IH To The Rescue: 1967 International 4X4 Ambulance

'67 HI am

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What would you do with an old truck like this one? Listed here on eBay and parked in Reno, Nevada is this 1967 International 4×4 Ambulance with a reserve not met and a starting price of $1K.

'67 HI am. engine

This IH has a reported 84,529 on the odometer. The ad is short on text, but includes many images for your review and a contact point to get any questions you have answered.

'67 HI am. front seats

The Ambulance is in running condition, the engine sounds great and can be driven according to the seller.

'67 HI am. underside

The International does appear to be in great condition on the underside. That wonderful hot desert heat, it’s a dry heat, helps limit rust which is good!

'67 HI am. right side

In the ad the seller states this ambulance “needs cosmetic attention.” It appears that the rear right bottom panel has been damaged.

'67 HI am. rear box

The image above shows the business end of the unit. Do you pull you car to the track and sleep in the back? If so, this could be a great track rig for you.

'67 HI am. left rear

According to the seller you have a 1967 International 4×4 that is a driver and solid. How often does that happen? What might the reserve be? And what would you do with this rig if you bought it?


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. JW

    I love old panel trucks but unless you race / swap meets or run a small business I don’t see any potential for the hobbyist in this truck. Happy New Year in advance as I won’t be on tomorrow.

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Another great find, although, I don’t think this was an “ambulance”, per se. The 4 wheel drive would suggest it may have been either a Civil Defense or military truck for remote areas that could transport someone, if needed. It seems to have several important upgrades, dual “vacuum assist” brakes and later steering column ( and hopefully steering box) The engine appears to be a 240 ci “Blue Diamond”, about 140 hp,. one of the most dependable engines ever made. While I’m not sure if the 4 wheel drive is actually necessary, the possibilities are endless. Another cool truck.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hi Howard. I could be wrong here but I think that engine would be more like a Black Diamond 264. The Blue Diamond (I understand) was phased out with the K-series. My Dad bought an L-160 in ’51 and it had the all new Black Diamond engine in it. Of course I’m not sure if it was a 240 or a 308 (the 264 came out later). Our ’57 A-160 had a BD-240 in it. Not a great performer but it pulled its heart out…

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      • Dave Wright

        As much as I love my IHC’s, these engines were best suited to equipment like loaders and tractors. My 1968 3/4 ton has a 345 V8 and is unbeatable.

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  3. DENIS

    Install a massive big-torque motor and use it for backwoods hunting…yessss

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    • randy

      A hunting or camping bug out truck for sure. I’d leave the bullet proof engine in it until it was worn out.

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  4. Francisco

    Put a port-o-potty in the back. Add a Coleman gas stove. Instant bug-out vehicle for the coming apocalypse. Old style engine will keep running through the EMP.

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  5. Darren

    The center of gravity looks a little high to be an ambulance. It should have a wider stance if it was used for that.

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  6. fred

    I’d paint it like this one and take it to car shows…

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    • Dave Wright

      Great photo. These were ambulances, I had a 1972 version of this truck for many years. Mine had a 392 V8 and 373 gears. I used it to tow boats and equipment all over the west. I bought it directly from the Military for 475.00, with just over 12,000 miles on it. The only trouble I ever had was someone had removed one of the fuel tanks so it only held 16 gallons. I was buying a lot of boats from the park service at Lake Megad. It didn’t have enough fuel to make it from the Nevada State line to the next cheep gas…….so I carried a gas can until I replaced the auxillery tank. We used to routinely tow 15,000 lb loads wherever we needed to go.

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  7. Jason Houston

    I drove these when they were new and all I can say is, if I ever need an ambulance I would PRAY they didn’t show up in one of these. But I’m sure that stupid Cadillac steering wheel makes it more reliable.

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    • Blyndgesser

      Pretty sure that’s a factory issue steering wheel from a later International model. If you’re going to say something negative, at least be accurate.

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      • MountainMan

        Coming from him it’s always negative
        I’m just glad I don’t have such a miserable and gloomy outlook on things that don’t appeal to me.

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  8. Russ

    Maximum payload is only 1080 lbs. I’ll be in Reno Sat and might check it out, but my thoughts on what I’d use it for are out the window with meager payload capacity.

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  9. Keith Irtenkauf

    This is a pretty nice looking rig that’s in good shape overall. I would turn it into a mac & cheese food truck or a mobile barber shop (yeah, I know, that’s kind of a wide gamut). Not to be too particular to any of the previous comments, but the engine is a BG241 which IH designated as blue-green and is not to be confused with the earlier Blue Diamond series. This engine is very reliable and smooth, but not exactly a powerhouse. I own a 2WD 1964 C1100 pickup with this motor so I’m quite familiar with its “relaxed” acceleration traits. I’ve not experienced this motor in a 4WD application but I can only imagine how slow it must be. Not a problem for a farm truck or contractor vehicle, but an ambulance – yikes!?

    BTW – Great photo Fred!

    Looks like it does have some “upgrades” including a dual-circuit master cylinder and a collapsable steering column. Steering wheel itself is weird in this truck but that’s an easy fix.

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  10. MountainMan

    Great old truck. Lots of potential for this one and hopefully will go to someone who puts it back to work

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  11. Charlie H

    Go ahead and taunt me. I collect IH’s – specifically 1967’s. I managed to close the eBay listing now you put it in front of me again…..

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  12. JimmyinTEXAS

    This thing could make a wonderful mobile HAM station.
    There is some “potential for the hobbyist in this truck”. There is always potential….LOL
    Happy New Year to all……..

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