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Huge Barn Find in Maryland


Some car hunters have all the luck, take this guy, who found several barns in Maryland. The barns housed more than a handful of classic cars. The seller has nearly 20 vehicles currently listed here on eBay from just this one location. They found a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from Convertibles to a Model A Tractor.


The previous owner of all these vehicles was obviously a hoarder who stashed them all over their estate. There appears to be at least 3 barns full of cars, plus a number parked outside. The owner was also hoarding automotive memorable, which is also for sale. Most of the cars are in rough shape, but there are a few worth saving. Take this 1957 Ford Fairlane Thunderbird Special for example. It has a 300 horsepower V8 and looks to be in nice shape.


This guy must have had a fondness for Convertibles, especially the 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible, which they had three of. They also have a variety of Pontiacs, including a 1951 Pontiac Eight and a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible.


There are also several Buicks and an Oldsmobile. This 1955 Buick Roadmaster has some rust in the floors, but looks solid overall. A 1956 Buick Century two door can be seen in the background, but is in rough shape.


The cars that were stored in this fully enclosed barn appear to be in much better condition than the ones outside. They are all going to require extensive restorations, but we’re sure a few are worth saving. Take a look at all the cars listed and let us know which ones you would like to rescue.


  1. Craig Dales

    How can I get in touch to make an offer they cannot refuse on that 57 Ford convertible!!!!!!! I want that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • braktrcr

      Click on the picture, it’s on EBAY At 18,500 no bids and just 1 day left He is calling it a retractable, but I thinks its a regular convertible. Not sure though

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      • Chuck

        It is a retractable. Check out the trunk gaps that go all the way to where the boot would be on a conventional convt. There would be an 8-10 inch panel between the boot area and the deck lid on a regular convertible.
        $18,500 not unreasonable for a retractable.

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        it is retractable, the trunk lid opens opposite of a standard trunk, top slides down in, not much room for golf clubs lol

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      • Dave H USA

        That is a retractable. From the photos you can see there is no “boot” area for the convertible top to fold into.

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    • Randy Fortin

      Here’s the link. Bid starts at 18,500.

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  2. chris adams

    Where in Maryland is this? I live in Maryland.

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    • idiotking

      Jarrettsville. I looked at the eBay auction for the same reason–

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  3. Hall442

    1957 Convertible is here

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  4. Brian

    Look again …. it has no trunk …. it’s a skyliner!

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  5. paul

    Yes that Ford is a retractable, the rear deck lid goes goes up to the top…. I do love those 50’s Buicks.

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  6. 2VT

    Here is all of the stuff the seller has listed: Link.

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  7. fl73

    The prices that are listed for the pontiacs are just not realistic. That’s what someone is willing to pay for a good runner.Not something they have to restore.

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  8. Jeff

    If indeed that Fairlane has 300 horsepower, then it is a rare and valuable car. The 300 horsepower engine was the very rare McCullough supercharged model. There was a 270 HP dual quad model and the standard 4 bbl was rated at 245 HP.

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  9. Andacar

    I’d go for either one of the Bucks!

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  10. Andacar

    Just looked at the Roadmaster. Very cool. Interesting note by the seller:


    Or who…

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  11. 63suv

    Reality check to owner: 1 day left on all auctions AND NOT A SINGLE BID ON A SINGLE CAR !!. Time to price realistically. That 51 Pontiac you want $10500 for sells for $21,000 as a #2 restored car. Just drop a digit off of your prices and then you may get some bids..

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  12. Jeff

    My fault for not looking first. The 312 engine in the ’57 Ford is a 4 bbl and rated at 245 HP.

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  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    The ’52 Ford would be my first choice but I would want to have a closer look before I jumped in.

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  14. Jim

    The Ford convertible is a retractable. You can tell by the trunklid seam on the frontal trunk area. If the car is rust free 18K would be a fair number.

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  15. David Reeves

    Love all of these!!!

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  16. BJones

    A few worth saving? Every single one of them is worth saving. Whether restored to original or hot rodded, all can be saved!

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  17. hhaleblian

    Is the gorilla chain go with the Cutlass?

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  18. Dolphin Member

    One thing that BarnFinds.com does is start me wondering how these accumulations of cars happen. Most of them aren’t restored, so why add to the group if you already have a bunch of cars that need restoring, or just some maintenance so they can be used?

    Some conditions are necessary: Extra money once the everyday bills are paid, and space to stash them. That’s about it, but that doesn’t explain Why?

    Simplest answer I can think of is: Because you can. That, and maybe because the guy just…..likes all kinds of cars.

    I never said it would be rocket science.

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    • paul

      I like whole range of cars for different reasons but I’m too much of a neatnick, I need order in my life, so for me, it’s 1 project at a time.

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  19. Tara P

    Well a very lucky find, someone had the foresight to lock these away under cover, for me i am addicted to the 20’s and the 50’s motor cars, but given the choice i guess the black Buick would tick all my boxes.

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