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Huge Barn Find: 1955 or 56 Buick Century

'56 Buick

Josh reported on this on stash of finds back in May of 2013 and now more of the cars are up for grabs. Listed here on eBay is this 1955/6 Buick Century 2-door stored in Jarrettsville, Maryland with zero bids at the time of writing and a starting price of $2,495. There are more of these cars from Josh’s 2013 post that are still for sale if you are interested in them.

'56 Buick. engine

In the ad’s title is “1956” but in the description the seller refers to this car as a 1955. So which year is it? The engine is frozen and not because it’s cold outside.

'56 Buick left side

The car appears to still be sitting were it was from the 2013 posting. The seller says the car has been in storage for 40 years.

'56 Buick. rear

The car needs a complete restoration. It looks like the only protection the barn offered was the sun.

'56 Buick. right side

The seller says that this Buick is a great restoration vehicle and will be sold with a Bill a Sale. There is rust in the normal areas, so be aware of that. We do hate it when rust is in the abnormal areas, don’t you too? There is a $200 deposit due at the end of the auction. The seller will help with loading. Are you in need of 8 portholes this season?




  1. Avatar photo ruxvette

    It’s a ’56 Century 2dr hardtop. A very cool car but not enough pictures to really tell it’s condition.

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    • Avatar photo Dennis

      It is either a Super or Roadmaster. The Century and Specials had 3 porthole this one has 4 from the pic it is hard to tel but the Super and Roadmaster had a different roof line at the back window on the two door hard tops ie Riviera Coupes

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  2. Avatar photo Dan the Man

    Yup, it’s a 56!

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    ” Storage”? Just like a lot of other barn finds, this is not storage. It is neglect. The ad should read;
    “This car has been neglected for 40 years. There may still be hope for it, but I am too busy or lazy to figure it out. I want a lot of money for it, so don’t waste my time telling me what it is worth.”

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      You nailed Randy would it have killed him to pull it forward 30′ and wash off all that rotting leaves crap, maybe a couple of interior, back, and side shots, oh and 15 shots of its best front angle just to burn it into your brain what great shape this car is in.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston


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  4. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    They are right it is a 56

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    We don’t know the whole story, but I’m sure we can piece it together. Probably bought the property and is cleaning things out. Looks like a pretty nice find, from what we can see. (somebody thought it was worth saving) The grill emblem is missing, which would confirm it is a 1956 Century. ( one of the few cars that had the year and model on the grill) Could be a very nice car. http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/1956-buick-century-grill-emblem-paul-ward.jpg

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  6. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    This type of seller drives me crazy. OK you want to show that the car is a barn find, because everyone knows barn finds are the best kind of cars to buy, and the dirtier the better, right?

    But for crying out loud, how about just take a few barn shots, move the ladders, get the 2X6 off the roof, drag the damn car out of the shed and WASH IT! In my book, the BETTER a car looks will get you a better price, not the other way around. Sheesh.

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    • Avatar photo Duffy

      Right on the money.

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  7. Avatar photo Wayne Thomas

    If you look at the history of these cars on EBAY, the seller has been trying to unload them for many many months. So, no one has bitten in nearly 3 years since finding and the many months that I’ve followed these cars.

    Have to wonder why. I don’t think the prices are Jalopnik “Crack Pipe”…..just too far from me. But, when the market won’t pay over many many months what you are asking to pay…then what you have is not worth what you are asking.

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  8. Avatar photo piper62j

    Big ass tank… Great parts car..

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  9. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    I do like the fact that it has not been screwed with. Looks to be mostly complete. If it were in my neck of the woods I probably would be a player. These old 50s Buicks are cool.

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  10. Avatar photo Duffy

    Mr. Seller, WOULD YOU PLEASE SHOW MORE OF THIS VEHICLE? Why would any body bid on it when you can’t see what your bidding on? Come on, you want to get some money for this thing don’t be so lazy,WASH IT.

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  11. Avatar photo John Deebank

    I had a ’56 century, it was my first car at 16 in 1964. Mine was 3 speed standard transmission on the column. Most people dont believe me but it’s true and probably requested when new. This car is the same as mine other than the trans.

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  12. Avatar photo Matt C

    I had a 1955 Special 2 dr hdtp that I brought back to life after many years in “storage.” It still had the original plastic on the seats and gas receipts from 1959 in the glove box. After cleaning the tank, replacing the brakes and lines, changing all fluids, replacing the radiator hoses, and flushing the radiator, the car moved for the first time in 30+ years when I pulled it out of my garage at Fort Bragg, NC for a PCS move to Fort Ord, CA. The only problems it had on the cross country trip were a blown muffler (forgot to change that) in SC and a distributor adjustment. I later bought a 1955 Century 2 dr hdtp and traded the Special for the paint and body work on the Century. Great 50’s cars at a fraction of the price of Chevys and look just as good, IMHO.

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