Hyperactive! 1965 Plymouth V100 Gasser

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Gasser-style cars and trucks can be the subject of debate. While the solid front axle and nose-up stance were initially done to improve the front/rear weight balance during drag racing, it has also become a style of “tribute” cars that see more street than track time. There are a group of people that despise this look. Others (me included) love the mean and nasty sound of a built gasser. This one is a 1965 Plymouth V100 and can be found for sale here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $18,000. Located in Grants Pass, Oregon, let’s take a closer look at this awesome car, and thanks to Dan O. for the tip on this one!

The general rule of thumb says that for every 100 lbs. of weight reduction you get back 1/10th of a second at the track. One common tactic for cutting weight includes cutting holes to remove pieces of metal from all over the car. I wish whoever cut all these holes kept them in a bucket and threw them on a scale. It would be interesting to see how much weight is actually saved by doing this Swiss-cheese treatment. The trunk lid also features the same weight-reduction measures that the hood does. There’s no indication if the floors or frame have the same treatment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

There aren’t too many good photos of the interior. You can piece together the front features bucket seats straddling a floor shifter which the seller says are from an A-100 van. The heater and radio have been deleted, but they don’t indicate if this was done at the factory or aftermarket. The rear seat looks to be in great shape, but you have to wonder why it wasn’t removed to save weight?

The engine is a small block Chrysler of unspecified displacement. It seems to be 100% naturally aspirated, so probably doesn’t make more than a few hundred horsepower. It does feature fender well headers which are a must for the gasser look. The transmission is a 4-speed that sends power to the 8 3/4 rear axle which is perched on Chrysler superstock springs.

The ad also indicates the car is street legal. It has new tires, master cylinder, gauges, and windshield. Overall, this looks like a fun car to drive to donuts & coffee or your local Dairy Queen. I’m not sure how much of it is “real” race car, but the new owner could certainly do a drive train swap and up its game a little. How about you? Would you stuff a monster motor in this car?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    With the glop on the quarters, let’s hope it has new tires.

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  2. HoA Howard AMember

    Once again, BF’s delivers. What’s that you say? Here we go with another of “Howards Stories,,,stop me if you heard this one, HEY, it’s fun for me to see this stuff,,,anyway, Sherman,( who?) set the wayback machine for that golden era, 1972. Yes, Mr. Peabody ( Sherman was always so polite)
    Okay, after HS, after the 444 Volvo carried me through it, after graduation, I had 2 Valiants, a ’63, barest of the bare, blue 2 door, 6, 3 speed, not even a radio. Come to think of it, it may not have had sun visors. I dressed it up with mags, big tires and floor shift( very important) and beat the heck out it, post HS driver style. My 2nd Valiant, was a ’64, 2 door, also barest of the bare, except it had a 273 V8, also 3 speed. I put a 4 barrel from a 340, floor shift, traction bars, and if the clutch didn’t slip, it was actually a fast little car. I then switched gears big time, bought my MG, and never had a “fast” car again, but this era Valiants always dear to me.
    I’m going to try my darndest, to keep these off kilter prices out of my comments, nobody cares what I think and it( the hobby) is so far out of whack, it may never return. I’m not sure about this one, I mean, if a 1/4 mile blast is part of your commute, maybe, and clearly makes mundane cars like the Valiant attractive today. Limited use, and a $18,000 dollar toy is out of reach for most. Thanks for the Valiant memories!

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  3. ScrooLoose

    This thing SCREAMS big block/RB with cutouts. I like the care taken in the removing of the weight with the holes being sized and evenly spaced looking almost factory. I have seen some alcohol induced weight reduction that will quickly ruin a car. Also being 65 Plymounth V100 is out of the norm for a gasser also draws me to it.

