “restorable” car @ $2550. I would think this falls somewhere between.

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    • Scot Douglas

      Yeah, but “Phat Boys”!

      Actually, quite surprised it’s not “Boyz”.

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  6. Adam T45 Staff

    I love the ’64 myself. My father had a ’64 sedan when I was a kid, and it was a superb long-distance cruiser. When you look at an advert like this you really have to wonder how serious the seller actually is. I mean, “kool”? Give me a break! And why make a big deal about a custom interior and not feature at least one picture? An object lesson in how NOT to sell a really nice old car.

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  7. Jay

    You guys and the grocery grabbers. Vintage cars have hit an all time high. There aren’t any deals anymore. Don’t think it will last these high prices but what do I know?

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  8. Ck

    I like it . I’d repaint it the same color,strap a couple of surf boards to the roof and drive the wheels off it…..Yaa now that would be FAT. Or is it Phat?..I’m gonna stick with WAY KOOL!!

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  9. Ryan Hilkemann

    Why did they wreck those rims?

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