Hot Rod Ready: 1955 Chevrolet 210

We all have differing opinions and ideas, but is this 1955 Chevy 210 about the prefect V8 swap candidate? I believe it was a hot rod in its past due to a few details, but overall this sedan has solid bones, and is supposedly an Arizona car. With a some rust, but a great start to your next hot rod build, this Chevy has been bid up to $6,203.00. Check it out here on eBay out of Tucson, Arizona.

While there is no engine or transmission, there is a battery and a radiator. This Chevy is equipped with manual brakes, so I would personally chose to upgrade to power brakes with disk stoppers.  The wiring in this car looks burned up from the Arizona heat, which is no big deal, but the engine compartment overall appears very solid. There is a little rust along the top edge of the firewall, but there is no rot to be seen.

The interior is stripped minus the bottom of the rear seat. There is a deep dish steering wheel installed, and a gauge pod bracket mounted to the underside of the dash. The dash itself appears in fine shape, but I am guessing that the rest of the interior is missing.

Looking over the exterior, this 210 appears very reasonable. There is some surface rust to be found, and the seller reports that the floors need some work. On a good note, the seller is including replacement floor pans in the sale. We really only get to see one side of the car, but the rockers and quarters look awesome, but the driver side does look to have some rot just above the rocker section in front of the rear wheel arch. I am guessing that the car was being prepped for paint at some point as there are several areas that have been sanded through that appear as “high spots”. Depending on your taste, this sedan could easily be cleaned up, swapped, and driven with its current appearance. If that doesn’t interest you, restoration, or a restomod would also be a fabulous option for this 210. What would you do with this ’55 210?

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  1. gaspumpchas

    looks solid.nice project.hope its afffordale for someone who wants a 55.

    Good Luck to the new owner!!!

  2. Paul

    Great start at a reasonable price!

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Looks like a great basis for a build, which could follow any theme the Chevy’s new owner could choose.

  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    Torn between a “2 Lane Blacktop” clone, or total original restoration. I mean, how many original double nickel 2 door Chevys could be left. Cool find.

    • Miguel

      There are a lot of them left.

      Do a search on any site for sale and you find a ton of tri five Chevys available.

  5. JW

    Good entry level project.

  6. Dick Johnson

    I had aways wondered what happened to Bob Falfa’s Chebby after he rolled it. Somebody decided to paint it Milner’s “piss yellow.”

    • Barzini

      There were three cars used in the film. One of the cars in currently in Maryland.

      • Dick Johnson

        Failed again at trying to be humorous. I give up. Think I’ll try my hand at politics.

    • Rix86SS

      Great all time movie

  7. Classic Steel

    I had the two door belair hardtop back in the day with a 60s Corvette 327 engine tied to a four speed

  8. Mark S.

    Lots of solid potential here. I have always liked the ’55-’56’s over the ’57s, nicer lines.

  9. Tort Member

    Bought a 55 Bel Air 2dr. HT when I was fifteen and with several in between just completed a 55 2dr. sedan 150 at seventy. With this car there are several directions to go with that will give the new owner a variety of choices.

  10. Jack Quantrill

    I can see this riding of a rotisserie, for a groundup resto!


    I’m still not a fan of the LS engines, give a 283, 327, 350 anyday, for this car. Just old and old school I guess. Great project for a resto-mod

  12. My 2 cents

    Keep the old school look, but at this point update everything and drive this everywhere.

  13. gaspumpchas

    Beware the seller has zero feedback…………….

  14. Johnmloghry

    Money, time, and talent with just the right amount of imagination this could be a really cool ride. Back in 67 I just got out of the army and got a job at a place that made paneling, the fork lift operator owned a green 57 (it was a custom paint job). This young man bought the car already customized by someone else. The 283 was bored out to 301and had a 4 speed trans. Inside just as nice as the outside, beautiful. I never knew anyone (young or old) with so much ability to control the urge to speed. He drove like the little old lady from Passedena never punching it up. We lived near each other so we exchanged rides to work ona weekly basis. I really wanted him to punch it but he never did.


    Are there floor pics ? Still a nice start….just needs a built 283 or 327….

  16. GearHead Engineer

    I like this car. Seems like a good starting point. I’ve owned (and previously preferred) a ’57 Chevy, but lately I’m liking the simpler looks of the ’55s.

    I’m guessing this was an original 6 cylinder car. It looks like the core support has been modified to move the radiator back closer to a V-8 position. I can’t figure out why they welded or soldered the radiator this way. Not that it matters much – you can buy a tri-five V-8 core support easily enough.

    – John

  17. My 2 cents

    Also, would be kinda cool to throw an old mopar hemi in it just to kinda stick it to the purists. Just a fun kinda thing.

    • GearHead Engineer

      It’s been done. I remember seeing one a long time ago – 10 years or more.

      For a current one, look up blasphemi.

      – John

    • CaCarDude

      I like it! How about a Cadillac engine (57 vintage) like a friend of mine did in his ’56 two door post Chevy back in the late 60’s. He had a hard time keeping his foot off the floor board at every light or stop sign. He referred to it as his Chevrolac..good times!

  18. Johnmloghry

    Sold for over $6600. Add another 40 grand might have something. I personally don’t think people born after the year 2000 will really be into the tri 5’s so much. Kinda like the 32 and 40 fords were to hot toddlers back in the 50’s and 60’s. Us older car lovers are dying off to be replaced by the computer age car lovers.

    • Kman

      It’s re-listed. So, go get it!

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