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Hugger Orange RS: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

There is probably no color more iconic to grace the panels of a 1st Generation Camaro than Hugger Orange. While some shades have not aged well and tend to look dated, Hugger Orange remains as fresh and vibrant today as it was the day that this 1969 Camaro RS rolled off the production line. This is a classic that has generated impressive interest since it was listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Yorktown, Virginia, It has attracted an incredible 54 bids. While this has pushed the price along to $30,600, the reserve hasn’t been met.

I’ve mentioned the paint color enough for you to know what it is, but the Parchment vinyl top nicely complements it. The paint shines beautifully, but the owner admits that it has received a repaint in the past. Both the paint and the top are in excellent condition and seem to want for nothing. I agree with the seller when he says that the panel gaps are the tightest that he has ever seen because they are beyond what you might expect from a car built in this era. He believes that most of the steel is original, although there is one patch in the floor. When you look around the rest of the vehicle, all you spot is some surface pitting on the trunk pan. There is no penetrating rust to be found anywhere and no evidence of bubbling under the vinyl. The trim and chrome seem to be in good order, as is the glass. The headlight covers work most of the time, although the owner suggests that some basic cleaning and lubrication should see them back at their best. The wheels are a later addition because the original Window Sticker shows that the Camaro rolled out of the showroom wearing full wheel covers.

The RS is a numbers-matching classic and features a 307ci V8, a 2-speed Powerglide transmission, and power steering. With 200hp on tap, the Camaro should be able to gallop through the ¼ mile in a neat 18 seconds. The seller is the car’s second owner, and he doesn’t believe that the engine has ever been pulled from the vehicle. It is in mechanically sound health, but it sounds like it might need some basic maintenance to run and drive at its best. The 307 runs and drives well, but the owner says that it would benefit from a tune-up. The car rolls on older bias-ply tires, and I would probably replace these with something more suitable. He also mentions that it might need some suspension bushes, but I would reserve judgment until I replaced the tires. Those of you who have driven on those older bias-plies will know how awful they can feel with a few years under their belt. That’s why I’d swap them, because they may be providing some false impressions on the road. As well as the Window Sticker, the car comes with its Protect-O-Plate and some of the original Dealer Documentation.

There’s no arguing that the Camaro’s interior is tidy, and it also looks very original. There are some aftermarket 1970s speakers fitted to the rear parcel tray, but the original AM radio still holds pride of place in the dash. The wheel has a couple of small cracks, but this could potentially be restored quite easily. The dash pad has also begun to curl, but it hasn’t cracked. It is possible that applying a bit of heat and appropriate pressure might return it to its original appearance.

The seats are upholstered in Black vinyl and houndstooth cloth. They look to be in excellent condition, as are the carpet and the headliner. A real standout is the console, which is in as-new condition. In addition to the Deluxe seats, AM radio, and the console, the original owner ordered the RS with a clock and a tilt wheel.

When you look at this 1969 Camaro RS, it is easy to see why the bidding has been so intense. It might not be as hairy-chested as a Z/28 or an SS, but it is still a striking car finished in one of the best shades in the Chevrolet color palette. It seems to need very little to take it to the next level, but even if it were to remain untouched, the next owner would be guaranteed to attract attention wherever they go. Someone is potentially mere days away from owning one of the most iconic classics to roll off an American production line, and I’d love that person to be one of our readers. Do we have any takers on that?


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Gorgeous color combo, though with an underwhelming powertrain. Its nice to see no one upgraded it along the line.

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  2. Bob C.

    The early 69s got the 210 HP 327, but switched to the 307 mid year. Probably better with the upcoming emissions.

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  3. Troy s

    Lots to like on quite the stunner of a Camaro, really nice. I always associate Hugger Orange with performance models, especially when black interior makes itself present. Think Z/28, SS396, SS350, they came in all shades but Hugger Orange seems to fit the image. Not here though, it’s enough engine for basic transportation but that’s about it. Especially with that transmission.

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  4. Bmac777

    When doing a tune up to a 307, one of the tricks to getting some performance starts with unbolting the motor mounts and exhaust…….

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    • Wheezer

      😂 how can anyone gets psyched about a 307.

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    • Gus Fring


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    • Adam Killpack

      This is the way

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  5. Jamie
    • Skorzeny

      Jamie, thanks for that article. I know you can do something very similar with a 318, and I have posted that link before. I imagine you can do even better with a bump in compression and a programmable fuel injection, why not? I like little engines that overachieve! (but no fan of a stock 307)
      This is a gorgeous Camaro, but would rather have a black top.

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  6. Big_Fun Member

    Hmmm….I would go and replace the stock 2:73 gears with a 3.73 posi gear set , and lose the powerglide with an overdrive transmission. Here’s why:
    Powerglide – 2 gears, 1.76, 1.00
    2004r AOD – 4 gears, 2.74, 1.57, 1.00, 0.67
    That engine would come alive, and it would look all stock.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      ’68 RS’s got a std 3:07 REAR, even with 230 or 250 6 cyl. Not sure about ’69s. Why do you think this has 2:73? If it does have optional granny gears & really turns 18’s, i would like to race it against a 250 6 cyl with 3:07 rear, turbo muffler, & no heavy back seat or spare tire. lol
      Both with glides.

