Huge Collection For Sale After Barn Collapse

Barn Finds reader Jack spotted this listing on Facebook’s Marketplace for a collection of vehicles forced into the daylight following a barn collapse. There’s a wide range of classics from the 30s and onwards, and the seller claims to not know a whole lot about how to price them. He’s the nephew of the original owner and working with his grandfather to hopefully unload the whole collection at once, so check it out here on Facebook Marketplace to see what’s up for grabs. 

Winding down a collection of this scale is no small undertaking, and the hope of finding a single buyer for the whole lot will be a challenge. The seller notes that the vehicles are far from showroom-fresh and all will require total restoration. It’s difficult to assess how badly the barn collapse affected the cars and trucks stored inside, but the ones pictured here don’t seem to be damaged beyond what would be incurred after many years of standing.

This Bronco certainly looks like a worthy candidate for restoration, and it also appears to be “uncut”,  a major attraction for Bronco enthusiasts seeking an example that hasn’t been modified for off-road use. While rust is also a frequent issue with this generation of the Bronco, what we can see here doesn’t appear to be past the point of rescue – and its stock condition is the most appealing aspect of all.

I believe this is a 1937 Ford sedan, with its gorgeous glass headlights, swept-back grill and generous fenders. There’s at least two more of these in the collection, but it’s hard to say whether the owner was passionate about one particular brand as there’s a fair amount of variety in the collection. Business Coupes, Comets, trucks – there’s really something for everyone.

And if the older girls are your thing, there’s plenty of those, too, from this coupe body to the pickup behind it. The seller says he doesn’t know what to price the individual vehicles at, so there’s going to be some amount of negotiating and guess-work involved before any of these barn-crushed cars and trucks go home. Take a look through the seller’s pictures and let us know which project (or projects) you would choose.

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  1. Cadmanls Member

    Quite a collection, unfortunately looks as time and the collapse of the building these cars were packed into has left a good portion of them as parts cars. Shame they weren’t brought to light earlier.

    • PAUL DOW

      yea. the barn collasped in concert (at the moment) of no return neglect of ownership of those beautiful cars.
      sad. but something will come from it.

  2. Classic Steel

    Some nice finds here…

    They don’t look like some large outside cars we see here from time to time pictured with rusted thru frames and bodies for big bucks..

  3. Jack in NWPA Member

    I feel the same way that Jeff does, This collection is only one hour away and it is the Bronco that would be my first choice. I feel that seller may be heart broken when he finds out what some of the “projects’ are really worth.

    • Jeepster

      really wish the Barnfinds writers would always include the city/state in the writeup so we can immediately determine the location distance ….
      also not have to go to a stupidask controversial website driven by political motives.

      • Mountainwoodie

        What? Is there a Orangeanus website with cars on it? :)

        BTW I dont use A**Crack at all so I can’t see them in any event.

      • tompepper

        near Punxsutawney ,Pa.

      • J.T.Wilson

        Just click on the damn link.Its all there.

      • Dovi65

        Apparently clicking on the link is far more work than grumbling & complaining that the BF staff is remiss in their ‘obligation’ to handhold readers thru the entire [potential] buying process

      • Jeepster

        Incorrect J.T.

        The damn link does not work unless you ” sign in ” to their damn website,
        must have or start an damn account to look at the damn ad. Damn

      • Wayne

        Link works fine…and I’m not signed in. I suspect they’ve updated the ad.

    • Jimmy

      If it was closer I would be on the phone for a personal inspection and offer on the Bronco.

      • Bronco Dave

        I checked on the Bronco last week and it was already gone.

      • half cab

        Broncos are just toooo popular right now n they new that.

  4. Pete

    Looks like what’s left of a little NSU back up in there. Cool.

    • JamestownMike

      What is NSU??

      • Derek

        Neckarsulmer Union. German.

  5. Jeff

    100k no way

  6. Dirk


  7. JamestownMike

    Good luck finding someone that wants them all in one bunch! It would be a small fortune to tow all the vehicles away. To maximize money, they’d be better off selling off individual cars. I’d love to have the 66-77 Bronco and the 40 Ford Sedan!…….but I don’t need another project!

  8. Edward Skakie

    Again, and again, and again: a coupe is always a 2 door, but A 2 DOOR IS NOT A COUPE. Please forward this to all of the writers.

    • Dick Johnson

      “Coupes are for chikkens.” A hand written sign on a five-window coupe at a swap meet.

    • bruce baker

      Does this have something to do with fastbacks, & hatchbacks? Hatchback is like a 3rd door.

  9. Chinga-Trailer

    What the heck is Facebook Marketplace and how does it work??

    • Jimmy

      I didn’t know what it was until my wife told me about it. It’s facebook’s idea of a free way to sell stuff on facebook, kind of like Craigslist.

  10. Martin Horrocks

    Can we be careful about the word “collection”? If someone buys or is given loads of junk cars with no sense of why they have them, I´m not sure that puts them in the same category as Blackhawk, Mullens, Cunningham/Collier etc.

    This guy obviously cared as well for his barn as he did for his cars……

    • bruce baker

      @ Martin Horrocks; Harsh but true.

      Termites, & rust suck. Why don’t Termites explode from overeating or at least get terminally stuck? Why don’t something with 6 or 8 legs eat rust all up?

  11. michael h streuly

    Field Of Junk

  12. GT Hokie

    Is that link dead for anyone else?

    • Jimmy

      @GT Hokie, No it comes right up for me and I’m not even logged into Facebook.

  13. scottymac

    That Continental looks pretty solid, too, but the plating costs would break my bank. $100K, is that what the FaceButt ad says they’re asking for the whole lot?

    • Bill McCoskey

      If you are referring to the red Lincoln, that’s not a Continental, but a fairly rare Lincoln convertible. They are easy to confuse when looking at the front, but the give-away in this photo are the bottoms of the doors & body side panels that flare out. Continentals were straight down to the bottom edge. Also the windshield frame on the Continental is a lot thinner and almost flat across the top.

      • Alexander

        Yup, flares like a fat fendered Ford. Not often you see a Lincoln of this vintage with MAG WHEELS! This is quite a striking “regular” Lincoln convertible. And I am in love with it! I’d almost rather see something like this at a show than a Continental. Hope someone saves it.

  14. Ken Member

    I’ll take the International R-110.

    The rest, not so much.

  15. Sirpike

    Slim Pickens indeed !

  16. Gary McDaniel

    I see an NSU Prinz 4 there that seems to be missing it’s roof.

  17. Steve A

    Seller should sell them separately instead. I’m sure they just want to unload em, but nobody in their right mind is gonna lay out 100k for the entire lot. If they were listed separately, half of them might already be sold. There are a few that would bring some higher bids if they were listed on eBay. Especially when it seems like people way over bid on crap on eBay just because they don’t like losing! LOL

  18. Jason

    I wonder how many times he was offered money for some of them vehicles but wouldn’t sell….
    Now he has to sell them with crushed roofs and panel damage for a whole lot less than he could of made lol.

  19. jmc

    Maybe the seller can line up an auctioneer to advertise and dispose of them….he’ll get maybe half-to three quarters their value but in one day or two the place can get cleared out.I see a lot of good parts cars there.

  20. Ralph

    I wonder how many offers this guy turned down before that barn collapsed?

  21. canadainmarkseh Member

    Looks like when the barn came down some escaped the crushing blow. But there still all in rough shape and not worth much.

  22. John C.

    That 40 Ford coupe looks like it could be saved, at least it has some good parts showing. I didn’t have a problem checking the FB ad.

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