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    • RalleyeRimRayMember

      Dear Scrooloose !
      Your prayers have been answered ! Attached photo is my 1965 Valiant Signet, former Phoenix Raceways purpose built dragcar for many, many years. I bought as a roller in May ’20 to return to as a wild street car for fun. When it was racing in Phoenix, it had a pumped up 440, 4.11 gears, going 10.27 @ 130mph. As a street car only, I have not toned it down, but put my 505 stroker big block Mopar engine in, fenderwell headers, electric cut outs, kept the 4.11 gears to blow my hair back !! This thing is NOT subtle !! Why have it….why not !!?? I’m 66 years old and still messing with old Mopars, I refuse to act my age !! Long live burnouts ! Enjoy your cars and the hobby everyone….stay safe !!

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I’m 66 and have resorted to 4 cylinder Jeeps, but a sweet ride indeed. 10 second quarter mile times are not easy.

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      • piston poney

        that is cool as f, keep on smoken tirs

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  4. Ron

    Street legal is why the back seat is still there, it’s a cruiser not a race car…

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    • Steve R

      Definitely a street car. Built by someone that read to many magazines as the holes in the underside of the trunk lid demonstrate. There are so many other, simpler and more effective ways to cut weight that’s one of the last things you would do. It’s built for the goy that likes going to the local coffee and cars. They didn’t even bother using only vintage looking reproduction stickers, which is a nice inexpensive finishing touch, even for a fake.

      Steve R

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  5. chrlsful

    Y ‘po-po’ it? What’s there is there. I can appreciate it as is. Don’t know where the builder’s at, where he’s comin from, or any details but. Roc On !

    Love these ol rigs and told many stories esp abt the slantudious and those of the waggy persuasion. These ’59 – ’76 (the 2nd/3rd gen esp) and K-car (81/9) travels, income generation and fortitude. Not a mopwr guy but shure have/can appriciated them, thnx MD !

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  6. Vin

    Could save a half pound removing the horn button before the race.

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  7. Jost

    I’m not normally a fan of fake gassers but I really like this car. You seldom see variants and it has a 4 speed in true gassed style. I’m a fan of this car.
    And, ralleyrimray, great car! Keep it up until you can’t. You’re only 66!

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    • RalleyeRimRayMember

      Jost !
      Thank you for the compliment. Cars have always been a big part of my life…mainly Mopars, but I like them all. You all enjoy your rides, stay safe !!

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  8. Troy s

    I can’t see going to all this trouble to make a gasser clone complete with old faded decals and then using a 318 with a four barrel intake and big headers so I’ll guestimate at least a 340/360,, with a little more than a “few hundred horsepower”. I could be wrong, however.
    If you like this stuff, and why not, have fun.
    If not, there are still plenty of Camaros with enough blinding chrome to cause a solar eclipse available……stillll.

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  9. R.Lee

    Nice beginning for someone if the car’s uni has not been abused. Aluminum headed BB, very spartan comforts and the car would be nice for Saturday Night racing.

    Keep the engine and take my 12K. If the car is truly free of the rust devil I may go to 15K, maybe. Either way the car looks to be a good start. The one issue I have is west coast syndrome where everything is 50% more.

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  10. Robt

    I like the smallblock under the hood! But mot the straight front axle, just makes me ask why?
    First thing and biggest thing I’d do is put a stock front end back in place and beef up both front and rear suspension. Make it a driver the you can really use whether it’s track day or you’ve just got to go get the groceries.
    Nice little car! Asking price is way over the top though in my opinion.

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  11. AMCFAN

    For the asking price of $18 Large. I am considering a gasser build sans all the lettering. Billboard lettering. I am thinking with a presentation like this I would expect something else under the hood. Anything than LA 318?

    I have a solid $300.00 1952 Starlight 2 door sedan with the wrap around rear glass. I have a junkyard 59 Ford 9″ and a 66 Econoline front beam.

    Motor is a 67 AMC 343 w/steel crank and 390 AMX heads filled with vintage Crane Valve train.

    When I am done I may have maybe $5000. of hard money invested. I internet shop and network. I weld . It isn’t hard.

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