Huge Chevrolet Tri-Five Stash For Sale!

Here’s one for all the ’55-’57 Chevrolet fans out there! From the looks of it, this was a tri-five scrap yard. As such, many of the cars have been stripped and left to the elements. Most of the cars are four-doors or wagons, but perhaps there’s still a gem worth restoring in there? This 12 car stash is located in Las Vegas and is listed here on craigslist for $15k. Thanks goes to Rocco B for the tip!

See anything worth saving in there? I did spot at least one two-door carcass. No Nomads though. The asking price seems fair considering what these cars can go for today, but moving them all would be a huge undertaking. Lost titles and storage space may also present problems. Still, there has to be a way to make this work… Anyone want to start a tri-five used parts business with me?


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  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    What is that back by the dumpster, is that about a 33 Ford? If someone needed a lot of parts – maybe but I don’t know if that price is reasonable or not.

    • Bellingham Fred

      I’m not sure of the 30’s car, but it isn’t a ’33 Ford. A ’33 Ford would have suicide doors.

  2. glen

    If all the cars are for sale , it’s more like 15 cars, plus the parts.

  3. stillrunners lawrence Member

    What I got here is a bunch of 4 door parts cars with the good stuff stripped off….

    • Richard Ochoa

      What’s the goin’ price for Scrap Metal? Anyone know?

  4. jw454

    13 cars in the pictures. I wonder which one you don’t get? Unless you’re in the parts business specializing in Tri-Five cars, the price may be too high to justify.

  5. Steve

    Thats almost 1500 per parts car and they’ve already been picked to within an inch of their life.

    • wesley

      all the good stuff i got in our 35′ storage unit…
      they are out in the elements like sun, dust and thieves…
      that’s why they all look stripped

  6. Pa Tina

    I see 10 I-beams and a whole bunch of rebar.

    • Richard Ochoa

      What’s the goin’ price for Scrap Metal? Anyone know?

  7. jdjonesdr

    Looks like a lot of left overs after being stripped to produce a batch of desirable tri-fives and now they’re looking to get rid of the skeletons

  8. Jay E.

    Welderup would probably give you $200.00 each. Just his kind of car collection, one of them might get a 1000 HP diesel.

  9. Sam Sharp

    Proving that Chebbys are more common than weeds.

    However, whatever it takes to keep our automotive heritage running is worth it. Many Cuban citizens would welcome such a stash. Or better yet, send the Cubans all of the current new car over-stock, and trade them for their classics.

    Oops. Wait. Can’t trade with Cuba. Speaking of titles, far too many cars of this vintage can’t be re-titled due to lost paperwork, deceased owners/estates, or flood damage of rare classics.

    “This watch is worth very little. If you bury it for a thousand years, it becomes priceless.” -Belloch, from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  10. gaspumpchas

    Stripped like a turkey carcass after thanksgiving…

  11. dr fine

    Over the decades, I’ve heard many stories of tri fives sitting in back yards while the owners reject offers because it “will be worth a fortune some day.” As the roofs have rusted thru, these cars are becoming less precious as their fans have aged out. I see Fords and Mopars of the same vintage going for similar prices or even more.

  12. Randall

    mostly 4 drs all apart no titles ? yes the parts are worth money but moving, storing, listing,,,,,be lucky to get 300. a car in that short of time,,,,,,the guys that love them are to old to move them and the younger generation is to lazy

  13. Brian

    I’d play. Restore some, hot rod some and maybe some yard art for others. Now I just need the money and the land.

  14. Pete

    A few engines, fenders, and some glass and maybe some dashes and a bunch of frames. Yeah that 2 door if it is solid would spice it up some but that is a lot of effort for just that. Someone posted the good stuff is in a 35′ building, if so then you would need to really look at that before you pulled the trigger on that lot of cars. Now I don’t know if the frame for a 4 door is the same as for a 2 door. If that is the case you might do alright buy media blasting the uncut frames and turning them into rollers as a short cut for other restorers. But still though, that is a lot of money for something that has been picked clean.

    Which brings up something that always annoys me when I see adverts for a car someone has disassembled and then tries to sell after they do part of the work. Like hey the body is done and ready to paint then you do the rest. Or look we got it all runnin, now you just have to do the body work, but we stripped everything out of the interior and all the outside trim to make it easier for ya. Really?, and you think that is a good thing? Well unless you run a shop and do this full time and you specialize in that particular model car and have done a few dozen of them that dog will probably not hunt for most car guys. Most of us want a complete car running or not. Maybe the engine is missing, or the tires are flat, got some dents or rust whatever. That is far more desirable then a parts in a box situation. Most people I know who are handy like that got enough sense to know how to remove a part and put it back on. But without the removing of it it might be more troublesome to get it back on. Just my opinion though.

  15. Brian M Member

    On my last trip to the metal recyclers, “clean” steel was going for 3 or 4 cents per pound. The scrap business ain’t what it used to be!

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