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      • Big_Fun Member

        The Protect-o-Plate decodes out to a 2:73 open – prefix code “BP”.

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      • Frank Leavitt

        Hi. I don’t believe the RS option had anything to do with mechanical setup. It was cosmetic with the hide away headlights, and separate reverse lights below the tail lights.

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  7. Winfield S Wilson

    To me, it’s so refreshing to see a ’69 Camaro that doesn’t have an added-on cowl induction hood and Z/28 stripes. I just like the look of a stock Camaro, and most of them were built that way; not all fire-breathers.

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  8. JCA Member

    Nice. I like the way this car is spec’d out. Perfect the way it as is. Classy. Buy it for your goomah, she’ll look good driving it.

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  9. Keith

    Another candidate for a engine and trans upgrade.So many options I would not no ware to start. Body looks perfect.

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  10. Karl

    One of my favorite colors of all time for the Camaro! But I would be unable to leave the power train alone and would destroy it’s numbers matching value!
    If it were mine and already NOT numbers matching it would get a cowl induction hood and would have an LS under the hood making at least 400 HP, it would likely get a 6 speed Tremec trans and a 373 gear set with limited slip! So in order to keep it as it is I cannot have it!

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  11. Desert Rat

    This was the dilemma when I got my 69 Camaro with a 307 and 3 speed manual trans (also Hugger Orange). Yea it was a numbers matching drive train but the motor smoked and was in need of a rebuild. I had dreamed for years of how I wanted to build a 69 Camaro and that dream never included a 307 or 3 speed so, out came the stock drivetrain and in it’s place a 350/4 speed, front and rear spoilers, new paint job (orange with white z stripes) and lastly an RS conversion front grill with hidden headlights Yes, you have all seen this combo a million times and there is nothing different here but, the heart wants what the heart wants. If your dream has always been to drive a stock plain Jane 69 Camaro around then keep it stock and show it off that way for the purist to drool over, I’m just too much of an old hotrodder to leave a car stock…

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    • JoeNYWF64

      The interesting thing about RS conversion is that those headlite covers, unlike others, can easily be opened & closed by hand. So if u r on a budget, no need to get the special expensive vacuum headlite switch, vacuum tank, vac hoses or mechanisms under the covers. The latter were rusted & seized on my friend’s junky ’68 in ’81 so he just pulled them out, sold the vacuum tank, & pulled out & kept the hoses for some other future use. lol

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  12. Mike

    I am surprised that the interior doesn’t have the orange houndstooth instead of the black & white. Looks great though!

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    • ACZ

      If I remember right, wasn’t the orange houndstooth available only on the pace car?

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      • Keith

        The orange interior could be ordered on any Camaro not a Pace car only option. The one that make your eyes water is the yellow houndstooth. Has to be the rarest interior color for sure

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  13. Karl

    Thanks Desert Rat you and are thinking along exactly the same line!

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  14. moosie moosie

    PROTECTO-PLATE shows a Bethlehem Pa. address as the first owner, pictures show a California license plate and now its for sale out of Virginia, well traveled car, nice car if you can keep it original but otherwise start out with something less original/nice. The way the white pin stripe follows the body line is a nice touch. I’d like to own it but it’d be a sin to start swapping out motors & transmissions.

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  15. Rick

    What the heck are ‘bushes’ ? LOL

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  16. Kevin

    Really nice car,one of my favorite chevy cars of all time,I would not mess with #matching status,I would build that 307,and save the original parts,much cheaper than changing the entire drive train,its too nice to make a dang race car out of anyway, just my opinion though, which is what this is all about, can’t afford this car anyway, but hopefully some deep pockets moron doesn’t ruin it!

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    • Desert Rat

      Kevin when I was considering which way to go with the 307 vs a 350 it was much cheaper to build a 350 even with the cost of a used 350 motor to rebuild plus I sold the 307 which helped with the expenses. I came out way ahead going the 350 path, still this does not address the original motor dilemma only the cost.

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  17. George Mattar

    While I agree $33,000 plus with 8 hours to go is kinda steep for a 307 car, the seller’s description seems honest, well, the new owner will see. It’s the law of supply and demand. 69 Camaros were very popular new, so they still are to the point of obsession. Most collectors I know have at least one in their garage. It has had some work, what 50 year old plus car from salt mine Pennsylvania hasn’t? As mentioned here, it is refreshing to see a stock, clean car with no claims of this and that and no stupid kiddie mods. You can almost guarantee no punk hillbilly ever beat on this car. Honestly, as each day passes honest cars like this with no stupid headers and blowers and added other junk that doesn’t make the car any faster are dwindling quickly. Very nice car, but I just put a new kitchen in my house, so no collector car cash on hand.

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  18. Tu

    307 says it all!

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  19. JoeNYWF64

    I see radial tires on the front in the underside pic on ebay.
    Why would somebody order tilt wheel, vinyl roof, houndstooth seats, clock, bumper guards & sport wheels but no disc brakes? InSANE! lol
    Can’t be many that were made like that.
    No point at ALL putting 307 much less 250 emblems on this car. You are not showing off!
    If this RS had either 6 cylinder, it would be the rarest ’69 on earth.
    All it needs is chrome dressup trim on the brake pedal.

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